Question to my Readers – by Eliza


Question to my Readers – by Eliza

It’s clear to me after a few weeks of posting other people’s works, that at least some of my readers objected to adding them, although they voiced no protest when I said that I would be doing so. Some people have a difficult time adjusting to change in another. And I happen to change course quite often. It’s in my nature.

Although I have lost a substantial amount of readers, my stats are still climbing as those who are still stopping by are finding more to read with each visit… so in the end, I guess it balances out.

Again, I ask and would appreciate some input from the quiet ones. Do you want to see the work of other authors reblogged on this site. If not, why not. I certainly don’t have all or even any of the answers to what’s going on in the world and it is educational to see the same or similar viewpoint expressed in the words of someone else.

If you don’t speak up, you will not be heard. And I’ll make my own decisions in the end. I favor posting a few pieces from other authors each day so as not to overload my email followers. I might also consider dropping or closing down my Facebook account as it is a great time sink. Also, the original purpose for being on FB, as a member of a closed “group” has ceased to be a part of my life. I have better things to do than spend time reading snippets and seeing videos, cute as they are, of puppies and kittens. Speak up or be not heard.


52 thoughts on “Question to my Readers – by Eliza

  1. I subscribe to your blog for your personal posts and channels. It’s your blog, but that’s what I prefer to see here. 🙂 ❤

  2. Hi Eliza,
    Thanks for asking for feedback. I have no objection to your posting others’ blogs – it’s fun to see what you value. But I find there are too many – I feel overwhelmed by the number of them, and can’t get to them all.
    As to Facebook, I’m not on it, so I can’t tell whether you are or are not! Leave it, if it’s to much for you.
    Keep up your good work – I like hearing your journey.
    Much love and light, and Happy Equinox!

    • I can cut down on the number of reposts, perhaps one per day or every other day. And you’re certainly not obligated to read everything… I don’t!


  4. Eliza, I like seeing the writings of others here once in a while. More than once they’ve come from sources I haven’t seen previously and I like that.

  5. Happy Spring, Eliza!

    Thank you for your sharing, kindness and love… and I’d like to keep receiving the spot-on writings of others thru you… I appreciate being able to read them as I have time and they are always so accurate about how I am feeling too. It makes me feel not so alone and that others understand things that are difficult to put into words…

    I am grateful to be connected to you and ‘the group’ via email and the internet, keep shining and I’ll do the same!

    blessings, Diana Pink

    Fresh Start Edibles @ Affinity Farm

    We have moved… new location and address: Affinity Farm, Guesthouse & Nature Sanctuary 5155 Samuel Road, Duncan, BC V9L 6Y1 New phone number 250 597 2102

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent oppression from mediocre minds” ~ Albert Einstein.


    • Diane, I do understand “alone”. Good fortune on your newest venture with the organic farm. Sounds like a wonderful life and opportunity to enhance our sustainable future. Thanks for your comment!

  6. In the first place – Eliza, it’s YOUR blog! Your blogging serves to bring peace of mind to YOU, if I understand you correctly. In the second place, while I already receive blogs from many sources (including some you have reblogged), I have now been introduced to new sources of inspiration, affinity, etc., etc. A balance of fewer other blogs along with your own insights would seem to me to be ideal. Thank you for listening! And a Happy Start to Spring!

  7. Eliza, it’s your blog….do whatever you like! We all have ‘delete’ buttons. Whatever ‘touches you’ might just touch one Other, or many….I like you being the judge of your own blog!
    I have read a couple things that have touched me…and how else do we get to know each Other than friend-to-friend intros….?!!
    Bless you for all you’re guided to do and share……..

  8. Hi Eliza,
    Yes, I am one of the quiet ones but you said you wanted to hear from the quiet ones so here goes. I have very much enjoyed following your blog for quite some time. Not exactly sure how long, seems like at least a couple years but time passes me by these days. I’m not even sure how I found my way to your blog. I think it might have been through your work being reblogged on Golden Age of Gaia. Which brings me to my point. I think reblogging serves a useful purpose in that it has the potential to connect us with new authors that we might not have found on our own. Some of the articles from others that you have posted really resonated with me and others maybe not quite so much. Some I have even gone to their blog and subscribed to see if their work adds to my own knowledge base. So I thank you for leading me to new points of view. And frankly if there is an article that doesn’t resonate with me I am certainly capable of hitting the delete key. I’m pretty sure that is my responsibility not yours. :))
    I consider it quite an honor that you have taken the time to write down your own journey and share it with me and anyone else who is interested. I realize that takes a great deal of courage, especially for an empath. And if you are not in the mood to write (for WHATEVER reason) then that is your privilege since it is your blog. You have always struck me as quite a sensible sort, quite down to earth really so I appreciate the thought that you put into both your own writing as well as your choices of who to reblog. I personally find Facebook to be tiring. I regularly shut my page down for months at a time, then go back for a few weeks then get aggravated again… so on and so forth…..

    So in summary, thank you for asking my opinion. It is my responsibility to locate authors that I enjoy reading. I’m pretty sure that is part of being “spiritually mature” with no whining as the channeling you posted earlier today from “The Angels” mentioned. And again: THANK YOU for all your hard work and commitment to lend a helping hand to others along the way! I appreciate your courage in sharing so much about your journey. You are quite articulate and have assisted me in articulating some of my own feelings. I often pass your blog posts on to friends who have also enjoyed them greatly and found them to be quite thought provoking. Who knows how many others they have in turn passed the posts on to that never get recorded in your website statistics because it is all going by way of emails?

    • Sharon – for a “quiet” one, you have quite a voice. My thanks for taking the time to express yourself so fully. I appreciate the presence of my readers whoever they are and wherever they are, whether or no they comment. I can truly feel their presence and do not feel alone ever any more. You are my Angels in embodiment!

      Blessed be, Eliza

  9. I like very much that you are posting other people’s work. There have been some really great articles recently. I visit your site quite freqently now – even bookmarked it on my smart phone. I enjoy reading both your blog posts and and the ones from others. Please don’t change anything.

  10. I am much in favor of posting other peoples work. and i think dropping face book great idea too. you might get more “bang for your buck”. love your site. kind regards, john

  11. I enjoyed reading about your Lives. Some of the other posts can be found on FB an other sites. Being the age of elder’s I think our own ventures are so more important to the readers.I can feel through your words,all the color of the substances of life your soul has been through,your Inner knowing of your Mighty I AM Presence, helps your followers come to terms with what they will go through themselves. We are all One of the Same Family just at different levels.You have to do what you feel you want for you this is your time not ours.

  12. I post other people’s work and have the same questions. But like yourself I don’t have all the answers and we are all here to add in our own unique way. What I do do is read other material and check it’s validity. Is a gift I have so I may as well use it and use it well. Sometimes I know I need to write a particular subject and then often come across it by someone else who already has done a brilliant job. I can always add to it if I feel necessary. Some of us just don’t have all the time to get all what we wish out. And if someone else has done a superb job then why not repost it on your page. We are working together in unity and coming together. Whether some do not like it is not your issue. Do what feels write. I experience the same on another site I have on Facebook called Source Of Healing. I have begun being more broad as I am very broad in my approach and understanding. Consequently I too have notice people dropping off the list of people who follow. Remember we are here to share ourselves and our own light. We can’t always be a people pleaser if we are not being true to ourselves. x x x

  13. Your putting other posts in your blog has helped me in at least two ways. It seems that “5D Ascension Now” blog has gone down where I have been getting a lot of good posts from, so now I can get some of them from you. Also I think that I found the site “The Bridge To Freedom” from one of your posts. I got a great connection with Eddie who runs The Bridge To Freedom, and we have written back and forth a few times.

  14. I have been following your blog for quite a while and usually check it every day. I have enjoyed it very much overall, both your personal posts and artwork, as well as your return to and increase in posting the work of others. I couldn’t express my feelings any better than Sharon or Bruce above so I will strongly echo their comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us. Even though they may not always resonate with me, your powerful energy and love is always felt and appreciated.

  15. I think you should share whatever you want. However, I already read a lot of the things you post of other authors because I was already following them. But I have found a few new writers to follow from you, too. I do like your writing, even if I can’t keep up with all of it. I follow too many people. In certain places I find my voice in discussion threads, and save copies of my writing, and sometimes re-post it. But it often comes from reflecting on the comments of someone else. So some of my best writing is on other people’s blogs! Meanwhile, I mostly only post other people’s work on WP, Blogger, tribe, FB and twitter…which is very time-consuming so my own writing is minimal as a result. So there is a danger that it could cut into your writing time. The reason I share so much of other people’s stuff is that it resonates, helps me cope, gives me insight and inspires me. Some people I used to post a lot of, I don’t even follow any more. It seems to be an organic process, led by my heart. I may not read everything you write, but when I do read it, I never regret it, and I keep meaning to go read the many posts I have stuffed into a Blue Dragon Journal folder. ❤

  16. Hi Eliza,
    I enjoy reading your own messages and the blogs of other messengers/writers. I only read what I “feel” or resonates to from the other writers but I certainly read all of yours and I certainly love your channeled messages.

  17. Hi Eliza,
    Personally I do prefer your own posts and channelling but I do like the others that you re-blog also.. some of these I already receive by email but some are new to me and I have found much to interest me in these. Id keep on doing what your doing.. Most of all I suggest you do exactly what you feel like doing.. afterall it is your blog.. and Im very grateful to be a devoted reader..
    Thank You and Much Love, Fiona :))

  18. Hi Eliza, I’ve been frequent visitor on your blog for a sometime now and enjoys it, but posting comment first time. I don’t mind seeing other postings, just reading after few lines, I can tell if want to go read further or not. Actually I came across other good blogs thru this way, and gaining more knowledge and update. i.e., ‘Starship earth: The big picture’ is in my bookmark now. Thanks

    • Good point, Dev, as everyone needs to practice using their own discernment of the resonance of what they read or take in… Thanks. And thank you for commenting.

  19. I like to see/read the changes you’re going through and the thinking/feeling behind it all, both how the heureka moments and downtime change things. This is close, intimate, connected. The reposts, these mostly seem to be doing information sharing and “doing the work” type of things that don’t have that particular quality your own have for me. I do read these occasionally though, depending on the vibe I get.

  20. Hi Eliza,

    I am one of the quiet ones you speak of. I missed your personal postings at first but I also enjoyed reading the postings from others. I do not follow you on Facebook. My request is for you to follow your heart and post whatever speaks to you. You cannot please everyone.

  21. Eliza, i like your blog; I like both your original postings ( because I like both what you write and the way that you express your thoughts & feelings!) and the blogs & articles of others. If posting other peoples works gives you a bit of a break, then go for it! As for Facebook, I don’t have it, so I would say to you to eliminate that… Keep things simple. I enjoy your perspective on things, & but in the end, it’s your time, your effort & your choice. Happy Spring!

  22. Hi Eliza,
    First, not everyone is as courageous as you are to tell of our lives in such a public way; I’m certainly not and admire it in you. Second, love that it’s morphed into a telling that is part you, part channelings, part art, and part what others say that you resonate with. The richness comes from the breadth of it all, the cosmic interchange of life and spirit, you and others. It seems that after the very deep internal work of last year and your choice to focus here, you’re broadening your scope. And I think many of us doing the same thing–peeping out from the doorway to see what else is here after our own deep purging. Yay! (And you don’t owe any of us a way of being…) Thanks for all you do.

  23. Dearest Eliza, Let me start by saying that I only found your blog about six months ago. It must have been from the Galactic Free Press, and it was the first that I followed other than that one. Your blog was so captivating as your experiences held some (very small) mirrors to my own. Reading your blog helped me to appreciate what I was sensing.

    I feel I have connected with you at times, and this is not unusual for me with people I feel connected to. I have learned to trust those experiences and not question rather or not they are real. In the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as it helps us on our journey, in my opinion.   I applaud you in ways I cannot fully express for opening your heart in the way that you have. It is so inspirational and you are such an amazing teacher!  Your artwork is so beautiful and inspiring as well. I fully laud you for taking time to follow that avenue of creativity. Doing what feels best for you on your path is the best example for all of us. There is nothing you should be doing except for what feels right to you.   I realize that you have an audience to consider, but as far as posting other people’s work on your blog, I think it is wonderful that you are allowing us the opportunity to read other people’s ideas and information. I have often wondered how you found all these great posts and consider it a gift that you would share them with your readers. I do not follow facebook , and rarely make time to search for blogs online as I am rather technologically resistant, even though I appreciate what it has to offer.  I just prefer not to be connected to devices all the time.  Your blog has made me enjoy being online much more. Of course I relish your personal posts, but in summary I appreciate the opportunity to read anything that feel you feel is important and/or inspiring!   Again, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do! You are a gift and most definitely a wayshower for the rest of us!    Sincerely, Kimberly Wojcik     P.S. Just to let you know a little about who I am: I am married, a homemaker, one child (son, almost 14), 45 years, living in Grovetown, GA (just outside of Augusta). 

  24. Hello again Eliza,
    I already sent in my comments yesterday but realized I had forgotten to share one important thing so I came back to make a second comment. I also wanted you to know that I very much enjoy the photographs that you share on your posts and now I am greatly enjoying your personal paintings that you are sharing with us. I hope you keep it up. I feel honored that choose to share your art work with your readers. Again, that also takes courage!

    In coming back to post my additional comment I was reading through everyone’s comments that were posted. This turned out to be a wonderful exercise. You found out how much your readers appreciate and enjoy your musings and channelings and I found out that there are other like minded folks out there that appreciate you as much as I do. I really enjoyed reading their sweet, heartfelt replies. How delightful is that? Much love was spread about by your query!

    Happy Equinox!

  25. Dear Eliza of Kumara Lineage ~

    I embrace your amazing Creativity and your dynamic expressions of divinity. Sharing the expressions of others is often a sign of SOUL maturity and a ‘Standard’ exemplified in balance. I support and honor your choices as I have been very Conscious and Aware for 3 decades and then some….and so my Wisdom is very Present here and speaks its Voice of Daring.

    I strongly disagree with the posting of this group called THE RISING WAY….To share true wisdom means to claim your past experiences without judgment and to acknowledge the wisdom gained from it…..whether that be ‘stealing’ abundance or ‘energy’ from others or blaming others by posing as a channel…or many channels as is this case…The content is not authentic nor does it represent the Entities claimed…This group continues to ‘preach with false personas’ to others as lacking in integrity and creating conflicts without merit. I honor the purpose of this group….for it serves the greater understanding unveiling to each that engage to learn to trust within and not some false words. Sharing and Mentoring requires full acceptance and that is a challenge for some and yet it can be an amazing step into Mastery.

    I find it simply in conflict with your writing and your amazing truths. You are an authentic Presence with the Wisdom and Sensitivity fully aligned from within. You walk it. I feel it I know it. I thank you.

    I am aware this may cause some discordant feelings and I acknowledge it. To be truly aware is to dig deeper into such human drama and create a safe space for those with an agenda, the opportunity to release it gently and with grace and truly RISE.

    I AM THAT I AM. ❤

    • Margo,
      Discordant feelings are hardly foreign to my nature. I’m curious so I dig and dig. I find things, I discard them. I may resonate with a teaching for a time and then, spurred by the inevitable pressure from my solar plexus, I let it go and move on. It is the way that I’ve taught myself all my life. I have learned to trust my inner guide… which allows me to explore false teachings as well as those with which I truly resonate, all for the purpose of drawing my own conclusions.

      The group, The Rising Way, is new to me and I actually don’t know much about them, false or true. I find all groups to be limited in their ability to reach out to all people. There is no way to “can” spiritual growth; it is an individual, intuitive process, although aided and abetted by the gut and brain… as well as the heart. We must have balance… Thank you for your interesting comments. To be aware is indeed to dig deep and I have quite a big shovel with which to do so.

      Eliza of the Kumara and VaCoupe lineages (Venus and the Pleiades).

      • With great respect and honor. I thank you for your warm and genuine responses. Enjoy! ❤ I AM.

  26. Hi Eliza

    I have no issue with you re-blogging others information. I don’t often read it though as I am accessing some of the same sites myself and also because the further along the path I go at the moment the more I realise my own guidance is the most valid for me in my experience. I think you have had a similar realisation. Like yourself I still can’t help casting about a little for the information that supports my own awareness and maybe expands my thinking, knowing and consciousness. I also hope that at some stage you will also share a little more of your own personal channelling as I enjoyed reading your perspective although I understand your reasons behind withdrawing from that at present. It seems we are deluged with information from all sides which can be confusing and contradictory – hence my ever expanding self reliance.

    I enjoy your artworks and as an artist myself I know of the personal growth and satisfaction to be found in such pursuits. Continue doing what feels right to you. That;s all any of us can do. We all have to find the most authentic resonant path for ourselves. Those that are right for you will find you and those who aren’t will find another way. All good.

    Personally I struggle with bouts of homesickness even though I know that wherever I AM is home – many aspects of life challenge my sense of balance, love and peace and I find it difficult not to judge things as right and wrong when circumstances seem out of alignment with my inner vision.

    Share what you like. Do what makes you happy. Life is challenging enough without having to try and meet everyone else’s expectations.

    Big love to you

  27. Eliza,
    I am not one of the quiet ones, but I still have a few words.
    I hardly ever find resonance with most channelers and bloggers. So when you post these “other” voices I instantly either resonant or not. Doesn’t take up much time, and if you have found wisdom in their words, others may also. So have at it.
    I have also found my self consolidating my time. To just a few sites that resonate with me, as your words have.
    I think folks at this time in the process are just really realizing they don’t need words from others, But the answers are just what is in their own hearts. so a few sites hit exactly what they require to help them along.
    Also please keep having fun painting, it seems to bring you Joy!!!

  28. Dear Eliza. I have been fan of your blog for quite awhile. Although I occasionally enjoy reading a reblog from another source, it is your writings that I really want to look forward to reading. Frankly, I would go to another person’s blog if that’s what I desired but I don’t have an interest in those writings. I so enjoy your blog. You are forthright and down to Earth, not like sugar coated other sites that I have been to. I can relate to you, I understand your explanation of things that are always very interesting. And although I might not always agree with them I am stimulated to see things from another’s person’s point of view. It makes me think. I like that you are candid and honest and you provide your readers with a good mix of various topics. I enjoy your artwork. I really hope you don’t give up your blog. I would miss it tremendously. Sincerely, Janice

    • Thanks for your honest assessment and comments. I’m here to stay… for now. I’m glad you enjoy the blog, too. Eliza

  29. Sharon & a few others said it just right for me, too. It is YOUR blog, you must do what your Heart feels is right. I, too have been led to other’s blogs, just by someone re-posting…..if I feel it resonates with me, I will read & sometimes ‘follow’ them….It’s all a learning process for us all. Glad you told us about the FB family….I have been having some reservations myself….I do like FB for the light relief of reading lots of more serious stuff, I am retired, so I, too can do what I like with my time….I am finding that evening TV no longer captures my attention as much & long to be back on the computer, reading more on all things Spiritual, Multidimensions et al….
    We are all on our own Divine (hopefully!) Path….so must do what we must.
    I only feel Love, Peace and a desire to help from you. Good on you for following your Heart….
    We are all ONE, I Love you, Eliza, dearest SiStar….
    Peace, Love & Light
    Sylvia xx

    • Welcome to Blue Dragon Journal, Sylvia! This blog is nearly three years old (July) this year. It’s been quite an adventure, too.

  30. I enjoy your blog ! I don’t do Facebook never have n never will they are creepy! I’ve followed you for a long time since you lived in Washington state you do a great job n I like reading others opinion it’s a good balance thank you for taking the time to keep me connected!!

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