Eliza: Epiphany

Paradise River

Eliza: Epiphany

I’ve been quiet of late, giving myself time to let go of what has gone before and allow the new to enter in. One needs to do this from time to time. It’s called taking stock, considering if you still resonate with the direction in which you have been going, or if there is something drawing your attention… something “new”.

As I have written in past posts, my path has been a zigzag, going in one direction and then another. This pattern tends to throw off people, to catch them off-guard. No matter. I need to follow my inner guide, not what is being told to me by others.

For a time last year, I followed a star that wasn’t my own. Now I am endeavoring to re-discover and listen within, seeking guidance forward from this point. I’m not concerned about the pace or manner in which discovery will occur, for I have faith that I will have what I need when I need it. This is faith in my inner guidance that has always served me well.

At lunch, I was reading Book #13 of Kryon: The Recalibration of Humanity. In the very last part of the book, Kryon is addressing the Three Winds. The last one is the Wind of Transition or what our culture has called “death”.

Kyron is letting us know that the transitional period that we are now within will take three generations in which to complete, which computes to approximately sixty years. Within that period of time, there will be much change as we have now, as of 2013, moved into the “new energy” which is supportive of an entirely new way of being.

My generation came in during the post-World War II era. We inherited the fear consciousness of our parents, the conditioning that was still a part of 3D life in those days. I remember it distinctly; Earth was not a pleasant place to be on during the 20th century.

Now, the generations who have entered into the new earth will have an opportunity to be masters of manifestation.

I sense that I will be here for some time, as many who are meant to be Wayshowers to those who are in the process of waking up into the new energy. This includes those who consider themselves to be gatekeepers, ascension guides, mentors and so on. Yes, we are meant to serve, but also to overcome our own innate fear of being here, being alive… and of dying.

There are some of us who will pass, dropping tired physical bodies, resting awhile and then returning to complete their journey, with the energy and vigor of youth. We see this phenomenon already in the young child prodigies who are suddenly cropping up everywhere, in every culture and continent. These are beings who have spent lifetimes developing their gifts and now they are free to pursue their dreams without being thwarted by regressive social mores.

There are some lightworkers who are enticed by the vision of returning to the ships or to their “home worlds”. I was one… for a while.

I do know that I have “relatives”, most especially in the Pleiades and Venus, but for now, they shall remain nameless.   Who they are and what they are is unimportant. To dwell in what is not a part of my present existence here is to live in fantasy, which I cannot sustain for long, being a practical, plain and down to earth type of person. I was brought up that way, and still utilize the values of my parents, although I do not live as they did.

What I am attempting to express here, is there exists within, at least some light workers, a strong desire to “escape”, an unwillingness to face life as it appears, day by day. For a while, I was dreaming of the time when I would return Home; I was counting the days and hours… and then nothing happened, except that I woke up and found myself here.

I’m making the best of it. I’m learning to release the learned “worry” energy of my parent’s and my own generation, “What am I going to do when….?” The Universe will provide. It always has, perhaps not in the way I would have imagined it, wanted it, but I am grateful for how I have been taken care of always, throughout this lifetime.

From arriving into this lifetime unconscious of who and what I am, I have become fully awakened. Perhaps I’m not as awake as some of the younger guides who are active on the “ascension” scene, but they have often come in far more awake than I was at their age. And so it will happen when each of my readers returns. The next time, there will be no more beginning all over. What you leave with in this lifetime, will be your starting point in the next. Think on that, dear ones.

Kryon speaks of the multidimensional quality of the soul. And I have experienced it somewhat in my dealings with others who are close, those few brave souls who have stood by me throughout my changes of directions. One of these beings, whom I have reconnected with and with whom I have walked in other lifetimes, was my daughter when I walked as a Native American. Today, she lives a solitary life, close to her animals and to the earth. She is a shaman, an artist and a writer. We have found support and love in sharing our inner thoughts, wanderings and sometimes doubts and fears. We accept each other as we find the other. It is good to walk with such a one even though she is not physically by my side in this lifetime.

My “daughter” has related to me some visits that I as “Joseph” or even my Pleiadian Higher Self, Lady Taz, have made to her, as well as “Lia” (which is short for “Sundeelia”, a name which some of my older readers might recall). Thus, is proof to me of the multidimensionality of our nature. We do not know what we do not know. While I consider myself more awake than 95% of the world population, I realize that I do not know what exists beyond the door that we call “death” and have feared for so long. I fear it no longer, knowing that I have lived before and will live again… and be here, assisting with the evolution of Earth and her people.

We are passing through a transition that all worlds at one time or another pass through. Our human collective is coming of age. We are slowly turning away from a way of life that is deadly for ourselves, our world and all other lifeforms. We are embracing ideas that are coming from a wide variety of sources, some very ancient, some adapted from indigenous cultures and some that are even otherworldly or off-worldly. We are embracing life, abundant life, creative life, meaningful life… a life filled with love and respect for all humanity, all life, our world and the worlds that we cannot yet see, except within our imaginations. We are embracing the idea that we are greater and more beautiful than we can truly understand in this particular moment. We are on the edge of something wonderful… and I fully intend to be here when our world is fully engaged in a way of living that seems just a dream right now, whether it be within this lifetime or in my next or even the next one after that.

In the past, although I have discouraged the practice, I have received various emails asking me to define what soul group a person is from, upon what world did they originate, where can they find out more information about being a star seed and so on. For the time being, I have declined making such guesses, for reading the Akash of others is not one of my gifts. I can read it a little for myself, but only what I need as I develop. I feel to ask such questions is more a need of the ego, the little mind to puff itself up and pretend that it is “someone” of importance. I realize now, especially after my misadventure of last year, that each one of us is important and unique. We do not need someone outside of ourselves pumping up the old ego. We need to put aside these little fantasies and concentrate on those lines of thought and intent that will enable us to utilize what we DO know of ourselves NOW.

In the same book, Kryon addresses a perennial problem for light workers, those of us who have been here for a long time assisting the evolution of humanity… and that is of a profound lack of self-worth. We often cannot willingly accept or admit that what we are today, in our everyday life, is important to the well-being and future of the entire planet. It is and you are.

Being here now is what most of you are “doing” as your mission. You have graciously brought your light to this planet, which has until fairly recently, been plunged into profound darkness and appearing to be nearly… nearly lost. There are even some light workers who feel that we are still lost… but we are not. The time of danger for the world is over. The balance of light and dark has irrevocably moved to the Light.

At the time of my birth, the old prophecies were still in play, the prophecies of gloom and doom. They are no longer viable. Their time has passed without those visions being played out in the physical. How did this happen? By what act of grace did this miracle occur? By your mere presence here, all of you, anchoring your light, your love, through your everyday life, in your families, in your schools, at your work places, in your creative activities, your sports, in your daily endeavors, your yearnings and your dreams for the future. You have been the instrument of Grace… each of us has been an instrument of grace and so it is… that is why we are here and that is why we shall return, again and again.

This is a hopeful prospect, one anchored in practical language that one can accept and live with, being here. We are not here to suffer or to be persecuted. Each of us who has lived difficult lifetimes, still carry the trauma within our physical bodies. It is this miscreation that many of us are in the process of releasing right now, thus the numerous aches and pains, the mysterious maladies that physicians cannot diagnose because they are not entirely physical.  Each of us, in our own way and with our own timing, will pass through this stage of releasing whatever no longer serves our evolution, as an individual and as a collective.  It will take some time for the clearing to occur for everyone and some people will drop their bodies and then return, with “upgraded” physical vessels capable of sustaining the higher frequencies that will be present in the world.  Nothing of the old will remain to deter the evolution of this planet and its people.  Nothing.

And it is a time not to judge one’s attainment against that of another. We do not know how many lifetimes it took that ascension guide to fine tune and hone their reading skills, their ability to channel and meditate. One would guess hundreds, even thousands… never mind the many worlds upon which such a soul would serve and perhaps is serving even now as part of her or his multidimensionality.

There is much that we do not understand about ourselves, so leave judgment behind. That was part of the old energy, to keep us divided amongst ourselves, to compete and denigrate those we do not understand, those of whom we are envious and so on. Let it go. Forgive yourself and let it go. That energy was never your own but something you put upon yourself unconsciously by being born into this world. That time is no more. The new children being born will no longer need to deal with many of the older interpretations of so-called spiritual, religious or metaphysical teachings. Each of us needs to sort through our own basket of tricks and “skills” and let go of that which no longer serves, whether it be a spiritual practice, a belief that others are more intelligent or highly gifted than self… and so on. Accept that you are unique, special and meant to be here, doing what you are doing, growing, expanding and being.

Since I turned on the tap of creativity by drawing and painting, I begin to “see” whole paintings before my eyes. I know that I am not quite capable of bringing them into manifestation with my present skills, but it is something that I can reach for and by so doing, shorten the distance between myself and the full manifestation of my visions. This is possible for everyone, once they set their mind on something, whatever shape or direction that dream carries them onward. We are not here to be complacent or “safe”, but to continue to push the boundaries of human consciousness forward, to expand our inner horizons, to pay attention to our guidance, to listen to others and then to go in the direction where our heart leads us… into that bright morning of divine creation for our world and the universe.


I AM Eliza, your Sister in Light and Love

©Copyright, 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com




9 thoughts on “Eliza: Epiphany

  1. Beautiful insights, Eliza! I’m glad you’re not rushing off just yet. Yours is one of my favorite blogs.

    I had to take a break, as I could not keep up with the more complex and voluminous posts…intending but not finding the rainy day to read them at leisure. From time to time, I have read a post in the email notification. Like tonight.

    I didn’t mean to stay away so long. I’ve been caught up in the hurry-up-and-wait game, finding fascination at cryptic remarks, and intrigue by second-guessing the timing and meaning of world events to come. Yet much of the time I have just been in the NOW, realizing, as you stated:

    “Being here now is what most of you are “doing” as your mission. You have graciously brought your light to this planet, which has until fairly recently, been plunged into profound darkness and appearing to be nearly… nearly lost. There are even some light workers who feel that we are still lost… but we are not. The time of danger for the world is over. The balance of light and dark has irrevocably moved to the Light.”

    Thank you. I feel it, how we are shifting the paradigm with our intentions, even if it is not yet clearly visible. But we are on our way!

    Thank you for your lovely way with words from your heart, perspective from your eternal soul.

  2. thank you so much for your absolute honesty which give me thrills and for the wisdom of your so beautifully phrased words; after my reading I looked up from my laptop and saw a beautiful rainbow against a cloudy sky,
    thanks again dear Sister.

  3. Dear Eliza,
    Seems you have settled into your Now direction. congratulations. ❤
    " We are embracing life, abundant life, creative life, meaningful life… a life filled with love and respect for all humanity, all life, our world and the worlds that we cannot yet see, except within our imaginations."


  4. Precious Eliza,
    Your Humility, Your Honesty, Your Will to help by sharing is precious. Your example of experiencing a belief system, then letting it go after it has helped shape a more expansive definition of Self is also so very precious to the awakening. To do so without shame, blame or anger is valuable beyond measure. These provide encouragement and support to each one individual Self as they are Guided to find, read, and to experience your contributions to this Evolution process We are All participating in.
    Gratitude Precious One,

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