Eliza: On Embracing Change

Jacob's Ladder and Silver Log

Eliza: On Embracing Change

This morning I woke up to an awareness that I was with my “Council” (thanks to recent posts by Ron Head, “Oracles and Healers”). I have had my own exchanges with various “councils” in the past couple of years through my channeled work. Today, however, the communication was directed towards me as an individual, with the focus of dissolving all former contracts, agreements, settlements, treaties, vows, and such made before coming into embodiment, upon other worlds, in other lifetimes and even within this particular lifetime. In short, I have been set free of all past, present and future commitments made without my full WAKING consciousness.

You cannot imagine (or perhaps you can if you possess a vivid imagination like my own) just how freeing such a move can be.

As we continue to expand our awareness of the multidimensionality of our Being, that same expansion is curtailed by any pre-existing contracts and commitments made at a lesser degree of consciousness and responsibility. Thus we see ourselves tied to individuals, groups or institutions that no longer resonate at our current and expanding consciousness level and we feel bound in, obligated to remain, even at the expense of our spiritual development. Ancient vows, which are not bound by time and space, have a habit of affecting our behavior in an unconscious manner. For instance, my vow of poverty and chastity taken as Lady Clare, has affected this lifetime in a profound manner. Look at your own experience for such examples.

With a resounding rip, I have broken free of these commitments. Whether or not one of them was the soul contract to walk out in this lifetime is now moot. I have been formally set free to use my god-granted gifts to the best of my abilities to assist with the anchoring of the light upon this world, for the good of my own soul development and that of all other life.

Few people, even light workers, have any conception of the importance that their personal decisions and commitments make to others. Yet we also each walk our own unique path individually.

In our Western culture, we have for the most part been brought up to idolize the individual, most especially the rich and powerful individual who has made it “big” in the world. Usually this so-called “progress” has been made at the expense of other people, the environment and society in general.  The new energy will have us walking side by side, assisting others as appropriate and living in harmony with the environment and other life forms from an place of personal and collective empowerment.

Since I have broken free of my former karmic ties, I am under no further obligation to “save” anyone, including myself from whatever experiences or awareness may enter into my life from hereon. I am free to observe these events from a point of complete or nearly complete neutrality, allowing the people around me to experience life as their own soul dictates, without my need to save them or to correct them.

Each of us is walking a path unique unto ourselves. This is not a selfish act that places ourselves outside the purview of others, but one that serves Source, the Creator, of which we are all a part. In doing so, we move through different stages of self-acceptance and self-love.

Love is greatly misunderstood in our culture, primarily due to the present imbalance that exists between masculine and feminine energies, as well as between the dark and light energies upon our planet. The masculine and the dark have both been in control over the past several thousand years, while the light and feminine energies have been eclipsed.

During this period, those souls incarnating into feminine bodies have, for the most part, been subjected to the whims, laws and contracts of their masculine counterparts. Likewise, persons coming from aboriginal origins have been often deemed to be lesser beings, even lower than animals. For many years, women were regarded to not even contain souls within their bodies, so it was considered appropriate to keep them subjugated. The same judgment was made of persons with dark skins or strange customs, even if their culture displayed great refinement of thought and action.

As a consequence the prevailing imbalance of masculine energies within ALL persons, whether female or male, has served to lock people into rigid mindsets and belief systems, where they were taught to give up their power to higher authorities, to accept without question that which was pre-existing, including the divine right of a few to rule over the many.

In this lifetime, this rigid control system is being dismantled, brick by stony brick, page by page, energetically by those who are willing to step beyond and into new territory. This is an adventure that takes great courage and the willingness to go into places that may feel uncomfortable at first simply because they are not aligned with well-worn, deeply rutted patterns of behavior.

Recently, I took a step that placed me outside a particular belief system in the existing hierarchy of the spiritual dimensions. In fact, during this particular lifetime, I’ve made several steps or forays beyond these iron-clad walls of belief in the specialness of certain individuals, whether it be due to certain offices that they or their soul aspects have held, or lifetimes of serving “God”. In the end, I have arrived at a realization that everything that exists here and in other dimensions is a part of my own consciousness, which is the true reality of unity consciousness. God in all things… all things in God, Creator or Source, an understanding that is not limited to present theology or even metaphysical beliefs. All things that have been accepted by one group within humanity or another is now in the process of being deconstructed and rebuilt in a more fluid understanding reflective of the expansion of the Collective consciousness of the Earth and her people.

In unity consciousness there is no “chosen” people, no “forerunners”, no one who is divinely chosen to lead the rest of humanity. Each one of us is responsible for our own journey, being true to our inner guidance even if that means we are apparently stepping away from the beliefs held tightly by others.

We serve the collective by being true to Self. We are the collective or at least a part of it, entirely unique and individual, while simultaneously at one with all life, seen and unseen.

Many years ago, I woke to the awareness that I could accept Jesus as my brother. I still feel this way. In my apparent refusal to participate in walking out of this physical vessel (if indeed that really happened) I have utilized my “free will” as an individual to break free of former binding contracts that existed at the highest levels. I will not be punished for doing so as soul aspects have the choice to remain “separate” from their Higher Selves for the sake of further exploration and experience. And I also have the choice to re-blend with Higher Self while still housed within a physical vessel, which is the process that I am currently undergoing.

In this, I am following a similar path to that of many starseeds who have awoken up to their own individual sense of divinity, while experiencing life as an incarnated being upon this planet. We are here for a reason, to expand the light so it might displace the dark and empower the people through being an example of living through love, acceptance, expansion and creativity. One cannot exercise creativity if one is stuck in a rut made by themselves or in following the beliefs of another.

To expand your consciousness, it is necessary to be willing to step outside your comfort zone from time to time. Allow, accept, observe… but avoid binding commitments as momentum of change upon the planet is accelerating. A promise made today may not be possible to honor tomorrow. Understand that while some will be able to work alongside others within group settings, that these endeavors will undergo changes as each individual concerned develops and grows at a slightly different rate.

I will make it quite clear that I function better as an uncommitted individual, following my own inner guidance. If, in the future, it is intended that I function within a group, it had better be made up of those who are as willing and bold as I have been to constantly take stock of my present level of consciousness and change if I no longer resonate to what is going around me.

Of course, when you work for a corporation or institution such as the one that I do, it appears that being as forward with consciousness is not possible, but I tell you from my own experience it is. It is not always necessary to change your physical setting or circumstances. Sometimes merely adjusting your perception of your reality is all that is required for you to take huge steps forward in expanding your consciousness.

Recently, I have observed an ability within myself to simply detach from what is going around me in terms of personal dramas, emotions, noise, energies and the like, simply by being willing to allow others to enjoy their own experiences. Physical separation isn’t always necessary to break free of the hold that certain beliefs have upon yourself. While some people would deem my detachment as being uncaring, I see it as a way to demonstrate true respect for each person’s ability and freedom to make choices while they are incarnated here. And it cuts me free of any sense of guilt or shame that comes from not giving aid or “helping” another.

I am of help simply by being here. I do not need to do anything, write a book, establish laws, give guidance or paint pictures. By being here, the light of my entire multidimensional existence can eventually be successfully anchored upon this planet, IF I allow myself the freedom to adjust to the rapid acceleration of change and transformation coming upon this planet. It is the same for all who are presently embodied here. Change is the ONLY constant and each of us is being called upon to make adjustments accordingly, by keeping an open heart and open higher mind, using wisdom and discernment to make the appropriate choices.

Sometimes it would appear that we make “mistakes”, but in truth, there are no mistakes, merely learning opportunities. If you continue to wallow in guilt and shame or embarrassment as a result, that is your choice… but it is NOT mine. I am moving forward.

One question that has surfaced lately among my older readers at least, is the question of what happened to Sundeelia. I now call “her” Lia (pronounced “Lee ahh”) which is a family nickname (she IS a relative) and have discovered her true essence is as an androgynous 6D Angelic being. No longer is she my “walk-in” to be, and she/he has returned to her old work of assisting water elementals. When I was in a state of anger and frustration status post my (or my higher self’s) ascension, I sent Lia a telepathic message to go away. And she did so, quite lovingly. As a human being, I made the decision to remain here for the duration and my entire starry family has embraced this decision, although certain individuals incarnated here do not. Doesn’t matter, as I have always walked my own path as guided from within, despite the consequences.

Few people realize the blessing that it is to be HERE, incarnated as a Human being. We carry the flame of the Creator within our bodies. We are a part of the consciousness of the Creator in the physical realm. We each carry the potential to be extremely powerful, creative beings… IF we can cope with the sense of responsibility that goes with the awareness.

How we view our world does affect everyone around us, whether or not this truth is evident. And our world changes as we change as each human being is also connected or tuned into the crystalline grid of the planet. As we grow in awareness and successfully anchor more of our multidimensionality into our physical vessels, the world around us responds and transforms. What was once our comfort zone, acceptance of others’ ability or need to control our thoughts and actions… suddenly becomes VERY uncomfortable and so we are compelled to break free. The process of breaking free can be done with ease or with great drama and suffering. It is an individual choice at one level or another.

I am currently filled with a great sense of elation and joy at the prospect of being here as this beautiful world is transformed before our eyes. As we go forth into our daily lives, we are also responding and transforming… or not. It is an individual choice and one that has to be done by each person. Those who are ready to engage in the creation of their life story in a powerful and loving manner will break free of a need to follow the belief systems of the old energy and move into an intimate experience of following their internal guidance… which ultimately derives from the aspects of Self which are not currently embodied, yet are on hand to guide, mentor and support us.

As powerful beings, we need to give our guides and mentors permission to work with us. Even if our conscious mind doesn’t accept this as truth, sooner or later, it will. I have learned this lesson through my own experience within this lifetime. Each of us must learn it for ourselves. One cannot be taught those things that one carries within. Knowledge and wisdom emerges when and ONLY when the individual opens up like a flower to the Sun and allows the golden light of Christ Consciousness to imbue it with grace and understanding. Then the pollination and resulting birth of a new growth pattern emerges.

Enough for now, dear ones. I am sure that I have given you much to ponder and chew upon. Feel free to comment either on the blog or via email. I cannot not answer those questions that are beyond my own experience and perhaps not satisfy all your curiosity, but the connections that we make are important as we are consciously weaving energetic patterns into the great Web of Life as more and more lines light up with the interaction of aspects of self, connecting to other aspects of self, as part of the Wholeness of Creation.


Eliza Ayres

©Copyright 2012-15, All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com


11 thoughts on “Eliza: On Embracing Change

  1. Dear Eliza, thankyou for the honesty and heart displayed in these pages. I would ask if you could help me with a question about dissolving soul contracts, this has been on my mind lately, I see you have released your self from yours and I was wondering how I would go about doing the same for me, what I need to do to achieve this. Thankyou. Stuart.

  2. Eliza so happy to still have you among us! Your post is the best thing n you are so right in the observation n making a difference being incarnate! Observing n detachment is a very difficult act but powerful to oneself! May I ask what changed in you not leaving ? Yes! I believe it is the best path , was there one thing that guided you to stay? Billie . Thank you for this great blog!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • My love of this planet and its people compelled me to stay. And this decision has given my higher self an unlooked for opportunity to share at a human level deep insights into the blessing of being “HUman”. Love. Simply love.

    • Sorry about that, Marjo. I was going through a huge transition that just required some pruning of what has gone on before and some withdrawal to determine what would be my new direction. That is emerging now. Much love, Eliza

  3. Here it is your restart!!!!!!
    “Since I have broken free of my former karmic ties, I am under no further obligation to “save” anyone, including myself from whatever experiences or awareness may enter into my life from hereon. I am free to observe these events from a point of complete or nearly complete neutrality, allowing the people around me to experience life as their own soul dictates, without my need to save them or to correct them.”


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