Adventures in Dreamland

Cloud Dance

Adventures in Dreamland

It’s been some time since I posted some dream material, but this morning (Goddess, I love Saturdays!) with the leisure to sleep “in” a bit, I dreamed…

I was standing near a huge picture window and could see into a vast sky beyond. I was on the earth… or at least a planet, yet I “saw” the shapes and outlines of planets and stars beyond, quite large, hanging in the sky. And a large vessel approached, only it was sketched in, not a complete image. Almost like some great being was drawing it for me as it slowly and majestically floated through the air. I could even see antennae and a tow rope or harness hanging down below the vessel.

Then I was watching a program on television and started feeling a little guilty. I was in a large, well-appointed room and felt that my father would soon walk in.

Next, I was sitting at a large table, filled with other people all chatting and enjoying themselves. The girl next to me turned and asked, “So…how do you like New York? Do you think you’ll stay long?”

And I replied, “Oh, perhaps a month. I don’t know yet…”

Then I was looking outside a window down at a large river with a broad bend. On each side of the river there were older neighborhoods. The river suddenly emptied… you could see the gravel bar and riffles as the shallow water crossed the stones. In the midst of the stones there was a stream of water like a geyser flowing upward in a cloud of sparkles and steam. We speculated what was the cause of the geyser, perhaps a spring or an underground thermal feature suddenly revealed…

Dreams are wonderful, colorful and for me, completely illogical and symbolic. And oh… I saw my physical father standing in a doorway, looking in another direction. He had a full-head of dark hair and looked as he did in his late twenties, tall and handsome, as my mother first saw him during WWII.


Eliza Ayres

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