Journal Entry 03.14.15


Journal Entry 03.14.2015

A little 88 energy. Let’s see… 8 + 8 = 16 = 7, a sacred number, but then, again, they all are sacred.

Once I was an astrologer. In this lifetime, I only have a fleeting knowledge of the ancient art, which is transitioning into a higher frequency as we are also. Nothing will remain the same. Not religion or social conventions. Not institutions or daily habits. Nothing. Will. Remain. The. Same.

We’re in the midst of a profound transition for the planet, for ourselves as individuals. I have felt the strain of change in my life, mostly from an internal perspective, as I realize that I cannot for much longer live and work as I have these past years. And so I’m in the midst of sorting out potentials and possibilities.

Not being one who deals well with change at one level, I’ve undergone many transitions during this lifetime and endured being fully cut off from 99% of my blood family as well. No husband or partner. No one to walk at my side except that part of my greater Being that resides within my quantum self, that which cannot be seen at this point, only felt.

I am seeing my life change in my dreams, from one of the stark northern lands to a place more like my native Venus, a beautiful lush land of jungle and beaches, sunlight, color and warmth. It would be, will be a tremendous step to take alone, yet it is a step that I have kept in my heart for years long before now. Oddly enough and perhaps suitably the dream first began to form when I watched a movie about Frida, the Mexican painter. I’m a painter, too, and very tired of cold winters and cold-hearted fascism in the country of my birth. I want a place with a higher, cleaner, clearer vibration. Are there still places like that on this polluted world? The answer is “yes”, but not in the States. Not now.

As a friend reminded me, there are changes even now occurring beyond the sight of most Americans, in the very core of our government and institutional bodies. The controllers are failing to control the waking up of the masses… the latter who are much disturbed about what has been hidden from them for so long. Truth is, the “truth” has always been obvious and in plain sight, on purpose, as those who have controlled the population have little regard for the average citizen or person of the States, or for that matter, anyone outside of their own narrowly defined, poisonous world.

We are… at least a small intent and determined percentage of the world population is venturing into new territory, at a much higher frequency than can yet be seen or felt by the rest of humanity. There are many who walk before me, but I can say most humbly that I have served as a Wayshower. And in the course of this unacknowledged service, working in one of the deepest 3D environments possible within the States, I have continued to serve, perhaps for a bit longer than necessary. Now it is time or soon shall be, for me to step away, release this role and step up into a higher frequency where I can truly experience co-creatorship with my Higher Self, here on this planet and in this timeline.

I have several people whose work I follow or I am aware of who serve as examples of how life can be led and perhaps one day I will fulfill this function for others. Right now, however, it is time to begin stripping away the physical layers and materials that connect to this place, my job and “life-style”.

Of course, any major change in one’s life can bring up fear and confusion and so it has been, especially after the advent of my “ascension” or that of a portion of Higher Self into 7D. Lady Tazjima or Taz has become a part of me, so much so that I am unaware of any separation. I still do not experience being on board ship or on other worlds, but my dreams are more intense, colorful and bewildering. The other morning just before waking I experienced going through a worm hole as “I”, my consciousness, returned swiftly back to my sleeping physical body.

I cannot yet “see” into higher frequencies like some few who have advanced beyond where I now stand. And remember that I came in just after WWII, so I’ve had to deal with some heavy duty conditioning throughout my lifetime, unlike some of the younger star seeds. And now, it’s time to release it…

Still, there are a few months left until I reach my 65th birthday, when or soon after, I intend to retire and leave… for whatever destination that I and my Higher Self agree upon. Instead of opting out of this world, I am opting for out of 3D and I know that I will receive assistance from Spirit to make this happen for me as I send my positive intent out to the Universe… which must support me in whatever endeavor I choose.

What will I do? I’ve always had a keen interest in plants, so wherever I end up, plants will be a grounding energy for me… a way to tune into the energies of place, of Gaia’s spirit. And, of course, my creative endeavors, of drawing and painting and writing will continue. And as long as I can find a place where I can access the Internet from time to time, I will keep in touch… still it is a few months off and time to explore my options and possibilities as yet.

I’ve already had a few invitations, from far away and near, and I thank my benefactors for thinking of me, for wanting me present. I cannot make any promises yet, however, until I consult my inner being and begin to take the necessary steps. Fortunately, one is already completed – I have a valid passport sitting in a drawer, its virgin pages waiting to be stamped by custom officials in strange and unfamiliar lands. And perhaps I will stay in place… that has yet to be determined. We shall see.

Spring has sprung early upon this land. The tiny daffodils in my garden are all in bloom despite the northern exposure. The earth is dry and the blossoms on local trees are threatening to explode in the next week or so. Wildflowers are already gracing the greening shoulders of the high ridges. On the highest summits there is only patches of old, icy snow lingering on the north and western slopes. The dry lands are beautiful in spring, but it may be a long, hot summer ahead of us here in Eastern Washington.

I wish all of you who are also undergoing various stages of transition, perhaps even resistance to change, different degrees of self-acceptance and self-love… and moving into and towards mastery of self and a growing comfort in knowing, truly knowing that you are One with Source and have always been. Always loved. Always watched over by soul family. Always allowed to move forward or not at your own pace. It is your choice. It is my choice… and now I am in the process of a long, slow change that may gain in rapidity as the months pass. Whatever happens, I go forth knowing that my choices will be fully supported as they have been in the past for me, as well.


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03.14.15

  1. You are in the NOW moment.
    Thank you Eliza for sharing this changing creation, you create!!!!
    The energy is coming, and I read Aisha’s missive today…..Go beyond your dream, to the dreams that are so expansively beyond. ❤
    love and heart

  2. I am too experiencing a holistic change. It was horrifying and paralyzing at first (talking about a resistance to change!) and I’ve been doing a lot of work getting myself out of this fear. The biggest job before anything visible really happens we have to do in our heads or hearts. So hugs to you! ❤

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