Journal Entry 01.24.15

DSCF2951 Journal Entry 01.24.2015

It’s actually still Friday here in the Pacific NW, but I write a blog read all over the planet.

Tired tonight and feeling the need to withdraw.  I’m also in the process of painting some more.  Still in beginning stages, so no samples yet.

As most of you are aware, it’s now Mercury Retrograde.  Time to reconsider, reorganize, relax and retreat….

I may or may not have anything to write this weekend.  Depends if the muse comes for a visit.

Thank you to those readers who took the time to comment or email in the last week.  I appreciate it.

Hugs and kisses,


1 thought on “Journal Entry 01.24.15

  1. Eliza do not get frustrated with us human 3d! You have n are contributing so much to our development through your sharing some of us will get you n some of us will not! Name of life! But the difference you have made to the ones that do the support of your development n transition , courage to share it and clearly write it for us to feed on has been tremendous to a reader like myself n help me understand my own transition! Thank you! I was always trying to fit in not only in 3D but everything above n beyond , never could n always fudged n told what I should be doing! We all have our own path our own crosses to bare n in are in our own time. I like you sit alone but not lonely share my wisdom to assist my community but judged as to my transition, unlike you have a family two beautiful children in college n a husband that has been very abusive emotionally n cheated financial n with other people. There is something I must resolve through this experience , Ive been shown patience, forgiveness self preservation and compassion ! I am baring my cross however I feel this amazing energy that guides me and allowed me to experience the raw beauty that is Godly gifted to us every minute of every day! Billie

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