Eliza: Revelations for a New Year


Eliza: Revelations for a New Year

Editor’s notes:  This is an interesting piece, which displays the inner emotional turmoil suffered by one who had been told that she had ‘ascended’ but who was still conscious of being very present on Earth.  As it was, Eliza, the Earth walk-in fragment of Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe Dino… had ascended, but she didn’t fully arrive at that realization for another two and a half years.  I will let Eliza speak in her own words as she attempts to convince herself that she is going to remain on Earth until the end of her incarnation to complete whatever ‘mission’ she had yet to accomplish:

With the transition from one year to another complete, I found within myself the courage to break free from a degree of separation into which I had “fallen” most profoundly last year.

This morning I had a revelation regarding the ancient hermetic maxim, “As Above, So Below”. What many people do not consider is the next portion of the quote, “As Within, So Without”. And that latter portion was extremely revealing to me.

Yesterday, I listened through a piece by Story Waters, entitled, “The Lie of Ascension.” For many within the ranks of “light workers” and the followers of the New Age philosophy, this would appear to be anathema. This powerful piece, which can be listened to more than once, reminded me of my hermetic background. And hence today, I began to see parallels in the expression of the past lives that I have shared with you here on this blog. It was all staring me in the face, yet I could not see, because I was so desperate to escape this world, to escape through walking out and re-blending with my ascended higher self.

Even before I came to this realization, I began to purge this journal of all references to the ascension of my higher self, Lady Tazjima, to the 7th dimension as a Lady of Light. During the past couple of months, I have begun to seriously question what this ceremony meant to me, and have come to the conclusion… not much. And as another aspect of Self, the Lady exists elsewhere. We are one, although our expression of self is very different. She is not better or higher than me. She is merely another aspect of self. I am here for the duration, however long that might be, until I am somewhere else.


Story Waters expands on the concept of ascension as being a desire to escape physicality, because our life here feels restrictive. And he gave the key to freeing ourselves, simply by acknowledging that we are in this life because we CHOSE to be here. By rejecting our own creatorship, we are rejecting Self, the wholeness of our Being.

We are here to live Life. Yes, being in a physical body is restrictive. Yes, you cannot change your world instantaneously or can you?

Story pointed out that you can change your world, by simply changing how you look upon it, how you look upon self, how you look upon everything that you find within your world.

You are the lock and the key. Your prison is what you have created through your efforts to free yourself. Struggle hard and the prison walls grow stronger. Relax and allow yourself to flow in acceptance of what you find and the walls collapse, the door springs open and you walk forth.

The truth is that we all exist as multidimensional beings. Some portion of self exists as the rock of the planet upon which we walk. Some portion of self-enlivens the dolphin swimming in the sea. Some portion of self walks as a Tudor advisor to the Queen of England. Some portion of self has her home upon a Pleiadian Isle. Another portion of self is an ascended master of Sirius. Still other portions of your wholeness exist in everything that you see around you.

Every ascended master, every person that you meet on the bus, every fish in the sea, every bird in the sky is not only your brother or sister, it / they are a part of the wholeness of Self. Each being, each vibrational pattern that holds physicality together is a part of God, of Source, and is a reflection of the Wholeness of Life.

So… escaping to some other dimension is not the answer as you can never escape self; you are everywhere.


As Above, So Below.

The ascended masters and angelic beings who do work with us, mostly during our sleep period, do not see themselves as above us.   They know that as we are aspects of them, they are also aspects of us, just living in another dimension, timeline or place. Yet the fabric of the universal energetic creation of the universe binds us together in ways that our human egoic mind cannot yet comprehend.

As Within, So Without.

Our outer world is a reflection of how we view ourselves. That last sentence may seem brutal to some, but there will be those who understand by feeling the truth of this statement within their hearts. If you cannot yet accept these words, do not feel dismayed. Understanding will arrive in the exact timing that is right for you.

Our world is changing. We are changing. In time, our outer world will reflect the inner changes, but to the chagrin of many, the physical realm changes at a much slower pace than the realms of light where our “higher” aspects exist. So a sense of frustration, even anger begins to emerge, to be directed either at self or projected upon another, usually someone who is part of our daily life, and sometimes an undefined “they / them” who are become our chosen “enemies”.

The only one who has the ability to change your world is yourself. You are the creator of your world, therefore only you can find the key, open the lock and change your perception of self and the world around you. If you manage to change your perception, it does not mean that the change will instantly manifest in your daily life; it takes “time” for that is the way this level of existence works.

“Time” and “space” do not exist, yet we deal with these concepts daily and have been conditioned to accept them as reality especially in the third dimension where our focus has been until presently. The world as a whole is moving into the 4th Dimension, but life here is still physical and will be for some “time” as this is how we all chose to experience life here, as spiritual beings walking around in physical vehicles and the like.

We exist on all levels of being, but here we exist in the physical realm by taking on a vehicle of perception that gives us the illusion that we are imprisoned, that we are suffering, that we are poor or rich, that we are somehow less than the rest of creation and so on.


It is all an illusion, a teaching vehicle, a story line in which we are the observer, the actor and the acted upon. We are all players on the stage of life. How we play our parts determines our next role.

Death is not an escape. Ascension is not an escape. We have forgotten that we WANTED to come here to live and play within physicality, to experience the world slowed down so we could learn our lessons, master them and move on to others. We are here as a part of Source learning about our Self, experiencing the very edges of creation.

And we have forgotten that we carry within ourselves everything that we need. We are the key to our own lives. We can free ourselves from an imaginary prison, but first we need to love ourselves and to love everything that we see around us.

Your life can be rich even if you are poor. Your life can be a misery, a dry desert, even if you are the richest man or woman on the planet. It is all within your conception, your discernment and resonance with what is around you that you create your prison or discover that you are free, that you have always been free wherever and whenever you have found yourself. It is simply a matter of perception.

There is no place to escape to… no person that you have to become like… you do not have to emulate any great master. You are a part of Source and as such, you carry all that you need within your own heart and mind. You have access to the secrets of the Universe… if you let go of preconceptions, beliefs and conditioning that are designed to prevent you from looking within, from connecting with those others parts of Self that are all around you, both seen and unseen.

Accept that you are here to enjoy life, however you might find it. There is always something to enjoy, to celebrate. Start simple by loving yourself. Accepting yourself. Being yourself, without thinking that you need to be like another. You are beautiful and whole within. Release your fears and you will begin to feel and sense this truth in your own heart.

Looking through some of my “past” lifetimes, I realize that prisons, imprisonment and the desire for “freedom” have been reoccurring themes for me, for this focus. As the marquis, I spent five years in prison and most of my adult life restricted by authority from being actively involved in the political life of my country. As the Indian chief, I spent years with my people imprisoned with part of the remnant of my people far away from my homeland. I was never allowed to return to the valley of winding waters and died in a reservation far to the north, from a broken heart.

In this lifetime I have graduated to working in a prison rather than being imprisoned… so I guess I have made some headway! And yet, even working in a prison can feel like you are in prison, a pawn within an unfeeling contradictory system, if you let yourself go there. Or it can be a rich experience of encountering people that I would not otherwise encounter in daily life and observing their lives and the results of decisions which they have made.

It is not a matter of judgment that I approach this understanding, either of myself or of others. I have been in prison myself and know how it feels to realize that you were imprisoned unjustly or by a system that you did not understand. It is through reaching this understanding and letting go of all judgment that you free yourself, even if the walls and bars are still around your physical body. You are free or you are in prison, one of your own making. It is a choice, a choice of perception.

Imnaha Country

You can step free at any time by perceiving that you are already free, you are already whole, that there is no striving to be done. You can rest within your own heart and feel the Light of your divinity shining there, even if you stand within the bleakest prison. We have seen men do just this within this century and the last… in the personages of Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. These men demonstrated to all of us that one is always free even when bearing chains. Never did these men allow themselves to believe that they were in any sense lesser beings than those who chose to imprison them. Who was the prisoner? And who was the jail keeper? Who was a prisoner of their own fears, prejudice and reactionary responses to change? No one is the judge here, but I hope you can see for yourself the truth that these two extraordinary men exemplified for all of us.

You can choose to be a victim of your own creation or you can accept that you created it… and that by in changing your perception of it, you can step free of that same prison. No walls can hold your spirit. You can soar with wings of imagination, free as a bird uncaged.

And as you come into alignment with self, your world will change, because your perception of it has changed. Everything that comes into your life will be a gift, an opportunity to learn, to enjoy, to perceive the connection of all life… to see the beauty and richness that exists all around you within this physical realm of being.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our vibration has been stepped down, on purpose, by intent, so that we might work through the problems that we have set before ourselves. And once we view the “problems” as opportunities for experience, they no longer affect us in a negative manner.

To attempt to escape this life, whether through suicide, death or ascension, is to admit that you made a mistake in coming here; that your choice in being here is somehow a judgment or a punishment and that to be elsewhere is preferred, is somehow better. It is a profound rejection of self. Until you can come to accept your presence here as a gift, you will continue to experience life as a struggle… as a prison and will find yourself waking up, yet again, and discovering to your awe or horror, “I’m here, again!”

It is a judgment of self that CHOSE to come here for a purpose, to enter the wheel of reincarnation which allows the perfection of the perception of self. You are given an opportunity to work on individual lessons and focus on the manifestation and use of selected gifts during each incarnation. Once mastered, you go on to another lesson and then another. And when you are done with this plane of existence, you pass onto another for new lessons and experiences. Death is a doorway through which all pass, whether or not they are ready to… but one that is not an ending, but a beginning.

The desire to escape stems from a profound hatred of self. However, you will return to what you were before you “left” just like the character in the movie, “Groundhog Day”.

People have noticed that “time” has seemed to have sped up. As time is an illusion and does not actually exist, it is more accurate to say that the vibrational patterns of this world have sped up. What once took lifetimes to accomplish can be done in months, days, hours… given an open mind and heart to be able to perceive the illusion of the prison walls that surround you.

Allow whatever is to come into your world without judgment, without a desire to destroy or escape it… for in so doing whether through destruction or seeking to escape, you merely recreate the lesson, again and again, until it is complete.

You are here, as a focus for Source, to experience the physical realm. This is not a punishment or a judgment upon you as a human being. It is merely experience, yet it is up to you what you will do with this opportunity. Will you sulk? Will you grow old angry and frustrated? Or will you enjoy the richness of life and take it all in, handful after handful, in all its diverse lushness and diversity? It is your choice.


I have chosen to be content that I am here. I am enjoying the simplicity of my life and the opportunities that present themselves to me each day, whether to go here or there, to do this or that or to simply relax and enjoy my surroundings and observe my fellow creatures without judgment. I see that I have the opportunity to explore further the underlying connections that exist between all lifeforms and between ourselves and our world… even to the utmost edges of the known Universe and beyond. And I have chosen to accept my multidimensionality and the experience of that portion of self as not “higher” or “better”, simply there. I do not feel within the need to escape this world. I am pleased to be here, to continue to expand my perceptions, my understandings and to align with the spirit that moves within as I chose to in the moment.

I do not need to follow any master, read any book, do any meditation, or to ascribe to any diet plan… to be a “better” person. I am what I am, here and now, beautiful in my beingness, accepting of what is within my life and free to make the choice to expand or contract my perceptions as I see fit. I am learning, expanding and coming into a profound acceptance of self and it feels good to me. I am truly blessed to be able to feel and to serve and walk in this earth plane with you all.


Eliza Ayres

P.S.  Eliza was undergoing the potent emotional impact of experiencing the tenacious hold upon the soul of the body consciousness.  With her ascension into the Light in October 2014, a goodly portion of her soul consciousness did reblend with her Higher Self — Amariah, that portion of her Pleiadian self who had remained at Home in 6D — approximately 85-90%.  The 10-15% left was that which could not ascend into the high frequency worlds, an amalgamation of unqualified emotional thoughtforms and unresolved trauma.  She was rightfully confused to still be experiencing life here on Earth like nothing had happened.  In her understandable grief, denial, and anger, she let go of most of her writings that referred to her being the soul extension of a Pleiadian woman.  It wasn’t until Eliza relocated to Florida after her retirement and met with her ‘sister’ RaNia (another walk-in) that she finally and fully left in 2017, leaving Sundeelia as the sole occupant of their shared body vehicle.  Between her ascension date and her final departure, Taz endeavored to clear as much of the unresolved trauma as she could.  She left successfully in April 2017, just days before her higher self was delivered of a new son.  Since then, I’ve been endeavoring to clear some of her remaining emotional trauma and that of my own stemming from the Sirian and Pleiadian portion of the Orion Wars.

Copyright ©  Eliza Ayres, All Rights Reserved, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

23 thoughts on “Eliza: Revelations for a New Year

  1. I loved this as well. . to breathe into each moment and allow ourselves to BE who we are, here and now, is beautiful in its simplicity. Thank you Eliza ❤

  2. Thank you, Eliza for your integrity and for sharing your growth with us. I’m glad you’ll be around for a while longer! Happy New Year – You’ve started it in a great way!

    Much love,

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  4. Welcome to Being Here, Eliza…..’here’ in my world! Yes, I/we are here to Experience Here….
    Big Hugs, sis-star…………Su

  5. “I am truly blessed to be able to feel and to serve and walk in this earth plane with you all.”
    So we are together on the same path. feeling and experiencing life Joyfully!!!
    Blessing Eliza…….

  6. Dear Eliza,

    I have followed your journey for a long time, and I respected your decision to leave as I now respect your decision to stay. And that, is my point. As you decided, Lady T. is no “better” than Eliza. I hope you may view Eliza as no better than she. Gaia is still a planet of free choice, where every choice is merely an experience to hold without judgment. Some know when they are complete here, for whatever reasons.

    Your message is very well supported through your many experiences, and beautifully written. While I may agree with you that life here is a gift to behold, and ours to create, we still have the choice whether to play this game or some other one, “elsewhere. ” If we choose to stay and jump timelines, or leave by suicide, or walking-out , does it really make any difference to our Creator? I think not. Everyone will evolve in his/her own way, through a multitude of methods, and be loved regardless of the choices we make – guaranteed. How delightful that you had the choice to change your mind!

    May you continue to explore your magnificent walk-in experience, and share with us, whatever comes your way. What now becomes of our dear Sundeelia?

    Many Blessings,

    • Carol – It would appear that Sundeelia went “Home”. This decision to “stay” must have come from within as I have no conscious memory of making it. I just didn’t feel “different” after the ascension ceremony for Lady Taz. No internal verifications… just what I was getting from outside sources. In my journey, I want to be able to verify / resonate with what is given to me from ANY source, including ascended masters. I do feel that my Light Family is still around, although they are giving me some space to readjust. I don’t think I wanted to “leave” in the first place; I know it was a huge shock to me last spring, one of which I didn’t really get over until I recently let go of the entire concept of “walking out”. This has been quite a journey through last year and I’m glad it’s over with… I’m staying until I get word from within that it’s time to leave, probably through some other means. The “walking out” process is by no means perfected anyway. I think that there are probably quite a few “bugs” to deal with, including stubborn human / body consciousness that likes being here. And while I’m here, I am enjoying being “me”, doing what I love, writing and artwork, exploring the world, interacting with the residents here and enjoying a simple life. Blessings to all, Eliza

      • Eliza, for some reason, I was unaware that your heart was not in favor of the walk out. Please forgive my confusion, but as a reader and fellow seeker, I am left with many questions which I may or may not have the right to ask. If you feel so inspired, could you sometime summarize your year long experience, citing what you have learned, what the process meant to you, what if anything you might do differently, and anything else you feel of value. Yes, we are all explorers here, bumping into one another for understanding and meaning of our oneness. Thank you for being you, and having the courage, as always, to state your truth.

      • Carol, to put it succinctly, I had mixed feelings about the whole thing. If inspired, I may write about the experience of this past year, but want everything to settle a bit first. Thanks for the comments. Eliza

  7. wow. how beautiful! I feel the same! I can just be here and see things and learn to love everything as if it’s my dearest best friend. Which it is! haha —

    I appreciate all you’ve written here, my dear friend.

    I read once, in a Dan Millman book called The Life You Were Meant to Live, which is a numerology book I found very helpful and instructive, that some people “must learn their lessons in a courtroom,” or words to that effect. This was in the section applied to me, and I was working as a courtroom lawyer at the time! hahahahhahaa It was so true!!!!

    the same, in some ways, as working in a prison, perhaps.

    Like you, issues of Freedom and Liberty and personal sovereignty are big elements in my attention.

    We are One and we are Many and our world and our experience of our world is changing for the better.

    I see that my part is to love, love, love — love myself, and everyone and everything. Everything is my friend and my teacher. That makes it simple and easy to remember!

    Oh, and in the Explorer Race books, they talk about what we are — which is, dynamic transformer energies and also parts of the Creator

    — and what we’re doing — which is, resolving negative energy, erasing the negative past, and being the greatest, most resilient, problem-solving, transformer race the multiverses have ever seen!

    — and I love that narrative of who we are and what we’re doing!

    As you say, everything we need is all inside. As we remember ourselves, the answer to every question will appear within us.

    What fun this will be.

    All the love in the world and beyond to you, Dear friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. There is also great courage in writing about this, putting it all out here as you have with everything else! Also, this could well have been a greater energetic release. As others have written in the comments, I went through a very similar experience within the very same time frame. Remembering and releasing into the Divine was the catalyst for my own palpable shift. Thank you for being so open and willing to speak/write as you do…

  9. Dear Eliza, what you’ve written here encapsulates the realisations that I have come to over the past few months. The inner child in me who desperately wanted there to be some magical event or circumstance which would verify my strangely intense inner world and experience has been somewhat disappointed and the last few weeks have been adjusting to the reality that is what is and the understanding that wherever “I” am is home. Your honesty and integrity in sharing your experience have been highly beneficial for me. Thank you for your true, clear voice. Arohanui (big love). Dawn

    • I appreciate this, Dawn. Sometimes I feel like the Fool in Tarot… like I’m stepping out into mid-air when I write some of the things that I share. We are all explorers here… despite how we’ve been conditioned to see and react to things prior. I feel that moving past the beginning of the year and into spring will bring many more aha! moments to each of us. Love, Eliza

  10. Happy new Year 2015,

    Being a reader, I wonder why it is necessary to purge anything from your blog. It is all beautifully written from the heart and you never know what will resonate with a reader, spark a remembering or a releasing.

    Personally, I found the story of your ascension ceremony quite uplifting and a peek into how life is with other aspects of our spirit. We go through many initiations along the way as we refine into new levels of awareness and understanding.

    Just saying…

    Blessings… ShaunieL

  11. Well said, Eliza, thank you. It helped me when I realized that that I am here for Gaia, and when Gaia is ready to go into 5D, then so will we, not as escapees, but as conscious co-creators. And my thinking is that all Soul fragments, or past lives, come with us. And finally, I, too, have known myself to be the Court Jester and I’m for sure okay with that! Love, B.

  12. Dear Eliza, happy new year! thankyou for your courage to go on ahead and your generosity to come back and share your discovery with us. You are a true pioneer.
    Love Celia

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