Journal Entry 02.14.2015

April Pink

Journal Entry 02.14.2015

Valentine’s Day. Can’t say that it means much to me. Just another day.

I took a walk around town the other day. While Eastern Washington is known for its somewhat harsh winters, this is one that has never really quite begun. We actually had more “winter-like” weather in autumn. Now that winter is here officially, it seems more like spring outside. On my walk, I saw snowdrops (sweet white-flowered bulbs, early-bloomer) blooming and this morning, noticed the first yellow crocus in a bright corner my own somewhat shady backyard.

This blog is losing its volition, primarily because the writer is now focused on her artwork. It has long been my dream to be an “artist”, although I will probably never fit into the fine art world. My work isn’t bad for an amateur and holds real promise, but not unless I dedicate more time to it. In short, my focus has altered and I find what held great interest for me in the past, does so no longer.

I also find that after my long months of preparing for my “ascension” and then that not happening in quite the expected manner, that the whole New Age premise of ascension and spirituality has somewhat lost its appeal for me. I need to take a break from it… a long one.

I may write, even channel from time to time, but meanwhile I wanted to put forward a question to my readers: “What would YOU like to see on this blog?”

I am considering reposting the work of other authors, again, much like I did the first year of my blog. I haven’t done that for some time now, but as my own written production as well as interest in writing has dropped, I might reconsider.

I will also post photos of my recent artwork and occasional journal entries, as well.

Let me know what you think via comments below.

Thanks to all my long-time readers and supporters. And if you are wanting to share a bit of your own story, let me know. I will consider posting some of the material of inspiring bloggers to help you get started and to gain the necessary confidence to continue sharing your gifts with the world.

Much love to all on this day dedicated to love. Let every day of the year be dedicated to unconditional love for yourself, all of humanity and all of life.



Permission is NOT granted to re-post this Journal Entry.

Artwork:  “April Pink”, by Eliza, acrylic and oil pastel, 16″ x 20″ canvas paper.




11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02.14.2015

  1. Dear Eliza,
    On you blog I will welcome your art, whether painting or photos. But what I most enjoy is your spiritual writings, original or channeled. But whatever you wish to share is a benefit to us readers and supporters.

  2. Dearest Eliza, please remember that you have given us much unity , belonging and compassion ! Although we may never meet it has been your vibration of sharing that has brought all of us to oneness ! We all have a journey we will cross paths be there for a time n leave on our perspective paths remembering people that have inspired us to continue on our quest for discovery, you have served us with your words n I deeply am grateful for your contribution. I will accept you as n artist as a guide that has generously taken time from their life to share their inner most thoughts , voice n share . Thank you! I wish you well n look forward to the new chapter in your life! Billie

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  3. Dear Eliza,
    If you aren’t excited about you present journey, change the path to one you enjoy.
    Write, don’t write, makes no difference. As you feel it, it will happen.
    Your creativity is important to life, period. So BE that for sure.
    You are the light and you will always glow brightly wherever you are headed!!!!
    I would always be interested in your writings when you have your “Ahhhha” moments.
    I have loved your journey so far.
    Blessing and love as you go forward!!!

  4. Your blog is loved and brings enlightenment to many and shines bright in our life. Write when you can, post creative artwork when it moves you and share anything that helps you and everyone else on this journey. We appreciate it so much. If you do not have time that is ok for time is precious and following your heart is key,
    Thank you for all you have shared.

  5. Hi! I had to smile at your statement that you were taking a pause from the ascension ting because the feeling of change and starting on some of your other interests (your painting on the top is awesome by the way!) is exactly what the ascension is about; getting to know yourself by following your passions. 🙂 For me it seems that I am jumping faster and faster from one passion to the next and then to the next! But now I’m starting to get the impluse to return to writing my stories. Some of my older stories are in my blog (Not really a blog as such, more just a place where i post my stories! 🙂 I wish you well and would really like to see more of your art work!

  6. Dear Eliza:
    Your sharings – whether written, photos, or artwork – have been such wonderful blessings. Some days they are the only thing that bring comfort, some sense of unity, from the otherwise permeating sense of separation. Do as your heart directs with your blog. In that way you continue to support yourself and thereby bless and grace your readers as well. Thank you – with much gratitude and love!

  7. Hi Elizabeth 🙂

    What i would enjoy most on this blog is that you express yourself in sovereign freedom as you see fit and as per your own volition 🙂

    To me you are an Elohim Earth Angel and part of my soul group 🙂

    Please do as thou wilt in happyness 🙂

    I am traveling to america this week to be with my twin flame so please don’t step off the plate too much as the kettle is just beginning to boil 🙂

    Like you expressed not soo long ago,,, my twin aspect and myself, will also be having a new Earth child, indeed i have met our first one allready (energetically)

    Your crossing was merely not fully understood in my opinion 🙂 mine will be next week inshallah if not, whatever,, i will do what i do regardless of what may or may not happen.

    To me, spirituality is Heart Centered Communication,, how that is expressed is an individual sovereign right, whether it be through the medium of paint or words it is all spiritual majjic to me :-))

    Magnetic Blesssings of Peace Eliza 🙂


  8. Dear Eliza,

    I agree with Akankha. I appreciate all you share with us…you have inspired me…and expanded my awareness…with every post…

    Much gratitude,

    Judy Bates

  9. Your blog have helped and inspired me a lot. I enjoy original and channeled writings or reposts.. Just knowing that you are “here” is so good. Thank you so much, Love and Light to you<3

  10. Dear Heart,

    Whatever you do from now on will radiate the spiritual insight that you have gained in your many journeys through various lifetimes. So whether you paint, write prose, poetry, channel, contemplate the meaning of life, etc. in your blog – it will be anchoring love and light on the planet.

    Thank you for the inspirations – whatever form they take.


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