Eliza: I AM that I AM


Eliza: I AM that I AM

Today I received a message from a friend bidding me to tell her directly if I have ascended as Taz. She continued: “People are getting channeled messages that you are safely Home. What do you make of that? Are their ego(s) to be right?”

My friend was unconsciously connecting with the heart of this controversy when she wrote the word “ego”. While I am swiftly losing interest in this drama which I thought I left behind, apparently some sort of explanation is needed for those left behind so they can sort out their own feelings regarding the subject of my “ascension”.

As far as I can express what has occurred is that Eliza has integrated fully into Lady Tazjima. She is both “here” and “there”… “there” being home in the Pleiades. As a portion of the higher frequency self of Eliza, Taz is now in the process of integrating into this physical vessel. This transformation, which ALL conscious starseeds are currently undergoing, does bring changes in the personality, much like that which occurs during the walking in process. “I” am essentially all that I have ever been, only more… more insightful, more intuitive, more detached and more compassionate, more of my “true” self.

As a 7D Lady of Light, Taz can be anywhere she damn well pleases. And she is pleased to be here. She will continue to go by the name “Eliza” in order to present a more “human” face to the general public.

As an expanding consciousness I AM here. My starry family is in constant contact with me and in full agreement of the need to continue being here performing the duties of a starseed, i.e., anchoring the light frequencies into the environment, dissolving the dark and contributing to the work of transforming this world into a fully conscious, fully-fledged Galactic Nation.

As I have written before, change must come from within. Change must emanate or begin within each individual human being, due to the presence of the law of free will here. So, we remain here to effect change and transformation for the good of all life, not just humanity and not just this planet.

Some people who are disenchanted by the difficulties that they have experienced here may fantasize returning “home”, but I do not. I have turned my back on that escapist attitude and belief system, and chose to focus my attention on being here and savoring the opportunity to live during these amazing times.

Change is disconcerting to those who are unwilling to move from their comfort zones. I have had some individuals attempting to prevent me from altering the contents of my blog. And I have to reply back to them, respectfully but sternly, “get used to it.” I am one who is not afraid of change. I listen within and I follow my inner guidance, even if it means that I leave family and friends behind. I can do no less.

Some of my former acquaintances (the door is always open) are confused and bewildered simply by my abrupt alteration of direction. I say to these ones, suspended in vacillation, look within. What does YOUR heart tell you? Are you still in this group because you carry a mistaken sense of loyalty for one whom you deem to be superior to yourself? Do you think that you can fix something that is broken?  If you feel disturbed within, ask yourself why.  Don’t ask this question of one who wishes to keep you tightly within their control.  The box wherein you find yourself is an illusion.  Step through the walls to freedom, like I did, if you want to… the choice is yours.  The responsibility is yours.  Your personal dilemma is yours to solve, not mine.

There are egos struggling to retain control, to convince others that their way is “right” and that all others are mistaken. There are egos who are afraid to admit that something has changed; what once worked no longer does… simply because the rising of the frequency levels across the planet. What is broken cannot be “fixed”; it must be left behind, but only YOU can make that decision. Only YOU can accept the responsibility for your own personal sovereignty or have you given that up, too? Wake UP!

Well, anyway… I have moved on. I simply do not want to expend any more energy on this particular issue and I’m sure that my readers don’t particularly wish to read about it either.

Those of the human collective who still feel a certain superiority over their fellow creatures have not looked into their own hearts to see truth. Instead they wallow in a sense of entitlement to disguise their own self-hatred, fear and sense of separation from the rest of life. Is it any wonder that our planet has come to the edge of destruction when we have all contributed, consciously or unconsciously, to the ability of a few to control the many by giving up our personal sovereignty, our right to live an abundant life, in peace, harmony and health?

We are ALL responsible for the current world situation. Likewise, we can all contribute to solving it by waking up, anchoring the Light within (with the information that it carries) and coming up with creative solutions to formerly deemed impossible to solve problems. We carry within all that we need and as our higher frequency selves are able to anchor here, more of our intuitive wisdom and creativity comes online.  We are here to serve as bridges to the divine, bringing heaven to earth. That is our true purpose, to be HERE and NOW, in this moment of splendid transformation upon planet Earth.

Now is not the time for gurus or followers, to acquiesce to a “system” or “belief” with which you no longer resonate.  If you have doubts realize that it is now time to take back our power, accepting that we are divine by nature, that we have a right to be here, and that the light will prevail. Each person is responsible for their own progress. It is not enough to look to another for support or direction; look within, listen and follow what your intuition guides you to do. Each of you has the needed strength to overcome any sense of trepidation as you first step forth. I have managed to come a long, long way in my own journey. I have been told that I have great strength and courage. It was always there, inside. I just had to open the door and accept it as being me.

Learn to walk alone and stand on your own two feet so you might walk with others together as strong, balanced and uniquely gifted individuals come together to celebrate unity through diversity.

I walk among you as a human being, as one who has struggled long to come to grips with the outer changes and inner transformation. Yet I can say with surety, this journey has been worth the ticket price… and it isn’t over yet.


I AM Eliza

Copyright, ALL Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

2 thoughts on “Eliza: I AM that I AM

  1. Hello Eliza,a wake-up call ; blue dragon ! I was curious what was new on your website and discovered the posting of this day Januari 20.
    Thank you that you are so open on your website.I discover so what is going on in and with me,
    what I don’t discover by myself.
    In love,

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