Journal Entry 02.21.2015

"Before the Storm", acrylic on canvas paper, 16" x 20".

“Before the Storm”, acrylic on canvas paper, 16″ x 20″.

Journal Entry 02.21.2015

A work in progress…

Lately, I find myself fascinated by clouds and the myriad of colors found in sky and earth.  This is a study piece from another person’s photograph… something discouraged in art work, but I’m using it as a study in color, shapes and composition.  It’s all an exploration… in to another medium.

The region where I live is technically a part of the sagebrush bunchgrass steppe of Western U.S.  Dry land farming is done here, mostly peas, wheat and lentils.  The watered valley has orchards, truck farms and vineyards.  It is a rich land, but also challenging at times with cold winters and intense summer heat.

It is also the home of the Walla Walla, Cayuse and other Columbia Basin indigenous tribes.

I look forward to exploring more of the area nearby and farther away this coming spring… which is looming close now.

It was a challenging week at work, so I am grateful to be able to spend time doing things that I enjoy on my “own” time.  Retirement sounds better every day.

Hugs and kisses,




4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.21.2015

  1. You are not one to follow “the rules”. 😉 Glad you did this – it’s a lovely painting!

    Happy to know you are doing things that you enjoy.
    I am with you on the idea of retirement!!


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