Journal Entry 02.16.15

"Lily Magnolia", acrylic and oil pastel painting, by Eliza Ayres, 2015

“Lily Magnolia”, acrylic and oil pastel painting, by Eliza Ayres, 2015

Journal Entry 02.16.15

Okay, okay… the other day I wrote that I may not be channeling or writing much in the near future.  I changed my mind… or rather I felt the presence of the Angels hovering around me so persistently that I chose to acquiesce and write something.  So the latest channeled message came.  I did not “think” into this, I allowed the words to form in my consciousness as they appeared on the page.

Channeling is an interesting process, one that is still little understood by those who do not yet think they have the capacity or ability to channel.  Truth is… really… that we ALL channel, all the time.  Thoughts move through us.  We can choose to react or interact with them or not.

Channeling is best done with the permission of both parties… the energies that wish to share their “message” and the channeler, as a sovereign being.  There is no take-over of the consciousness, at least the way that I have come to channel.  I know the energy by the way it “feels” and the beings with whom I communicate identify themselves readily when I ask.

Of course the communication is not coming in English for me.  The energies enter my consciousness and it is up to me to translate it as best as I can into something understandable.  So, channeling as I know it, is a partnership, an act of cooperation between two levels of being… and perhaps more.

Also, I’ve told that the words as they are recorded, carry a specific energy frequency.  Understand that not all readers will be able to understand or will resonate with the frequency carried within the words, as we are all at different levels of evolution and inner growth.  There is no judgment.  What makes no sense today, may make sense tomorrow… or never.  You will never resonate with everything that you read.  And it is up to each reader to determine what DOES resonate.  If it doesn’t, let it be.  It is hard enough to be a channeler within the New Age community as it is, with everyone picking on messages for containing or not containing information that jives with their own beliefs.

The purpose of channeling, of sharing energies coming from other dimensions and beings, is not to support existing paradigms and belief systems.  They have their own existence already.  The purpose is to aid in expanding beyond those existing paradigms and belief systems, something that makes many who identify with those “systems” very uneasy.  Look at the life histories of saints, artists, composers, writers… anyone who has pushed at the borders of human consciousness, and see how others pushed back and resisted, sometimes to the point of attempting to destroy what they perceived as a threat to their continued existence.

Now is the time to let go of the resistance, the need to judge and condemn as being different… Yes, everything IS different because our world is in a state of profound transition from one world to another.  Things will feel a bit off-balanced, out of sorts, uncertain and perhaps threatening.  That is why it is so important to establish your INNER bearings and sense of direction, to trust your heart to move you in the direction that you need to go for your own sake, not that of others… at least initially.

I resisted the urge of the energies around me to channel for some time… as I did for years before I started this blog.  Truth is, I was already channeling or able to channel back in 1995, not long after recovering from my psychic break.  During that same break or just after, my telepathic channels were opened and have remained open ever since, although I have not allowed the messages to come through until more recently.  When permission was granted, the words flowed, yes colored by my own experience and knowledge of metaphysics, sprinkled with understandings and knowledge gained from various sources as I understood them… so the messages may not have always carried the degree of purity that some reach.

I do not feel that my primary “mission” or purpose in being here has been to channel these messages.  However, this ability exists as one of the gifts that I can offer others at this time.  So, once again, I have acquiesced to the pull and have opened the channels to receive.

For those who have less experience with the energies, less sensitivity and ability to discern what “feels” right and what does not, it is wise to proceed cautiously.  There are fine courses being offered for those who wish to “learn” to channel.  It is a matter of basically doing your own clearing so when you do decide to open, the energies that you attract will be as high and pure as can be attained at your level of evolution.

We are all different.  Some will chose to channel the energies through movement, music, singing, art and sculpture, through poetry, through acting, through words and thoughts expressed in articles and other myriad manners of expression.  There is no one way and one does not have to approach even channeling in one specific manner.

Some channelers garb themselves in layers of light and call upon angelic beings, masters and archangels to protect them, to raise up their frequency so they might meet the incoming energies at the appropriate level.  My way is simpler, but I am also an ultra-sensitive empathic being much in tune with the music within… although not in tune with the rhythm of the outside world.  It has been difficult for me and ones like me to be here.  That is all changing now.  We are the pioneers for the rest of humanity, so it is suitable and proper that I share with others what I am feeling, seeing and “hearing” within as a reflection of my great beingness, that exists primarily beyond time and space.

I simply feel and ask if anyone is willing to “speak” to me, checking with my pink quartz pendulum for verification.  I say a few names, watch and feel.  This morning, I knew the Angels were with me.  They always are, yet they made a point, especially as I went asleep for the last couple of nights, of reminding me of their presence.  And so it was that the last message given came into being.

I accept my role presently as a messenger of light.  Where it will lead me, I do not know.  I do not intend to lead seminars and gatherings.  I’m not one for being the center of attention at any gathering, yet the spirit within is strong and determined. I will follow its lead and be what I am meant to be, an unlimited expression of divinity clothed in flesh, living as a human among humans, yet aware of other worlds pressing in upon my awareness at all times.

It is not a scary prospect.  In the time that I have run this blog, I have gone through many stages of introspection and even attack from others, even within the New Age community… Still I carry on as the flame within my heart has not failed me.  I will require time alone sometimes, whether or not it suits the needs of others.  It is a need that I must give to myself as a sensitive being, to integrate and feel out the incoming energies as best I can.  It is a process that cannot be fully expressed in words, just felt and allowed.

So, dear readers, I thank all those who paused for a time in their busy lives to write a short comment on my last journal entry, to encourage me to continue to share what I can, when I feel up to it… and so, reap the reward we both share, of a new and comforting message from the Angels that I know within my heart and love well.

I AM, most humbly, your sister of Light and Love,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

7 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.16.15

    • I can’t apologize for simply being as I am, spots and all, hesitation and strength, contradictions, and changes in direction… I am all of that and more, simply doing my best dealing with the new, living within the old and attempting to balance it all as best I can. Perfection it may not be… but in that imperfection I am reconnecting with ALL THAT IS… slowly, surely and following my inner compass as always. Eliza

  1. Eliza,follow your heart maybe you can also Chanel through your art!? It too carries vibration! You have helped so many of us alone in the third detention desperately trying to understand our gifts that are deeply rooted in our souls! You have connected into our beings n touched the beauty of our souls n given comfort not so easily found n understood! You have graced us with your sharing from the other side and we thank you! We are no longer alone but feel connected by your words that reminds us of home! I pray that this brings you great joy in knowing your not alone, I pray we are not a burden but only comfort you by you knowing we are here in ciber space. We belong to something greater but not easily understood , cleansing our beings can be difficult living in a third dimensional world but you make it comforting by your honesty of its difficulty . Please know we appreciate you but I do not wish to burden you! Sincerely and in gratitude Billie

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  2. Dear One,
    truly you are covering so much living in this lifetime.
    And your art brings out the inspired love you have for life. wonderfully expressed.
    I chuckled and thought of the Movie Ghost, when Whoopi Goldberg’s character couldn’t rid herself of those ghosts in her head !
    Happy you’re happy channeling!!!

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