Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

via Eliza Ayres

I AM Lord Adrigon. I greet you today from the deck of our mother ship, my personal vessel, The White Winds, which is stationed between Earth and Venus. When you look upon the Morning Star just before dawn, you will also be looking upon us.

Our Pleiadian fleet is stationed within and around your solar system until that time when your world will be set completely free from its ancient restraints, brought upon it by darkened souls from another Universe.

As part of our mission here, we train those who are starseed volunteers, who are willing to step down in their frequencies and enter the cycle of incarnation upon your world. In league with the etheric retreats that still exist within the auric field of your planet, we prepare these volunteers, guide them, mentor them, and heal them in between embodiments if need be.

Also, we serve as a way station for those souls who have served long upon this planet as volunteers, those whose soul contracts are now over. We prepare these souls to return to the frequency levels from which they first descended, now having won the opportunity to graduate through ascension due to their long service and achievements won through much struggle and toil in the lower frequencies.

There have been some among the new age followers and even among the Wayshowers themselves who doubt that those who are now ascending are worthy of such accolades. We say, in no uncertain terms, that they are worthy… and sometimes it takes great effort on OUR part to convince these gifted ones of their worthiness.

Due to many deep-seated and sometimes deliberate misunderstandings of the process of ascension, it is thought that those who are currently undergoing the process of walking out and being replaced by other souls, that these same ones are deserting their posts and missions, leaving them to others. It is not so, as we have called these ascending ones Home, reminding them that their time to serve on the planet’s service is now over. A contract is a contract and must be honored by those who agreed to it.

The soul contracts of those soul aspects who have served upon Earth which are now at an end, even extended beyond the original reckoning, can in some cases, be altered. However, it is the will of the Higher Selves of these who have served for their soul aspects to return, to re-blend into their original essence, so that their Higher Selves can, in turn, move onto degrees of higher service themselves.

Ascension is, simply put, simply a rise in frequency levels. One can ascend while physically present on the planet. One can ascend in frequency and remain there if one can retain the high vibrational energies at all times. It is possible to be on the planet and be in Samadhi simultaneously, but my dear ones, we who serve the evolutionary process of your planet and that of others, do not sit and meditate blissfully at all hours of the day and night. We work. We serve. We live our lives here on board this ship and others, far away from family and our loved ones, far away from our home planets, far away from our native towns and villages.

So it is for those who have sent a portion of their soul essence to Earth, to serve as an incarnating presence there, acting as a bridge between our dimension and your own. These brave soul aspects carry forth the higher essence of being and anchor it through their fleshy vessels into the earth beneath their feet. Due to their carrying this higher soul essence, they also suffer the pangs of separation from something that has been lost or forgotten.

For the ones who worked through the last evolutionary period, just being present upon the planet’s surface has been difficult. Given that many of these lighted ones have also received harsh reception from the people with which they found themselves, it has been a long and difficult struggle just to survive. Many of these lighted ones have died young, from disease or violent deaths at the hands of those who instinctively feared them since they were different.

Those starseed volunteers who have recently incarnated upon the planet are now in the process of gathering up the reins and taking positions as gatekeepers, ascension teachers, guides and mentors to those who are awakening, and as Wayshowers. Never forget that the ones who came before you, who will be leaving this planet in the coming months and years, have ably prepared the ground for your work to be done without the need to fear for your life. Your relative freedom has been won by those who have made tremendous sacrifices so that all humanity could eventually be freed from the artificial bonds and miscreations of your controllers.

Now it is the time for the second wave volunteers to instruct the waking waves of humanity in the truth of their world, to uncover the secrets of your societies and history, of your cultures, to reveal the many lies and acts of deception that have been perpetrated upon you.

The first wave volunteers kept the fires of freedom burning through the dark ages since the Fall of Man, and the descent of this planet into the third dimension. Now they have lifted the planet up to the point where the work can be undertaken by those who have incarnated with more conscious awareness of who they are and what their mission is that lies before them.

Our First Wave volunteers came in without knowledge of their spiritual lineage or where they had come through. Many still do not remember. The ones who do, but have turned away in denial or anger, have dropped down in frequency so as to not be eligible to ascend in this time period. Instead they will be relegated to the lower frequencies of this or another suitable planet until such time as they learn their lessons and are able to rise in frequency and reconnect with their Higher Selves.

This is not a judgment on our parts. The Higher Self of each soul aspect is the ultimate judge who determines the ripeness of the fruit, whether or not their aspect is prepared to return and rejoin its higher essence. And so, on the day of the last Solstice, when your sun appears to halt its progress across the skies for three days, 99 of the First Wave volunteers were taken through their graduation ceremony. Looking on were fond family members and proud mentors. There are thousands more First Wavers to process in the coming months and years, but not all are ready to return, and so their Higher Selves will wait.

Time in our dimension does not work in the same manner that it does upon Earth. We, who live and work in physical bodies, even though our higher essence is Angelic, we do not age and grow old in appearance like the bodies upon Earth. It is the lower density, the heavier, slower vibrations of your world, with its pollution and poisons that prematurely weakens and ages your bodies. As your world is cleansed and rises up in vibration, your bodies will respond as they are made up of the fabric of that same celestial body, your planet. Your children and grandchildren will have a much longer life expectancy than what is possible for most of you today.

Do not seek to judge those who are leaving through the process of ascension. Not all are here to remain and serve upon the surface. Many go Home to serve there in various ways. Some go home that they might rejoin with the soul essence of their Higher Selves, so children can be created for the future of their families.

While our people serve on board the Ships, they do not have children and most are unmarried. There comes a time when the crew members and some of the starseed volunteers chose to go home to take up a new and different life as a resident of their home planet or perhaps another one that appeals. Many find that they have changed much during their time of service in the Command (Pleiadian Outer Fleet Command) and wish to serve as teachers for their own people to acquaint them of the things that they have encountered during their service away.

Our people live long lives, but we do not live forever. This is another misunderstanding about life in higher dimensions that has been bandied about. When one reaches the higher dimensions, you can live without a body, solely in a light body… but without a physical body, it is also difficult to serve the people of lower dimensions. We chose to serve, so we wear bodies of flesh. True, they are much more refined than your own and appear ageless because we have designed them thus.

Some of those who rejoin their Higher Selves will choose to continue to serve from 5D on board the ships. Others will serve from the higher dimensions and seek to make connect with sensitive and receptive scribes and channels who are also starseeds, still incarnated upon the planet. There is also much work to be done with cleaning the atmosphere of the planet and preparing for the days when we are allowed, by Divine Will, to finally land upon the surface. The timing is not up to us.

Ascension is also about expanding your mental horizons, opening your heart so you can tune into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Some of you will not resonate with our words; that is the way of things. When frequency levels do not mesh, understanding will not come. If feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy or other lower frequency emotions waken within, then it is up to the individual reader to come into realignment, to quiet their emotional body and to come back to balance.

Wisdom and understanding cannot come if your heart is closed. Seek the place of calm within, through whatever means resonates with your personal taste and manner of living. The paths to Spirit are many and varied.

We have spoken of many things today. We trust that you endeavor to understand or allow yourself the space to disagree with what has been shared and to move on without need to criticize the scribe for her efforts herein. Translation through telepathy takes practice.

We are ever present to mentor, to advise and support those who seek ascension into the Light and to reconnect with their Higher Selves. Not all souls will be returning to the higher frequencies (6D and higher) once the planet fully ascends and the fifth dimensional energies anchor physically upon the surface. The higher bodies of the planet have already ascended into the lower frequencies of 5D, but it will take some time for the physical to manifest this new reality.

Meanwhile, endeavor to keep YOUR energies high so that you might successfully enter this New World. Leave aside all divisive thoughts and actions and endeavor to work together towards the full manifestation of Unity consciousness in the heart and mind of every soul who still lives and breathes upon your sweet planet. Release the need to contribute to the length of time in which it takes for the Fifth Dimension to fully manifest here by refraining from criticism and judgment of others. You only drop down in frequency yourself when you do these things.

We remain at our station near Venus. Call upon us if you are interested in coming aboard The White Winds sometime. We retain many compartments that are available for the use of guests and visitors.

We send you our blessings for the New Year which will begin within a few days hence. There will be many challenges to overcome, but those who live in the higher frequencies will find many of what have been formerly deemed barriers to be magically dissolved. Solutions will appear to solve problems that have been deemed unsolvable. Magic is in the air. Discover and share your own gifts, many which will come online for those who have long dedicated their lives to the cause of freedom and devotion to Source.


I AM Lord Adrigon, Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet, Lord of the Pleiades and humble servant of the Most High.

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com. Permission is NOT given to alter this piece from its original written form.

18 thoughts on “Lord Adrigon: On Ascension

  1. I believe I’m one of the second wavers and this post gave a good insight into our mission now after the First Wavers are completing their job on the Earth. Thank you all for making our jouney a bit easier. It is good to know that we don’t need to be afraid of our own lives here when being a wayshower and when saying things that can be controversial for the most. I’m still by myself trying to understand and trying to reconnect.

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  3. Lord Adrigon.
    Thank you for your explanation on many topics.
    Especially on the invite to visit the The White Winds.
    Most gracious of you.
    One question always comes to me, in listening about your everyday living.
    When my HS is completely connected as a whole, yin and yang parts blended.
    I find no desire in my heart now, to unite with the past, but wish only to expand the unconditional love of giving, liberating folks, (raise their vibrations) where ever I meet them.
    I wish you much success in the coming days.

    Thank you Eliza for your courage to continue!!!

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  6. Thank you Lord Adrigon for sharing this helpful and informative information. Often times I look up and see your fleet and smile, sending love. And thanking you for doing all that you do all for watching over all of us… 💗

    • Thank you dear friend. I felt so emotional when I was reading it. And I started to cry. I am so tired and so beating. .If anyone looking at my present life they would say “what is the problem? ” you have a healthy life, a home you own,good paying job and healthy pets! ” And how can I answered that what goes around inside of me? I am awakening now and I want to go home or remember me! I miss something that I cannot remember. Tears….

      • April… know that you are loved and have not been forgotten. You are beginning to re-member that you ARE connected to Home no matter where you are or what you do. ❤

  7. thank you. with each word i felt joy and the longing to not be seperated . 😊 any longer. 😊 i am experiencing my beautiful connections to my galactic family. 😊 x and living my purpose of the blue flame. 😊 love n light 😊. Katerina 💙

  8. What a wonderful uplifting message Lord Adrigon. I have much work to do, Love and Light to all working for our beautiful planet earth. Thank you ❤️

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