Journal Entry 03.21.2015


Journal Entry 03.21.2015

I confess that I am deeply touched by the comments from readers elicited from my question to readers of the previous day. I have heard from long-time, “quiet” readers and some that have made frequent comments. I appreciate all of you and most especially your honesty in encouraging me to continue as best I see fit. Which is, of course, subject to change!

For those of you who also have a presence on Facebook, I will be closing that account for now and just posted notification to my “friends” there, some 220 people. I know that not all of them even read my stuff, but there it is. I invited them to visit this space if they wish. Some of the individuals are very active in their own work and outreach and have little time to spend roaming (or surfing) the Net either. Still, the door is open for them here.

Now, with the enticement of FB off the list, I can devote more time to both my writing for this blog, my photography and artwork.

As some of my long time readers know, I went through quite a challenging year in 2014… something that resonates with most of us who call ourselves variously light workers, star seeds or just New Earth pioneers.

One thing of interest caught my eye this morning, in an article posted on Wes Annac’s wonderful “Culture of Awareness” blog about the extraterrestrial races involved with the evolution of earth… and that was the bit about the False 5D Light Matrix. Apparently human souls or star seed souls incarnated in human bodies are being encouraged to “leave” their bodies and return to wherever it was that they came, leaving their bodies open to being used by lower vibrational entities. Ick. The whole problem that sensitive star seed souls have to contend with… basically adjusting to the dense vibrations of this earth star and carrying a deep longing to return to the vibrations of “home” is being used against some (if not all) star seeds. It is a seductive ploy to be sure.

Just such an accusation — that somehow my body had been taken over by a lower frequency entity — was directed towards me within the “private” FB group of which I was member last year. I left the group, thankfully, before being personally attacked with such rubbish, but several friends objected and ended up leaving the group as well. My abrupt departure from said group left some of its members reeling, given that I was supposed to be the walk-in incarnation of a Pleiadian star seed and one of two Forerunner’s for the entire First Wave of ascending humans. I suppose they needed a way to cover up or explain the reason for the seeming change in my perspective.

Talk about piling a sense of responsibility on one’s rather narrow shoulders… However, I can assure you that my body has not been overtaken by a lower vibrational entity… and those among you who are also powerful empaths should be able to discern the difference quite easily.

First, this bit of news that I received last March or April about being not only a walk-in, but a walk-out, never did resonate with me entirely. Yes, it was a real trip for the ego, but then I’m pretty well grounded and not one to walk around with my head in the clouds. Working in a very 3D prison makes one very aware of personal space, responsibility for others and, hopefully, develops one’s sense of compassion for the foibles of the human race. I have found also that many people who believe that they are on spiritual journeys are not well-grounded or even well-read, but tend to believe and rely on a small number of “authorities” sometimes somewhat blindly. In time, after a few stumbles, they wake up… but I was already there.

I attempted to leave the group three times, but was coaxed back two times. The third time I had to block the individual on FB who was primarily responsible for giving me the information regarding my status on other worlds and dimensions. She insisted that I was being “silly” to refuse to cooperate.

I do not like to be pushed around for the benefit of other people’s agendas… so this time I left and announced my change of heart/mind to the world through one of my posts… and then proceeded to delete much of the material containing references to being a walk-in, etc, etc.

The truth is, I probably am… well, actually I am a star seed, although NOT a walk-in, with connections both to the Pleiades and to Venus. I’ve long been aware of my connection to Sanat Kumara, Archangel Michael and the Council of Nine. However… the New Earth is here on this planet, not elsewhere and the job is not done. In fact, it’s barely begun, as the greater portion of humanity is still moving sluggishly into the awakening process. My sense of responsibility towards these people, my people, my world… and all life forms upon her, compelled me to openly state my intention to remain here to the end of this lifetime and probably several into the future.

While my presence here will not be as overt in nature as some… as many of the younger star seeds mature and come into the midst of their powerful missions, my commitment to being here will support their work from an energetic level. And while I may not write as much as I have previously, I will continue to do so, focusing mostly on my own inner journey, to serve as an example of what can be overcome, what has been my experiences up till now, what changes I am sensing and occasionally input from the perspective of other authors whose work I encounter in my reading.

As for my star family, the angelic Pleiadians and the magnificent ascended masters and councils who work behind the scenes, they are ever with me, encouraging, supporting, healing… occasionally consoling, and inspiring me with their own commitment towards the evolution of humanity.

These are amazing times in which we life and serve. It is a high honor to be awake and aware in such tumultuous times, if a bit of a strain on my older physical form. Still, we adapt and adjust… as the frequency levels of the planet continue to slowly rise and our bodies adjust accordingly.

I regard life here as an opportunity to grow and expand my awareness of all life. One thing that I hold within that is common to all Pleiadians is the love of learning. Since I consider myself a life-long learner… I resonate well with that particular aspect of this angelic race that has served as one of our progenitors in the past upon this planet. They look like “us”, except have more refined and beautiful bodies. Along with many other star nations, they watch over our progress and guide us through our intuition and such messages as are received through inspiration and personal connection.

I bow with the highest respect and regard to all those souls who I encounter within these electronic pages. May you all come to feel as I do the wonderful connection that we have to each other, to the planet and to the Universe, both within and without. Each of our souls exist in many dimensions, carry many names and vibrations, gifts and experience. Being here now during this challenging transitional period is truly a great experience to add to my portfolio.


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima) star seed, Wayshower, artist, writer and life-long explorer into worlds both seen and unseen.

Hugs and kisses…and many thanks to all my readers, new and old.

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.21.2015

  1. Dearest Eliza,
    Ill stay in touch here as best I can too leaving a note when I can at your posts or patinings which I always appreciate so much and resonante with deeply all this time…through everytthing.

    And, I understand on all as you know.

    Just wanted you to have my email as well just in case you ever want to get in touch since we wont be able to messgae thru Fb and not on here much except still a resource to message with friends as needed and post events for others, keep up with certain things as I like, and share a little love.

    I am glad all is well and coming along with the painting hope work and the girls are fine and you are enjoying your spring there now.

    I love you always and warm blessings for your equinox.
    My deep grattiude to you for all we have shared and our special connection and friendship through all of this.

    All our love, Suzanne and Ebony

  2. And, in answer to your question since I am not ony a long-time reader, but connected thru other experiences and a friend too..i love EVERYTHING you do and post. And, I love who you are and all you share of your journey even if I havent had time the last two months and within all for me to leave posts here…but I will visit you this way from now on to stay in touch

    Blessings, suzanne

  3. Hello again over here… Having just read your post on fb I clicked open my Newsblur feed and here you are. So, as we all transition to your new communication tool choice please know that I have enjoyed your journey as well much as my own.
    Your ability to share it with us all has been fun to be a part of and will continue as the new energetic patterns bring us all something more than before.
    On that note…
    Let us regard all of what we perceive ourselves to be
    as the unfolding of our energetic expression in this dimension
    Each of us traveling many light years and lifetimes
    to be here now in this earthly form
    finding ourselves in each other.
    Peace, Light and Love to you Eliza

  4. Dear Eliza-I do read your mails everyday. It helps me with my own domains. I have become totally enlighted recently and am still having many health problems but in true bliss. I hope you continue to share yourself with others because I do not have the time while dealing with other issues. You are appreciated. With only the best wishes always!!! Jeanie Teuber

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