Journal Entry 12.24.2014


Journal Entry 12.24.2014

As I begin to write this entry, the digital clock reads 444.  Wonderful.

I just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays… whatever that is for you, as this blog reaches readers throughout the world.

We have just passed the shortest day of the year and the Sun will soon be moving north bringing more light into our days.  For me, the last months of autumn are always the most challenging, with the long dark nights, going work in full dark in the morning and returning home in twilight conditions.  So, I welcome the return of the Sun.  So also did our ancestors, hence the many festivals of light held world-wide at this time of the year.

A new year filled with all kinds of new possibilities and new energy is about to open for us.

This past year has been a challenging one for me on many levels, but I have survived… besides the ascension thing.  I’m still here for the time being.  I hope to continue to contribute to the expansion of the frequency levels, in my own being as well as the collective, through my writings and sharings.

I especially want to thank all my readers for your comments and appreciation for my efforts.  A few years ago I could have never imagined that I would be able to reach the people that I have in the last couple of years.  And many of you have become or are becoming dear friends, as well.  My heartfelt thanks for that.

Blessings upon your journey, wherever it takes you in the coming year.

Love to all,

Lady Tazjima (aka Eliza Ayres)




8 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12.24.2014

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  2. Dear friend. I thank you for your connection with us. And I enjoy so much for reading your mails. I feel like we are all on the same journey. And we are very close to a conclusion and connecting to our True family’s . Wishing you the best of the best. .

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