Eliza: On New Horizons

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

Eliza: On New Horizons

The past couple of weeks have been challenging for me (and others) for many reasons. Odd feelings like anxiety, melancholia, grief and a sense of hanging out in unknown space have been emerging into waking consciousness.

In the morning, I often wake up from intense, lengthy and colorful dreams, only to lose the story line quickly, like a fading glimpse into another world. I remember one scene, where I looked up a road that went straight up into some green mountains. I could see every tree in detailed shape and color, the various ridges ascending into a violet sky. It was a world that I knew and did not know.

Walking between worlds is something that many way showers have been experiencing of late. There are moments of visionary flashes and peeks under the Veil into what is beyond, which we cannot quite see or understand at this time… but will as we learn to let go of the last vestiges of the conditioning from our old world.

My star family has returned. I am feeling their Presence more each day as I open up to them. It’s not the other way around now; we are the ones who are leading the way into this new territory. Our star families, mentors and guides are accompanying us on this journey, to lend their support and wisdom, but it is us who are the ones walking into a newly discovered world as the world ascends in frequency.

Each day we attune more deeply to the inner sense and align with the heart energy that emanates from Soul. Yet we go through our 3D lives, still working, still doing chores, still attempting to balance our inner vision with our outer experience and vice versa. It is a challenging game, one that calls for increased vulnerability, trust and faith in the inner guidance.

Yesterday, I felt a tremendous amount of grief rise into my waking consciousness. As an empath, I often take on or feel the emotions of others, sometimes from other parts of the world. This tremulous connection between selves within the human collective has become very real to me. And those persons who are in contact with me on a daily basis are now finding themselves more challenged as their vibratory levels respond to my own.

I don’t feel the grief today. These emotions and feelings are fleeting, greeting us with memory and images and then dissipating with the light of our heart emanations, like mist in sunlight, gone in the mid-day sun.

Allowing the flow of what is releasing now is important, but each person needs to attune to their own inner rhythm and timing. What may appear chaotic to outside appearances, is gradually attuning and coming into alignment with a grander symphonic melody which underlies all of life, not just that of the human collective.

Each day we learn more of what and who we are. Sometimes the surprises are startling. Other times, we are overwhelmed by what is revealed. Our conditioned sense of lack of self-worth comes into play as we go into denial when shown the great love, power and wisdom that exists and has its being in our inner Presence, the divinity that lies at the core of every individual upon the planet, dark or light.

We begin to look upon other people as mirrors of our inner being. Are we still triggered by what someone does or says? Is there an opportunity here to learn more about our own inner need to continue to peel away layers of conditioning, to release centuries of intractable fear that has been etched upon our DNA due to the trauma of living life as a human in this most inhospitable of worlds?

Yes… everything that plays out in our world, our daily life is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to expand our understanding of self, first as a “human” being. As our wisdom grows we begin to see how the divine affects the human, and how the human reflects the divine. As above, so below, as within, so without, goes the ancient Hermetic saying.

The divine is interwoven into the human and the human is interwoven into the divine. We live and function in physical bodies in order to learn how to FEEL and deal with emotions and feelings. As light beings, we are fully balanced in our energies and in complete unity to the flow of Source energy. As a human being with free will, we are able to step out of alignment and to explore and feel the consequences of that misalignment. The game has taken us far out to the edges of physical reality and now we are being called Home, back into alignment with Source. It is a journey that will take several lifetimes for some to make, yet someone has to go first and so volunteers came to lead the people and show the way forward through this uncharted territory.

In times past, various avatars, great light beings have sent aspects of self into embodiment for the sole purpose of teaching the people. Through the ages the light has penetrated the regressive techniques of those in power, allowing for rays of knowledge and wisdom to endure the darkness and superstition of the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age. As the cycles turned, the light has returned. Now the Divine Feminine energies are increasingly making their presence known in the world and much of what has been forgotten or repressed is coming to the surface in a great revel, an apocalypse, as the hidden is rediscovered and reintegrated into the active consciousness of humankind.

We are learning that we are the masters. We have come here from many worlds to work with those of our kin who have embodied as human beings upon this planet for millions of years. We are here to lend our energies, to anchor our light into the earth, to radiate our love flames into the atmosphere and assist the planet as She makes her own ascension.

This ascension period is different than those of the past eras. This one is a collective effort and each person involved is an important piece of the puzzle of the collective. Not one, but all who remain with the Earth, with Gaia.

As the way showers discover and integrate their own sense of uniqueness and the gifts that they have brought to use during this period, each one of them has also had to face the dweller within, the deep miasmic miscreations deeply anchored into the flesh of the body, into the physical DNA and genetic lineages of the families into which we have been born.

Each of us must face the darkness within, look at it with detachment and compassion, understanding the lessons learned from the actions, both of omission and commission, as opportunities and experience, not just for our sakes, but for the collective. From our experience and the knowledge and wisdom that we carry within our individual Akash, we expand the collective wisdom and knowledge of the human collective. In turn, our experience will benefit those other races with whom we will come into contact when we re-enter active existence as a galactic civilization.

We will benefit our own ancestors, that of the Pleiadians and other races who genetic markers have served as the basis of the genetic pool for the human race. Those who have put the galactic star races on a pedestal as being far above us in consciousness forget that we are the survivors of a very tough schoolroom. We were chosen to come here, by our own races, and as volunteers, to live and learn as human beings. It was an honor to be chosen. And we are honored, daily, by those who watch over us, guide and mentor us, through our dreams, visions and intuitive nudges. We are not alone. We have never been alone, but for a time we forgot as we have existed under a misguided veil of separation from the energies of Source.

At times, I have felt a great inner ache of longing to know, to understand where it is or was that I came to be here. Was I here to suffer and die, only one life? That curious belief never felt right to me, so as I came into contact with the theory or belief in reincarnation, first through the inner journeys of Edgar Cayce and then Ruth Montgomery and other esoteric teachers, my understanding continued to expand.

Yet, even those pioneering efforts can give us little understanding of the territory in which we now discover ourselves. There is no map, no set of directions save that which comes forth, in the Now moment, as we require it. The need for trust and faith is imperative. The need to also release all sense of expectation, all attempts at delineation and definition by the ego… and just “be”, like a child, eager and fresh, willing to explore and play.

Acting childlike is very different than acting childish. It would seem not, but I have seen the difference played out in the actions taken between co-workers and offenders at the prison where I work. There exists within those who are fearful of what others will say about them, an unwillingness to explore beyond the boundaries of what they deem acceptable. And there are many people who feel that somehow other people owe them something, a sense of entitlement unattached to any real desire to do anything positive in their own lives. Few are those who take full responsibility for their own actions and thoughts and can observe the actions of others without judgment. It is a challenge that those who wish to ascend must tackle head-on and overcome any resistance that might arise (and it will) as a consequence.

The resistance may come from others, from family and friends, who suddenly see you as changing into another person, someone who is no longer familiar or comfortable to be around. This comes as a result of your energies no longer being in sync with the energies of others around you. Yet this sensation is only a step on the way to ascension… a mere beginning.

As the light penetrates your physical being and that of your finer bodies, all inner darkness, pockets of suppressed emotions and thought forms originally created in this lifetime or others, will emerge, driven out and exposed by the light itself. Many light workers fear this stage of release and expansion and chose to go after the light and love aspect of light work, seeing only the sweetness and peace that can be found through meditation, chanting and sharing the loving energies of others while in workshops. Yet, what do you feel when you are alone, in the dark, late at night? Are you happy and fulfilled then or filled with a deep ache, great sorrow and sense of profound confusion, feeling lost and abandoned?

What many have not learned yet, is that within the darkness lies your strength. Within the struggle, comes wisdom. Within the release, comes the power and the desire to continue despite all odds. And so you go on, walking through the valley of the shadow, of depression and loss, perhaps leaving family and home and friends behind you. Yet if you were to look behind in a moment of clarity, you might see some of those whom you thought you left behind, slowly trailing behind you, looking nonplussed but driven by an inner fire such as the one that exists within your own breast.

They follow, they wake up as each person’s individual trigger or inner alarm goes off. The trigger exists within the DNA that is now coming online for humanity, as the frequency levels of the planet continue to rise. Each person’s timing is unique to their own soul’s journey. Each person’s path to enlightenment will appear different, yet the many paths lead up the one mountain… the mountain that I saw in my dream. Reserve judgment when you see another person struggling. Assist them if you can, if you are granted permission to do so, but do not interfere in a person’s attempt to master their own individual lessons in life. It is what we are each here to do. Live by example, allow others to learn from their own inner teacher and to learn to overcome our own sense of failure.

Self-acceptance is a step we must each take towards joining hands with others. Until we learn to accept self as we are today, fully and completely, we cannot move forward into unity consciousness. We will always seek those who we deem to be superior in knowledge, wisdom and attainment to be our teachers. That is the old paradigm; one that many light workers are unwilling to step beyond as they still harbor a sense of lack of self-worth. They have not learned yet to trust their INNER guidance. They have not yet learned to have faith, when the road ahead seems to have disappeared into a swamp.

Others fall into the momentary traps that ego sets for them, as more unscrupulous “light workers” seek to gather lighted ones like butterflies in their nets. They set these ones up as being “special” or “better” than those around them, when in truth, we are ALL a part of the human collective. No one person is better than another. Some are just more aware of their gifts, more determined in their self-discipline and more focused in their intent to expand. Yet one cannot judge others to be of lesser quality than self, or one continues to abide in the old energy and belief in separation, which the rest of the world is progressing beyond.

Let go and let God… let the Source energy that exists within, that permeates your entire being seize your consciousness and take it on a Joy ride into the new consciousness, where there exists no boundaries, no definitions, and no rule books. Let your inner teacher be the guide. Your inborn sense of morality and temperance will come into play; one does not learn such things as ethics, one contains this wisdom within.

We are guided by the higher mind and high heart, that resonates with the energies of what is occurring in the worlds, both the seen and the unseen. As we continue to walk forward on our journey into the new world, we will see more and more loosening of the bonds of the old 3d paradigm and hence more things that challenge our pre-conditioned responses and reactions. Only by going within and feeling our way forward will we be able to surmount whatever obstacles appear. Only by trusting the inner teacher will we be able to envision solutions to the problems that seem to exist, that will eventually lead to the true healing of our world and of our own humanity, as individuals and as a human collective, that energetic network upon which our inner world reflects into the outer.

When we can feel love for self and for self within other, then we will see in the outer world a reflection of what exists within. Until that time, there is much room for expansion and letting go… and so we continue on, together, in this magnificent journey into a new world.


I AM Eliza (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe), sister and daughter of the Pleiades and Venus.

© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com


6 thoughts on “Eliza: On New Horizons

    • Thank you, Fiona, for bringing this older post back to my attention. The writing now seems like it was done by an entirely different person, so changed am I. Still, many wise words to consider as I undergo a deep cleansing period now. Blessings.

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