Eliza: On Embracing Your Humanity

April Clouds

Eliza: On Embracing Your Humanity

Yesterday as I strode into my workplace through the foggy blackness of early morning, a thought occurred to me, “If I didn’t walk-in to this world, then I will not be walking out.”

Most everyone assumes that they arrive into this world the regular way, by being birthed and having two physical parents. Last April, I was told that I was a walk-in soul, who entered into a pre-existing vessel, after the original occupant left it vacant.  Yesterday, I took the time to check within and intuitively came up with my own answer.  I was born into this world, as a babe within my mother’s belly… my poor suffering mother, who was alone while her husband was off serving during the Korean Affair.

Yet, for a time I took the two people who assured me that I had walked in rather than being born here at their word, not questioning or listening to how this information resonated with me. Actually that’s not quite true, as I was always troubled by the concept that I wasn’t a part of my physical family. And this uneasiness has existed within me for some months, finally bursting forth last month in a sense of despair and depression. My heart was unsure of what I was being told, what was apparently being expected of me… what these other people actually believed would take place for themselves as well as me.

Even though I didn’t feel very much at home on this planet due to its low frequencies, there was always something here that caught my heart. A part of me wanted to linger here despite the enticement of going “home” to someplace of which I had no memory.

Still, the fantasy of having the opportunity to return to a life elsewhere was compelling and so I went along with the dream for months.

Mountain Mists

Periodically a streak of rebellion would emerge and then dissipate as my “friend” would talk me out of it. This bipolar experience went on for months until the date of my “ascension”. On that day, I sunk into a deep meditative mode and “wrote” the story of “my” ascension ceremony. I have retained a post about the ceremony on this blog to commemorate the occasion, despite the fact that I no longer resonate with the fact that “I” went through it.

I understand that we exist on many levels of being, as multidimensional facets or fractals of Creator. As such, I probably do have a life as a being of the sixth dimension. However, I do not have any memories of this existence myself, just what I’ve read or been told.

I know that when we enter into incarnation our awareness of the other aspects of self is blocked by Veil created by the crystalline grid of the planet. Most of us only know and feel any connection to the one life that we appear to be experiencing. For a time, I was granted the opportunity to feel a part of another life, to which I thought I would be returning.

Life is not a movie and so the next morning you wake up from the dream. The day after my “ascension” ceremony, I woke up feeling like nothing had happened. The next two months were spent in a roller coaster fashion, at once surrendering to the “walk-out” process that I was supposed to be undergoing and then coming briefly to my senses and realizing that it was not happening, at least for me.

When New Year’s Day dawned, I was beginning to go through another bout of anger and depression related to this internal dilemma that I was facing. Would I turn away from all that I had so openly accepted as being truth? Could I face myself for being a fool? What was the lesson in all that I had gone through during the past eight months?


An internet friend “sat” down with me and assisted me with her healing energies so I could break out of my funk and come to some clarity about what to do next. Within two days, I wrote my piece refuting all that I had gone through during the past year, declaring that I no longer cared whether or not I was “walking” out.

After two weeks to gain more perspective and to allow me time to read the energies surrounding this bit of experience, I’m now prepared to go a step or two further and completely repudiate the fact that I was or ever will be walking out of this embodiment.

Perhaps some of my newer readers are not understanding what I am discussing when talking about walking in and out?

Well, the concept is actually not a new one. There are times when a soul just can’t handle life and begins to think of ways to “leave”. Usually the departure occurs during a bout of serious illness, an accident where there is a loss of consciousness or perhaps even a death after which the patient suddenly regains consciousness but is no longer the same person.

While the original occupant of the body is leaving, a new soul enters and begins life, taking up where the other person left off and sometimes abruptly changing circumstances, leaving relationships / marriages, jobs, locations, belongings, to follow a new way of living.

Before the “switch” takes place, there is usually a soul-level contract made, as the volunteer soul who is walking in and the one walking out agree to certain conditions, one being that the former will continue to work on balancing the karmic lifetime allowance for the departing soul, including genetic karma.

This was supposed to be happening to me, except instead of “dying” or becoming “ill” or attempting suicide, my soul essence would simply leave and another volunteer soul enter and take over the reins.

It was actually quite amazing to see how some people accepted this story. Many were sad to hear that I was leaving but sweetly bid me good fortune in my new “life”. Others had questions. People always do when they don’t understand something from a linear point of view.

Folks, I’m no authority on anything but my own life and even there I make plenty of “mistakes”, sometimes failing to learn from lessons previously experienced.


This one was similar to being a member of the Church Universal and Triumphant. The only difference was now I was the one spotlighted, not a member of the Messenger’s family. Suddenly I had an importance that I had never felt in my humble life here. It didn’t matter that most people here had never heard of me. I was an important personage elsewhere. And for a time, I lived with that dream, until I woke up.

Now being quite present and accounted for, I am determined to make it very clear to my readers, that while I may and probably do have many other aspects of my multidimensionality existing on other planes, dimensions and timelines, I am here… and will be here for the duration that Spirit allows me to remain in embodiment.

During the past two weeks, I engaged a purging process of my blog of all or at least most references to the walk-out process that I was supposed to engaging in during this time frame. In the process, I’ve purged a great deal of the information shared about other worlds. I did this as I… “me” as Eliza had no conscious experience with these other worlds. I can only go on what I am experiencing in the moment, whether through feelings, visions or whatever.

I have shown that I have an ability to “look” into another place and time, as I did on the occasion of my ascension ceremony… which I now view as the ascension of an aspect of my Higher Self. Higher Self in this instance includes all aspects of Self that exist in dimensions and worlds that vibrate at a higher frequency than the one on which I now find myself.

I do have a connection with the particular aspect called “Lady Tazjima”, who wishes to be addressed as “Amariah”. Other aspects, as named or nameless ascended and angelic beings, have also communicated with me during the past couple of weeks. I told most of them that I wasn’t interested in channeling right now, at least until I got myself clear on where I stood with all of this. It is my present desire to come from a place of great purity and integrity and to get there, I needed to purge my thoughts of what came before. My clean-up project on this blog is a reflection of that process.

Remember, folks, this is MY blog and my journey that I am sharing here. I felt uncomfortable with some of the material shared in the past, so it is gone, deleted, although I, of course, retain the stories and information and could reconstruct some of the material if I felt, sometime in the future, that it would be for my highest good to do so. Right now I am NOT in that frame of mind, so the material was deleted into the ethers. This is a time when we need to be willing to let go of those things that we do not resonate or no longer serve their original purpose. Some people can do this more easily than others. I’ve done it before and will do it again if the need arises. Be forewarned. If this honesty makes you uncomfortable, look to yourself for the source of uneasiness and respond accordingly, seeking that which is for YOUR highest good, which may not include further reading of this material.


As the readers who have followed this blog for over two years are aware, I strive for honesty and integrity and so now I wish to apologize to those who were taken in by a dream that doesn’t exist in quite the way I imagined it.

And yet… our world is changing because we are here. Perhaps someday, my dream will manifest upon this planet. And now, we need to prepare ourselves to accept those changes, for as the light displaces the dark, our world will reflect the change in our outer lives.

Today, I was reading a portion of Book 13 of Kryon’s work. In it he was speaking of how the crystalline grid of the planet is affected by just our presence here. In bringing our light into this world, we are changing the balance of light and dark. Light is overtaking the dark, because we are here. I am a starseed like millions of others who answered the call of Gaia and came here to bring into being a new opportunity for the expansion of consciousness of this planet and its collective humanity.

As we individually expand our consciousness and reopen to the awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, our light begins to grow correspondingly. And as our light expands, the dark is displaced. By being the lighthouses that we are meant to be, we affect the world around us and the future of our children and generations to come. As the crystalline grid takes on the new resonance which is emitted by all of humanity, everything changes, including ourselves. It is only those who are in resistance to change that experience difficulties.

It is not easy functioning in a human body, but it is truly a blessing to serve here with other light workers and starseeds, to experience the rapid unfolding of a new energy upon this beautiful planet.

It is important to quiet your mind and listen within. When you don’t you may be dragged hither and yon, far from your own path and onto that of another person or group. Question EVERYTHING that you see, read, listen to, observe and go within to sort things out.

I didn’t listen to myself for a long time last year and suffered physically because of it. Fortunately, I have a strong constitution and will and was granted the time to come back into alignment with my own feelings. I’m not asking anyone to completely drop their own life and follow my footsteps. I wouldn’t ask that of anyone, yet I was asked to do that by another. And now I have had to let go of that relationship entirely, with some regret, but also with the realization that it is for my greatest good that I do this.

November Siloette

There will be those who appear to be authorities over every idea imaginable, but still question what you hear. Does the information resonate with you? Are you able to divorce from the desires of your ego and go to a place of quiet… and still feel in resonance with the material? Or are you capitulating to the wishes, desires and dreams of another? Are you acting like a myna bird, repeating senseless information just because something else told you that it is truth? Are you following a path that was set out for you by another? Why, dear human, when you have will, love and power to embody the fullness of YOUR higher aspects here and now?

Wishes, desires and dreams are good things to draw your intent and focus into a certain direction, just make sure that they are YOURS and not someone else’s.

I am in the process of re-dedicating myself in embracing my humanity, that which I share with all other humans no matter where they live upon this globe. This planet has been my Mother for many lifetimes and this one is no different. I have spent many wonderful hours slogging over rough hiking paths and taking in the glories of the wild places of the West.   I understand the deep abiding love of the people who are closest to the earth feel for Her. I, too, have walked upon Her breast and breathed deeply of the sweet tangy odor of fresh leaves, wildflowers and sun-warmed earth. I rejoice that I have the opportunity to bring my light to this world, for the sake of all future generations.

I have not completed my thoughts on what I have recently encountered within my Self, but I’ll draw this article to a close with these thoughts…

I was born into this world and will remain here until my time is complete. When and how that might occur has not been shared with me at present. I am content to take each day and work with self as I let go the compulsion to judge others progress. I shall listen to myself before making decisions and acting upon them. In short, I will strive to act as observer before acting on impulse. I will take stock of my own feelings about anything that enters my life. And if my life joins that of another, we will learn to work together for the greatest good of each of us.

I am grateful to be here with all of you, those who have long been with me, some who have walked beside me on the trail and those I have yet to encounter, whether in this life or another.


Eliza Ayres


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23 thoughts on “Eliza: On Embracing Your Humanity

  1. Dear Eliza, it is indeed a blessing to be here on Gaia. All lightworkers, starseeds, lightbearers working together and in our unique way to assist, uplift and create the new earth, the new human. I am excited at the new human possibilities, potential and i intend to be here for a long time…i want to be a part of the new creation and i am delighted to know you are too.
    lots of love

    • Thanks, Charlie! I know that sometimes what I write about meets mixed reviews, but that’s what change is all about… finding the inner balance while observing the outer and making adjustments accordingly. Love, Eliza

  2. Eliza, I honor your courage and integrity in sharing your journey so openly and honestly with us all. I have followed your postings with keen interest. I was in a situation years ago with a powerful and beloved Teacher who kept telling me that the human that I am could not evolve higher in consciousness and that I was to walk out so that the Higher Self could come in and take over. I tried so hard to believe her, but in the end, it never felt true or right within me, so, with a lot of inner pain and struggle, I finally chose to leave her. That, and other such experiences, resulted in a deep inner commitment to follow what I know and hear within, but that is often not an easy journey. Thank you for continuing to share yours. Blessings, Gigi

    • Gigi, your dilemma and experience sounds much the same as mine. There was a constant pressure to measure up to the expectations of others and if I didn’t somehow I was a failure. Pardon my Anglo-Saxon, but that is pure B.S. We ARE part of God. We carry the God flame within our bodies. During ascension or rather decension, the H.S. MELDS with the “lower” self to create Wholeness. There is NO need to go anywhere. Glad to hear that you followed your inner feelings and left that sorry excuse for a teacher behind. You ARE a Master already… or you wouldn’t be here! Love, Eliza

  3. Dear Eliza,
    I admire you for baring your soul so publicly. You are one brave woman. I’m glad you’ll remain among us for years to come!
    I also appreciate you wonderful photos!

    • I plan to be, Akankha! Yes… baring my soul and inner workings. You know, once you go there, you get over being shy forever, at least on paper. In person, I’m rather reserved, although I break out into silliness or dry humor when the occasion arises. And I can talk and talk about things that I love… like wildflowers, hiking, painting and metaphysics… Much love, Eliza

      • I’m like you in those ways, too! thanks for answering.
        I can identify a little about your prison job. I used to be a psychiatric nurse before I started a bookstore, decades ago, with metaphysics being my favorite section.

      • Quite a change… psych nurse to bookstore owner! I feel you moved in the right direction for your own inner growth. I love bookstores. And art stores! Eliza

      • Having also been an amateur photographer, I appreciate your photos. An art teacher told me once, “Stick to your photography!” Altho I can’t do it, I appreciate art, and look forward to seeing more of yours.

      • Good photography takes a good sense of composition and color, as well (or tones in the case of B & W). It’s an art form, too. I will be doing more artwork now since I’m sticking around! Much love and appreciation to you and my other readers. Eliza

  4. Beautiful post, as always. As for walk-ins, I know that walk-in experiences where one soul wants to leave and allows another soul to walk-in actually happen, but there is something similar that might be interpreted by a reader as being a full walk-in experience when it is not.

    When we are ready, more evolved levels of our soul can anchor in the body and drastically change the way we once were. I have had that happen to me on several occasions in my life and the ‘me’ that emerged from those experiences was much different and had a more expanded point of view than the ‘me’ that I was just a few days before.

    Sometimes after one of these experiences, I would look in the mirror and almost not recognize myself. It was a bit disorienting at times.

    Actually, as I wrote this, I just realized that I have been going through one of those walk-ins of a higher level of Self into my human self over the past week, and I am emerging a very different person – even though I look much the same on the surface.

    The word epiphany comes to mind and maybe that describes it. When it comes to ‘readings’ the challenge is always in the interpretation. I am still having ‘aha’ moments about things I was told in readings and seen in dreams that took place years ago. It seems that I had to have certain life experiences play out before I could understand the meanings.

    Anyway, just my intuitive feelings on the subject and how my own experiences seem to validate what I am writing.

    Love to you and your newly found Self – wherever it is Sourced from.

    Blessings, Love Light & Angel Hugs… ShaunieL

    • Wonderful sharing. Thank you, Shauniel. Yes, I do “feel” different. More whole, stronger and yet flexible… accepting, gentle and observing. It is rather freeing. Much love, Eliza

  5. How wonderfully honest, refreshing and thought provoking but your writing has always been that way – thank you – you are very talented and much appreciated xxx

    • Susan, we are all something or someone elsewhere, but for now our focus is on the here and now. Many blessings upon your journey, dear one. Eliza

  6. I do admire your courage and openness,Eliza!I just wanted to share that listening to “The lie of ascension” by Story Waters had the same effect for me back in 2012.Since then I’ve embraced my humanity as never before and changed my perceptions on spirituality!Blessings on your path!

  7. “It was actually quite amazing to see how some people accepted this story. Many were sad to hear that I was leaving but sweetly bid me good fortune in my new “life”. Others had questions. People always do when they don’t understand something from a linear point of view.”

    And others supported you with love, because you were going through this change, And we understood you were creating it. And you didn’t ask for our help, but we prayed for your success in all that you lived and now will live!!
    You have abundant courage and love.
    Thank you for letting your feelings shine here!!! ❤

    Blessing dear Eliza

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