Eliza: On Being a Spiritual Warrior

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Eliza: On Being a Spiritual Warrior

“The path of the spiritual warrior is not soft and sweet. It is not artificially blissful and pretend forgiving. It is not fearful of divisiveness. It is not afraid of its own shadow. It is not afraid of losing popularity when it speaks its truth. It will not beat around the bush where directness is essential. It has no regard for vested interests that cause suffering. It is benevolent and it is fiery and it is cuttingly honest in its efforts to liberate itself and humanity from the egoic ties that bind. Shunning strong opinions in the name of spirituality is anti-spiritual. Real spirituality is a quest for truth, in all its forms. Sometimes we find truth on the meditation cushion and sometimes we find it at the heart of just conflict. May all spiritual warriors rise into fullness; this planet is lost without them.” Jeff Brown

It’s the day after Christmas and while I was scrolling down my timeline on Facebook, these words of Jeff Brown caught my eye.

You see, I did not celebrate Christmas yesterday with family and friends… other than a couple of connections made electronically – not quite the same thing as what I grew up experiencing with our large extended family get-togethers, but my life has changed.

I did not purchase gifts, for myself or any other person. I did not put up decorations or play Christmas music. I did not even plan and cook a little Christmas feast for myself. I did have a nice dinner, but it wasn’t planned or traditional.

And I don’t feel at all guilty or Scrooge-like in my non-participation in the cultural mores and expectations that have evolved around “Christmas”. Instead, I spent the day learning more about aspects of self and having an assortment of relationships revealed to me by simply watching an odd assortment of documentaries and movies. I relish the time spent alone, especially now as at some time in the future, my life will be completely transformed.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that I have been consciously working through the karmic or balancing effects of several powerful incarnations, which are still having repercussions and effects upon this present lifetime as I draw together various soul fragments and prepare to “return” to my true Home.

Yesterday, I watched a few documentaries on the discoveries made about Richard III and the discovery of his skeleton, long thought lost to the world until found buried unceremoniously under a car park in Leicester, England. How he came to be buried there and why an anointed king was treated in such an ignominious fashion speaks more of his detractors and betrayers than of the man himself. The Lancastrian faction was determined to bury the evidence that their chosen leader, Henry Tudor, was in fact the true usurper. Instead, Richard was re-created in the image of a living devil, one who chose to murder cousin, brother and nephews all for the sake of obtaining the throne for himself.

There are those in Britain who are out to clear the name of Richard Plantagenet and I am most thankful for the presence of these truly dedicated souls, who are willing to investigate beyond the assumptions and accusations that have been thrown in Richard’s direction for over 500 years. For one, Richard did not usurp the throne of his nephew, Edward. He was offered by petition the kingship of England by a group of London citizens and nobles, after a court decreed that the sons of Edward IV, his elder brother, by Elizabeth Woodville, were illegitimate. This decree pronounced the young king, Edward V and his brother, Richard (the younger) as being a bastard and therefore, by English common law, NOT eligible for the throne. Richard, as his elder brother’s sole surviving sibling AND a proven warrior and administrator, was the logical choice at the time.

Mountain Mists

It is relatively simple for someone with a mind and heart clear of the prejudices that existed 500 years ago to read through the obfuscations and fabrications created by the Tudor regime to establish some kind of legitimacy for their possession of the throne. And they managed to do it through fear, compulsion and the perpetuation of lies and calumny directed against Richard, as the last legitimate king of England.

It is ironic that all the kings and queens of England since the time of Richard have descended from Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, Richard’s brother. You see, Elizabeth of York was also the child of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville and so considered as illegitimate as her brothers before the death of Richard on the Field of Bosworth. However, after the battle, somehow the question of Elizabeth’s legitimacy never arose. She was married to Henry Tudor, thus cementing the bonds between the two opposing houses of Lancaster and York and effectively ending the conflict which much later was romantically dubbed, “The War of the Roses.” Anyone with a bit of sense, would understand that all the royals of England, Scotland, Wales, et al, have descended from a patently and doubly bastard line, as the line from which Henry Tudor descended was also a bastard line.

Make no mistake, I have great admiration for at least one of the Tudors, Elizabeth I, and served as an advisor and sometimes astrologer for the Queen in the person of John Dee, the alchemist and mathematician.

When I found out that I had been John Dee, it was somewhat perplexing and revealing. I have not been interested much in astrology this time around. For years, I resisted channeling and writing although the desire to write and communicate was very strong. I didn’t do well with mathematics, either, being put off by the manner it was being utilized as not being of a practical nature. Yet I have a gift of seership and now channel frequently and communicate with “spirits” on a daily basis. While this kind of activity would have led to my death by fire some 500 years ago – John Dee was accused of performing “magic” in his own time – the time of the Inquisition is, thankfully, long past.

John Dee taught many Englishmen the mathematical basis of navigation and encouraged Elizabeth I to send explorers out onto the oceans of the world. Men such as the courageous and notorious Sir Francis Drake effectively brought an insular island nation into newly fledged empire-building mode. Master John Dee was, in fact, an early proponent of empire, something that is appalling to me today, given that I, myself, have suffered through some of the effects of the “white man’s” sense of entitlement when it came to seizing lands and resources from various indigenous populations and willfully destroying whole environments out of pure greed and spite. The so-called “backward” wild tribes of the West exercised more mortality in their chosen manner of living than all the opportunistic seekers of fortunes did who drove the natives off their sacred and beloved lands. The process of destruction unleased upon the New World continues and has spread across the planet… yet, healing will occur eventually when the hearts of men re-open and embrace all life upon this planet as being sacred.

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

The rulers of the various European nations and nation-states at the time were in need of funds. England was no different than other countries struggling to recover from the effects of war, over-spending, famine and plagues. Our own time period somewhat reflects the times of the early Tudors, as history does tend to repeat itself, in a cyclical manner… which can be predicted if carefully observed.

Observing from afar, the life of John Dee, I see that much of his activities were inspired by the Spirit of St. Germain. Dr. Dee actually mentored Francis Bacon, who is reputed to have been one of the many incarnations of this magnificent soul. Even today, the names of these two men are linked as founders of the Rosicrucian Society. And curiously enough, I once joined a branch of the Rosicrucians only to drop out of it after being dismayed at the intense secrecy that was demanded of its membership. It is time for all secrets to be revealed before God and man that all men are freed from the bonds that have held them imprisoned by fear, prejudice and lies for millennia.

Some, if not all of the Mystery Schools have been infiltrated by dark forces and manipulated to create different levels of non-correspondence so all members have no idea who is really in charge. Even much of the material presented by the so-called new age philosophers and writers is a rehash of the old paradigm, coated in pink sugar and fluffed up for consumption by spiritual “seekers” who are actively seeking for someone “out there” to “save” them. All the lovey dovey messages encourage the seeker to remain passive and to allow the energies of others to carry them along.

Personally, I have found that it takes at least a certain amount of personal endeavor to work through ancient karma, to balance the light and dark halves of one’s essence, to bring into balance the duality that we have endured being present here in a lower frequency world.

Ascension is a personal process that emerges through active spiritual “work”. This work can take the shape of meditation, creative endeavors such as writing, artwork, music, poetry, building… anything to move the energies of creation through the physical body. If you are just sitting there reading positive messages all day, you’re not doing “the great work”.  You need to work on the dark portion of your nature as well to truly arrive at a sense of balance and a sense of perspective on human nature that is goes beyond platitudes and conditioned responses.

Now, admittedly joy and humor enter into the picture, because one cannot spend their day glumly reviewing old patterns or in self-castigation. I have learned through experience that a dose of laughter is a great medicine for releasing tension, although it is not always a cure for what ails us.

Forgiveness is a theme that has been used by the new age as a tool to beat up victims even further than they have been already. I forgave my father for the incest that he committed against me long ago, but I have not forgiven my mother for refusing to come to my aid. My father and I came to an understanding. Even though he was suffering from the first effects of Alzheimer’s, he apologized openly to me for all the pain that he had perpetrated in my lifetime.

Spring Storm over the Wallowas

Somehow, I never could hate my father like my sisters came to hate him. They have not forgiven him or my mother, but that is between them and their Higher Selves, not me. I no longer have any emotional hook or reaction when writing or speaking about my early experiences. To me, this indicates that the emotional charge has been neutralized. And this is the real effect or result of obtaining karmic balance in oneself. It is not about remaining in anger or continuing to project your self-flagellation upon others. It IS about working on clearing your own emotional, mental and astral bodies of all miscreation that you have been a party to, whether in this lifetime or others. It IS all about forgiving YOURSELF and releasing yourself from the emotional hooks of blame or shame, for what was done or not done. And it is all about understanding that for each one of us who actively takes a step towards changing our own outlook and responses to “life”, the effects emanate outward energetically, affecting the whole of the human collective and beyond.

Vine maple

I understand that much of what I have shared here on this blog is rather controversial, but looking at my “past” lifetimes, it would appear that I have never been one to shirk from controversy or a strong desire to look beyond the accepted mores of the society in which I find myself. In short, I’m a committed non-conformist, although to look at me in the flesh, I look quite ordinary, plain and unassuming. That is the fleshy vessel that I wear, not the fiery spirit that dwells within and brings forth these messages.

On purpose I have focused upon my “past” lifetimes, always understanding at least intellectually that they are, in fact, being played out simultaneously… along with thousands of others of which I am not yet aware throughout the Multiverse. We are multidimensional, spiritual beings. I know this… I have seen and experienced it, sometimes in a rather intense manner, other times, less so. Whatever we do here is done for the Whole, for Source. It is time to step beyond divisive behaviors or thinking, it is time to step beyond labeling others as “good” or “bad” or continuing to live with the definitions of duality under which we have labored for so long. We break through the divisions when we break through our own inner fears.

Three years ago, I would have never imagined that I was capable of writing what I have shared with my readers. Yet, somehow, through the encouragement of a friend and then others, I have been able to reveal my inner process, spots and all, to those who have found their way to these pages. My personality is not perfect, yet my Spirit is… and yet, it, too, is developing, growing and expanding. Spirit is not stagnant. The revelation of God continues through each of us, through how we live and cope with the world around us, how we treat ourselves and others, how we regard and observe the acts of others with compassion or anger and hatred. Are we willing to accept the self-evident fact that each of us is a unique facet of the Creative Force that enlivens and has brought into creation this physical realm in which we all live and play our various roles?

We are in the process of becoming, every moment of every day. What we become depends on our actions, thoughts and emotions and how we choose to react to what we encounter throughout each day. Simply being content to sit and meditate without becoming actively involved in your own process and acts of self-observation, is to be passive and to make no forward movement towards your own ascension.

And yes… that is a criticism, which I should probably release. It has been my own Soul’s choice to take an accelerated path towards mastery, one that has been entirely unique to myself and one that I would not ask anyone to follow without being willing to look upon self with open eyes to ANYTHING that might present itself. I have arrived at a place of deep compassion, acceptance and growing understanding and comprehension at the complexity of human existence… and at the same time, the natural simplicity of the spiritual nature of humanity.

Bullfrog Lake

Our spiritual nature is innate and ever dwells within each of those with an existing heart flame. There are some who claim that soulless clones walk among us. I do not know this from my own experience. I DO know that some who pass as human are touched with a darkness so vivid in its rejection of the Light to seem like a living black hole… yet, even the darkest soul can turn to the Light. It is simply a matter of Free Will, self-forgiveness and an act of Grace. The Heart of God does not divide and judge. It is the minds of little men who seek to control through fear and hatred the actions and lives of others. Free yourself of the need to condemn that which you do not understand, in yourself and in others. And work to love YOURSELF free first before accusing your brother or sister of wrong-doing.

The world in which we live has been created through a collective consciousness. It will change when enough members of that collective change how they view themselves and how they view the world. Remain in doubt and fear and it will continue to manifest in your life. Expand your compassion, forgiveness and ability to comprehend that which is beyond the capacity of words to express and you will begin to know and to feel within your own Heart, the peace of God.

We are all passing through a transitional period where the focus of the individual is moving from the egoic mind to the generous and open Heart of a truly awakened One. In our individual process, by coming into a heartfelt regard and reverence for our unique journey and process, we affect our fellow creatures and our planet. We are One, yet we need to arrive at the place where this is accepted through the wordless wisdom of the Heart before it moves into manifestation for all peoples.

A World Teacher once proclaimed to an astonished and uncomprehending audience, “Ye are Gods!”

Many people even today still feel that it is the responsibility of that particular Soul to “save” us all. It’s not. It is up to each of us to become our own savior. In truth, there is no need for a savior, as we are already perfect and we are in a state of becoming. It is this paradox that is intuitively understood by the open Heart, but is overlooked or resisted by those who are still experiencing the world and reacting to it automatically through conditioned responses.


Observe what you do throughout the day. Make your life a living meditation. Allow, accept that you will react through preconceived judgments or automatic responses as a matter of conditioning stemming from lifetimes of living in terror for one’s life and the lives of friends and family members. Allow for “mistakes” and learn from them. Endeavor to observe with compassion and from a state of complete neutrality. You will begin to understand just how similar AND different we all are… and to accept that diversity is more conducive to heart health than restrictive uniformity.

I have looked upon the darkness of my soul and seen in that darkness a seed of Light. And I have chosen the Light. I chose to open my heart and to come into acceptance of what I have been, what I am now, and what I am to become… in the fullness of the development of my Soul essence, which is beyond my current level of human understanding. We are truly magnificent Beings having a human experience and more…


I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

9 thoughts on “Eliza: On Being a Spiritual Warrior

  1. I agree Eliza,
    “Expand your compassion, forgiveness”
    Expand your forgiveness so that you don’t have to forgive anyone/thing.(that would be judgement)
    All, I mean All, is perfect just the way it is and how you react to it is the experience. En-Joy!!!

  2. Good morning dear Eliza. How are you today? Many thanks for sharing what you shared in this message. It’s truly a blessing to learn about your inner process. So, nothing about our good friend Gilbert du Motier today? Big 🙂 Love & Light

    • Greetings, Gilles. Interesting that you would mention Gilbert. What a complicated man… for complicated times! As I woke up this morning, I “saw” myself climbing some stairs outside a great house, I think the one belonging to my Father-in-Law, Lord Noialles. There was an impression of a gravel drive, high stone walls draped with hanging vines, the scent of fragrant roses and lavender in the warm French air. I was dressed in fawn-colored breeches, with white silk stockings, dark leather shoes with bright silver buckles, a white linen shirt with ruffles and a heavy, short mantle or coat. I had arrived via a fine coach instead of my usual means of riding. Just an impression, a vision of being “me” in another place and time… Love and light to you, my dear French compatriot… Eliza

      • Thanks dear Eliza.

        Gilbert came to mind because you gave us quite a bit of context about him and his life in a prior post, and I never thanked you for your generosity. I can picture you arriving at your father in law’s house. What a fancy and elegant time! Thanks for sharing the vision, my dear.

        I can also relate to Dr. Dee and Francis Bacon, but from a different spiritual point of view. Knowing England doesn’t seem to have hosted many of my previous lives’ encounters. And I don’t feel the pull toward it. Love & Light

  3. Thankyou so much for these sharings – especially about the need, for some of us, to have the courage to delve into those past lifetimes which have left deep emotional scars on our current life journey. I know from my own experience that these kinds of memories can be quite a challenge to heal, forgive and resolve.
    And what a complex and extraordinary weaving it can sometimes be? John Dee in Spirit form has been/is one of my guides/teachers in this lifetime, especially about Astrology. It is possible that I knew him because I know I had a lifetime as a man in Elizabethan England when I was very keen on learning about Alchemy. (I haven’t needed to directly remember much of that lifetime because it wasn’t traumatic like some of the others!)
    And I have also learnt so much directly from your writings here as Eliza on this Blog. because of the wonder of the internet! And now, having explained all this, the dots are beginning to join up in my mind because the way of looking at Astrology that Dee has been patiently teaching me could be understood as an aspect of the Mystery School Teachings which were lost to common knowledge and then purposefully corrupted by those who always seek to control.
    I am working now on getting what Dee has helped me see and understand into some kind of published form.
    Thankyou again and Much Love, Mano ( as she calls herself in this now!)

    • Much love to you, Mano. I would love to have a copy of your Dr. Dee-inspired astrology when done! He was a master of geomatria, geometry, Kabbalah, ciphers, etc. If you were at court during Elizabeth’s reign, then we probably knew each other! Have a wonderful New Year! Eliza

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