Morning Mist

Mt. Rainier from Lower Yakima River Valley.

Mt. Rainier from Lower Yakima River Valley.

Morning Mist

Here is another painting in progress. My technique is loosening up quite a bit. It’s fun to explore.

This composition started with a calendar photo… which didn’t show the Mountain (Mt. Rainier) in toto. So I looked up another photograph with the Mountain from the lower Yakima Valley and exaggerated the height of the peak a bit. It’s called artistic license… or something like that…

The piece is done with acrylics on canvas paper.

Rather than dwelling on world-wide matters right now, I prefer to focus on my artwork and creativity. It is satisfying to solve little problems with composition, color mixing and technique.

Hope you’re enjoying these little pieces.

Eliza Ayres
February 2015

6 thoughts on “Morning Mist

  1. I like your artwork. I’m hoping to come visit you this summer and let you show Darlene and I some of the trails in your neck of woods. We bought a new tent and need to shake it out.

    • Thanks, Anne. It’s a process of being to put into manifestation what I see inside. Takes some practice. And can apply that to any project right now.

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