Eliza: The Game of Hearts

Cottonwood Heart

Eliza: A Game of Hearts

“I see you!”

This simple phrase, taken from the movie, “Avatar” and a greeting of the people of the moon, Pandora, has taken greater meaning on for me.

It is meant to communicate that the person using the greeting sees into the heart of the one being greeted.

We often forget the power of words. Words are magic. Words contain power. We have forgotten that words should not be misused or used unwisely. By learning to be silent until you can speak from a place of wisdom, balance and compassion, you will see your world begin to transform, first from an inner level and eventually, on the outer.

This morning, I underwent a simple exchange with another friend which has helped me move into a new level of acceptance for the transformation that I have just experienced and continue to move through, ascension within the physical body or to be more precise, the descension of my Higher Self into my present physical vessel.

My friend was able to point out to me that the true meaning my “ascension” and the ascension of everyone else who is undergoing this process of initiation, was to indicate to my human self that I have reached a level where my Higher Self COULD integrate with me at a more profound level. It meant that I had attained a level of frequency that would allow higher self to continue to blend into my physical body. And so it is that there is no need for me to go anywhere, certainly not to depart from this world, for it is here where the game of hearts is being played out, NOW.

As has been expressed on this blog and in the messages of many other Wayshowers, ascension is not an instant process. One does not simply “ascend” into mastery in an instant or an hour or a day and certainly not overnight. To me, it is a matter of first self-acceptance and then of self-love.

Self-love has been interpreted to be narcissism, but this is not true when the one who is in love with self does not need to defend themselves against other egos. If you have been reading this blog for a long time, you will realize that I have gone through various stages of releasing ego and still am… it is a continuous process that even the ones whom we think are greater than ourselves still undergo until completely purged of the sense of separation from Source.

There is NO other than the ONE who is experiencing ALL THAT IS. The ego seeks to defend what it believes must be defended from forces outside itself. This is the lie that has prevented many people from seeing that we are one collective humanity, experiencing diversity within unity.

Today I arrived at a place of compassion for those who have acted as my greatest teachers in recent days. It has been communicated to me through mutual friends that these persons are putting out that Eliza has ascended and walked out, leaving behind her physical vessel to be taken over by a lower vibrational being.

If I had encountered this information a year ago, I would have been sent into a tailspin of anger and depression… and perhaps recrimination and accusation. I feel nothing of these things now. Instead I can look upon these former “friends” as teachers, for allowing me to see deep within my own soul and to see nothing there that needs defending. I can thank them for assisting me to reach this level of self-acceptance and healing. It is a stage of development that each one of us must go through, although it can take some people many lifetimes to reach it. There is no judgment in this. It is why we are here, to learn how to handle the intense feelings and emotions that are a part of living life as a human being. Do you know the power and magnificence of your ability to expand your consciousness and understanding of Self in such a short time? I am beginning to appreciate and honor all those who come to me now as teachers. We are One.

Self-love also means that you do not need to remain in a situation where you are being apparently beaten up, whether physically, emotionally or mentally. When you have learned the lesson, it is time to move on and so I have and will continue to. In this gentle manner, we continue to learn and expand with each lesson that is grounded within with total understanding, comprehension and awareness. It is something that cannot be taught by others. You learn from the Self that exists within, which contains ALL that you need for this particular journey and life experience.

Masters, even ascended ones, continue to send soul aspects into physical incarnation here out of a profound desire to learn in this intense environment. It is not possible to go through layers and layers of this soul growth in higher frequencies… above 5D at any rate. So, when they reach a certain level of comprehension of the great honor and privilege it is to be here and to have the opportunity to learn, they can then serve as teachers and Wayshowers for others,  living through levels of self-mastery achieved, serving as examples for others and thus expanding their ability to serve the Whole.

A living master does not seek to impress those who come to him or her with their wisdom or their attainment. Often the most advanced of teachers live extremely humble and unassuming lives. They do not seek followers or students, yet these arrive at their doorstep, attracted by the light of their wisdom and the glow of their Love. However, even a great Master cannot free a student if they are unwilling to free themselves from their misunderstandings and continue to look outside themselves for salvation.  In the current energies there is no reason to seek an outer teacher.  The real Teacher is your Higher Self which speaks to you through your higher heart and higher mind, without any unbalanced energy attached to the communication.

In regards to the actions of some former acquaintances, I have this to say… I have moved on, through forgiveness of self. As I was explaining my current state to a friend these words emerged from higher self that are meant to be shared with all:

“All confrontations with self in the form of “other” can be seen as an opportunity to take stock of what is coming up for YOU. In this particular instance, I deemed it necessary to withdraw my energies from the situation so that I might take stock of where I was in this whole thing and where I wanted to go from now on. I decided that what I needed to do was to withdraw completely, in order to return to a place of neutrality and non-attachment to the outcome. In doing so, I have left the confrontation behind me and have learned much about myself in the process. I have been willing to look at the experience from a higher perspective, one in which I find myself no longer able to judge or condemn the past or present actions of these particular individuals. They simply do not exist within my reality any more, except as agents of change for my own understanding and growth. I have moved on.”

To arrive at this understanding, it was required that I release all sense of separation, all anger, frustration, in short the darker elements that existed within and were still being triggered by the actions or words of others. This is a necessary step for ALL those who are truly undergoing the process of ascension. Fear in all its aspects is needed to be released in a conscious manner, with a willingness to look upon the “darkness” without going into shame and guilt.  Understand also, that this particular stage will be repeated frequently as long as any darkness remains within.  The darkness will leave in layers, to allow your physical vessel to adjust accordingly to the resulting vacuum and influx of the light that displaces the retreating darkness.

Light and dark seek to balance each other.  When the darkness is dominate, the light remains subordinate, seemingly inert, hidden.  When the light energies outside the body push and tug upon the vessel, the dark is shaken loose and begins to reveal itself through mood swings, acts of violence, illness, depression… at what ever level that corresponds to the soul development of the individual and their willingness to release that which no longer resonates with them.  Some people let go easily; others resist mightily believing that the light will destroy them.

Each of us, who have spent many lifetimes upon this globe have this inner darkness within.  It stems from our judgment of others and those which we have directly within. We carry this darkness within our “Ka” or emotional body from lifetime to lifetime and as the moment we enter into this world, we again put on this robe so that we can attempt to deal with it THIS time. Many chose to ignore the darkness, afraid of what it will reveal to others. Those of us who are seriously committed to the path of initiation and ascension do not have the option to ignore the darkness within or to “disappear” it away by pretending everything is light and sweetness. We can learn to release the darkness and do in in such a way that we forgive ourselves and all those who have engendered this darkness within, that some of us have taken upon ourselves in terms of being a “victim” of the dark.

There is no victim save that one who continues to project upon others their continued misery and discomfort with self. Look the chimera directly in the face and see the Angel of Light standing before you at the gate of self-redemption.

In view of the steadily increasing frequency levels of the planet, all beings here are being challenged by the release of their “personal” darkness and that of the collective. In truth, the darkness belongs to all of us who have, in one way or another, contributed to its creation through the vast ages that humanity has existed upon this planet.  There is no judgment in this statement, as we have ALL taken part in this vast experiential project of Source.

Those individuals who are unwilling to observe their own individual “darkness” and to release it from a point of complete neutrality, will be compelled at some future point to leave this world simply because their physical vessels will begin to breakdown as they continue to resist the influx of the increasingly stronger light frequencies coming from our Great Central Sun and Cosmic sources.

Our personal darkness is being exposed by our reactions to the actions, thoughts and words of others. As the Light in this world intensifies, it is becomes easier for us to see the darkness within the collective for what it truly is and that it has no power over those who radiate true light and love to all unconditionally.

If we still react, we are still coming from a place of ego. If we feel compelled to defend a certain belief or stance, we are coming from a place of ego. If we feel compelled to attack others, we are coming from a place of ego and the darkness will remain where it is, stuffed away within our unconscious mind to be dealt with at a later date or even another lifetime.

In these years during the accelerated energies and transformation, we have been all given a golden opportunity to accelerate our own soul growth accordingly, IF we are willing to release, without judgment our own darkness and to allow others to arrive at that understanding or not on their own volition. It is not appropriate to judge the actions of others, as it is a judgment of self as “other” and reflects or “sticks” to the one who has sent forth that lower vibrational energy in the first place.

When we can accept ALL aspects of self, dark and light, we have the ability to easily transform what needs to be released and displace the darkness with light. This act requires that we forgive ourselves and those who mirror “self” in all instances, through time and space.  And it is required that we go forth this stage again and again, hopefully learning patience in the process… patience with ourselves and patience when we observe others struggling through their process.

The increasing Light frequencies present now and still accelerating will allow NO secrets to remain hidden, no darkness that can escape revelation. Those who are not ready for the great reveal and self-forgiveness, will undergo great trauma and struggle until sometime in the future they can also arrive at a point of self-acceptance.

It is time to forgive oneself for all perceived “sins” or miscreations, a process that must include all others upon the globe, as there exists only ONE being here. Self-forgiveness is an act of forgiving ALL humanity, all whom you believe to have wronged you, threatened you or even killed you in “past” lives. In truth, we are all undergoing a thorough purging of our collective self-inflicted belief of the existence of separation of self from SELF, from the Wholeness of Being one with the Creator. For too long have we carried the belief that we deserve to be punished because we are here and that we are being punished by being here.

There exists no original sin. Man created this belief to punish himself and those whom he felt to be outside of himself, upon whom he projected his fears in order to momentarily feel better about himself. It is a vicious circle from which we can now exit, with grace and ease through the act of self-forgiveness and the application of the Violet Flame.

The process of ascension requires that the initiate accept the responsibility for the power, wisdom and light that emerges from within as a result of successfully stepping up one’s frequency levels. As you gain new understandings, more will be given you.  Resist and you stagnate, unable to keep up the pace of growth.

The only person who can free their self from self-hatred is the individual involved. Until they realize that they are themselves in a state of misalignment with Self, by their constant need to deny the existence of the darkness within, they will continue to struggle and project that same darkness upon others. They will continue to flail away and strike out in defense of their ego until they can struggle no more and finally surrender. While these individuals continue to exist in a state of denial, they are unable to hear or recognize the truth or to see that the truth is already within their own heart and has ALWAYS been there.

Ego attacks ego out of the belief in separation. Ego defends itself from whatever and whoever it deems a threat to its continued existence. This is why so many individuals are currently experiencing self-implosions in the form of mental illness, suicide, disease and acting out in an aggressive manner against those who are deemed different or threatening. This behavior will continue until all those who resist releasing their personal darkness and taking responsibility for their own actions and thoughts are gone.

The lower or egoic mind cannot comprehend the language of the heart. Until one surrenders, comes into self-forgiveness and inner balance, the heart remains closed and the lower mind predominate in terms of reacting to the others in the environment, most especially those who are close, within relationship, friends, as co-workers, as well as members of the community, political leaders, corporations, etc.

Seek to release that which you have feared the most about yourself. Expose it to the light of forgiveness. Release it to the angels who are here to serve you. Anchor your growing light into the earth, gently, and go into the morning with a new openness and sweetness of being, as one who no longer requires to be protected by anything or anyone, as your Love and Light is the only protection that you need in truth.  As long as you believe that you require “protection” you are existing in fear.

Walk the path that is meant for you, with grace, dignity, courage and compassion. You need not concern yourself with those who are not prepared to hear, feel or see what you are now able to experience. By walking in the grace and wisdom that you have won through your own hard-fought battles and final surrender, over and over, you will exhibit what it is to be a true master, gentle, compassionate and kind… and stern when it is required. You will live within your own well-deserved sphere of grace, with power, wisdom and love for all, no matter where or what they are… for you “see” them in truth.

I realize now in sharing these words that I have grown and matured tremendously in a seemingly short period of time. I can now listen and learn from the divinity that exists within my OWN heart that has always been there, but which I was unable to “see” and to recognize or accept as Self. And now I am able to translate this self-acceptance onto all others who enter and exit my life experience, as equally divine reflections of self. Now I can bless all those who have acted as my teachers and instructors here so I might be able to reach this level of understanding and to continue on my path of soul development.

Those who have appeared to be our greatest enemies are indeed our greatest teachers. When we are ready to forgive ourselves, we can certainly extend that forgiveness to our former “enemies”, for they have served well as needed catalysts for our individual soul growth. Without them, we would still remain in complacent self-aggrandizement and self-pity, exchanging the roles of victim and perpetrator from lifetime to lifetime until we wear out our desire to play such games and accept the responsibility to forgive ourselves and grow in our understanding of what is truly going on here. It is not a game of thrones, but a game of hearts.

Open your heart and welcome that which is within and be willing to learn that all that seems to exist without is self, too. There is only ONE person here, one who observes, one who acts and one who is acted upon. We exist within the diversity of Unity consciousness and in that We are One.

Live from a place of unconditional Love and ALL life will win, with you, the game of Hearts.


© Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com







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    “We often forget the power of words. Words are magic. Words contain power. We have forgotten that words should not be misused or used unwisely. By learning to be silent until you can speak from a place of wisdom, balance and compassion, you will see your world begin to transform, first from an inner level and eventually, on the outer.”
    I have no words to match or add to this. Thank you, Eliza.

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