Journal Entry 03.20.2015


Journal Entry 03.20.2015

Yes, I am home from work today. The exhaustion I have felt all week due to the inability to sleep well and the pressing in upon my body of the “energies” has taken its toll. I just needed to rest. And my lungs are feeling rather heavy. The coughing has kicked up a bit… and so the litany could go on, but I’ll spare you the details. I merely feel rather squashed by the energies and decided to stay home and ride out this intense day in the serenity of my own dwelling.

In recent days, I’ve been reading tidbits of Kryon’s writings and sharings about human DNA and our galactic origins. Inevitably some of this information seeps through my channelings as these messages are done in partnership with the higher essence of my being, my angelic self.

In truth, all human beings are divine by nature, even if they are acting like devils. This is a simple fact that few light workers seem to understand. Yet it is part and parcel of what they will eventually see and understand for themselves as becoming aware of being a divine being in a physical body takes a bit of adjustment. First must come the release of many years… let’s face it… millennia of human conditioning.

Humanity was created as divine beings, long ago in Lemuria. The continent was based in the area of the present-day Hawaiian Islands. The highest peak on the planet is now only visible as the largest Hawaiian Island. The society that thrived upon the ancient island continent was spiritually evolved and in tune with the rhythms and laws of Nature. And then the climate of the planet begun to change. Huge continental glaciers began to melt and the waters began to rise and claim the lands settled by the Lemurians. The people departed the drowning lands and scattered to the four winds, some settling in the islands to the southeast, others to Asia and Africa… and still others to the west, to the Americas.

The consciousness of humanity began to fall as a consequence of these calamitous events and for other reasons. Even though our progenitors granted us divinity through the integration of their DNA with that of our own species, they were not allowed to stay any longer than it took to make sure that the gift was well-delivered and sealed within a Veil of forgetfulness until humanity matured enough to discover the keys to opening up the gift box and peering within. Old stories like that of Pandora and the forbidden box were designed to discourage us from doing just that… so we could continue to be controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

We contain within all that we need for our ascension and the healing of our world. These are words that have been oft repeated in the messages of various “masters”, angels and light beings. These higher frequency beings are simply Self talking to self. Our Divine Self talking to through the agency of a human messenger to other humans and letting us know, through hints and metaphors, that we, ourselves, can command our own evolution through our own intent to accept ourselves as divine beings living a physical life.

When I first started to channel, I was questioned by some skeptics as to the validity of the messages. I was also accused as being in league with dark forces who were attempting to take over the world. Humans have been conditioned to fear that which cannot be seen, felt, hear, tasted or smelt by the physical senses. The only one who can “hear” the voice that speaks to them when they are channeling is the channeler or messenger. They are also the only who can determine the “feeling” or resonance of the message that emerges, whether it feels “positive” or “negative” in nature.

In truth, many of these messages are neither positive nor negative, as that judgment derives from a lower understanding of what is truly going on here. Consciousness is neutral.

One of my Internet friends who has progressed far beyond even the vanguards of the lightworkers walks through many worlds and encounters many strange beings during his waking “visits” to other dimensions even as he works and functions on this 3D level. He is already living fully in 5D / 6 D and even reaching more cosmic levels occasionally. He is humbled and elated by what he sees and feels and knows that little of what he sees and experiences would be believed by the average person. Yet he is a harbinger for all of us, a glimpse of what is to come as we step into the fantastical worlds of the entangled Universe. According to this source, it is nothing as we presently imagine the Universe to be and yet more. We share divine origins, so I can understand him at least somewhat more than most.

Each of us has an inner alarm that is set at a predetermined time to let you know when it is time to “wake up”. Although I may have set and re-set the snooze button a few times, my alarm went off pretty early in this lifetime. I was painfully aware that I was different, but it didn’t really sink in as to how different I was until I was an adult trying to do the things that are socially acceptable for adults to do in this world like get married and get a job.

While I loved my husband and still do, despite the fact that we grew apart (if, in fact, we were ever close together, which is doubtful) I left him after a mere six years of married life. I wasn’t comfortable with the demands of married life… which in Western society was more what the woman could do to support the husband’s needs, not her own. I felt hemmed in and misunderstood. Indeed, my dawning self-awareness of energy flows and other worlds frightened my engineering husband. I could not wait on him to wake up so I took myself off and began to live for myself.

It would be nice to relate that my life got easier after leaving my husband, but it did not. Yet, I learned through my experiences. I soaked up the information and knowledge that I encountered from many sources, integrated, and sorted it out… and still am doing so. In the end, it is how you can look at yourself with neutral eyes, without self-judgment, that determines how far you will go in waking up during this lifetime.

Yes, perhaps I would have got to the end result faster if I had exhibited more courage. Some of my erstwhile friends would laugh at my saying that… as I have undergone changes of place, position and circumstance, all the while remaining more sane than many who remain in the same town, with the same friends and surroundings from their childhood. I did not. I walked away from my home town, from my physical family and even from dearly loved friends because I felt a deep-seated urge to know… something… just beyond the grasp of my understanding.

Occasionally… and more often now, I would simply “know” something and then my rational mind would seek the source of that knowledge, most often to no avail. This wisdom is within our DNA, waiting to be accessed. It is our Akasha, the library of light from all of our lifetimes upon the planet. And it is locked behind a Door that cannot be opened through physical means, but through pure intention and self-forgiveness.

I was being lit from within by the desire to know the truth of my own divinity. And this yearning was coming from the greater part of myself lingering from just behind the Veil, my “higher” self, which is, in truth the part of my consciousness that remained behind when this small portion was divided off to take residence within a tiny human body.

This is the same for all humans as we are all related through the same ancient bloodline, brought down through the generations from our Pleiadian progenitors and wrapped in the seemingly inert bundles of DNA… that were just waiting for human consciousness to expand to the point where it could begin to interact intelligently with its own divine awareness and ancient wisdom.

Intuitively we know the laws of the Universe, for they are drawn and delineated within the essence of our beings. We know when we violate natural truth and yet humanity (at least a portion of it) also has the god-given gift of being able to work against self through the intent to co-opt universal law for its own selfish desires. Of course, this can only work for so long and then circumstances, also driven by the consequences of the violation of divine law, begin to gather and affect living conditions and to infringe upon the awareness of the beholder.

So you see former members of the Church of Satan sharing with those who will listen the workings of their members, the intense focus and how people of dark intent bend the rules to their own purposes because the Universe allows it… for a while. And then a former drug salesperson begins divulging that the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession lie openly about the effects of drugs upon the human body, mind and consciousness. People don’t want to hear about the dark side of life, about the ill intent utilized by companies, families and individuals in the name of power and wealth, so they refuse to wake up… but the dark side keeps up the pressure until there is no way to continue with the fantasy…

Can you not see the perfection of how the dark is used by Source to wake up those who have, until recently refused to see what is going on, until it has affected THEIR lives, their family, and their livelihoods? From this, you may well wonder how people can be so selfish… and yet, the experiencing of their own self-loathing teaches something. Every experience is valuable. Everything that you begin to see or even refuse to see is valuable… for when you experience it again… you will know that it is up to YOU to change, not the other person or persons involved, but YOU.

Those individuals who have consciously turned from the dark side to the Light have the experience and knowledge to aid others in coming to grips with what is what in the world and then TRANSCENDING those low vibrations by undergoing a change of heart.

The only way the world is going to change is to change yourself. And so… I am doing this, as are many people.

On occasion, I have been asked to assist someone to free them of “evil” spirits. While I carry healing energy (as do all people), I do not perform exorcisms on individuals. There are qualified spiritual healers available who work daily with such matters, but ultimately, it is up to the individual involved to determine that they are ready to release their hold on victim consciousness and to engage the assistance of those who are very close to them… their Higher Self and the angels.

The Higher Self is that which you are elsewhere, in worlds and dimensions beyond the definition of finite human understanding. You in your full consciousness are powerful beyond belief, yet with self-knowledge comes responsibility… and that is where many people hesitate when deciding to open the door to self-knowledge. You then also need to let go of all your self-judgment, all your ideas on how the world should be and see it for what it is from a fully neutral point of view. That takes a mature mind and heart, bound together with sacred intent, to accept that one has had a hand in what has overtaken our world and ourselves… and that we need to work together with a will and willing hands to reclaim the fullness of what can truly be ours once we have walked through the Door into a wider sense of being and existence.

Your divinity is pressing in upon you. Will you listen to the angel that resides within? Will you venture forth and open the door and say, “Yes, I need your help. Yes, I want to understand God. Yes, I want to understand myself and the world.”

And we will be there to assist you, with all of our being.

Hmmm, I just noticed that “my” article somehow metamorphosed into a “message”. That is how my divinity is pressing in upon me these days, my friends. Are you willing to listen to the still small voice within? You are the Alpha and Omega of your divinity and so much more, as you have yet to discover for yourself.


I AM (presently) Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, daughter of Venus and the Pleiades).

© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S. And I thought I wasn’t going to write much anymore….

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.20.2015

  1. It is hard to express what I feel when reading your messages or whatever you call them. This one once again makes my heart sing, I feel connected, happy and at last part of other people out there investigating all corners of life and soul. Thank you so much dear Sister, I hope you do not mind I call you a Sister, You definitely are the one who is going for me, preparing the Path somehow. Please go on like this and share whatever you like to share and wherever it is coming from. I Love it.So Much Love to You and many blessings upon your Path!

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