Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned


Eliza: A Karmic Lesson Learned

As I am moving through re-experiencing some of my major lifetimes, I find that many of my Star Family who are presently incarnated here are beginning to do the same.  Perhaps relating my stories is serving as a catalyst so that those near and dear to my heart can also begin to undergo profound soul healings…

The following story is, in part, that of a person whom I have come to know as Family. Like others of my Family, our lives have been interwoven through time. While the following is about a masculine lifetime, the current incarnation is female. I have deleted some personal references for the sake of this individual’s privacy. The story is an ancient one, yet relevant to our own times…

“It’s rare that we get an up-close and glaring look at the face of karma, but I have. And you did say I would begin to understand why my life was the way it was. I was looking into (the life of the king). I knew little about him and what I did know seemed often to smack of poor judgment.

The king had a daughter, who was quite lovely, and a stepson, who desired her and raped her. For reasons that remain unknown to me, the king did nothing. His son took in his sister and gave her refuge. The son later killed the stepbrother in revenge for the rape.

In this incarnation, I chose to pretty much live the life of this young woman, details differing somewhat, so that I could fully experience her feelings, her sexual abuse by a family member, her lack of paternal protection, her loss of trust, her loneliness. Possibly she was not believed; I experienced that too. I can’t know what kind of karma was being played out around me in my other family members; that is for them to know, and most are in the spirit world now and do know. My understanding that I was balancing karma does make it easier for me to reach forgiveness for them (the members of my current family), in their various roles.

History does not record the future incarnations of the king’s children; you can imagine the hell the stepson created for himself, and you can easily imagine the king’s son becoming the possible murder victim of domestic violence, in spite of acting from his wish for justice. Of course he also tried to usurp his father’s throne– boys will be boys– and was killed, so the king lost a much-beloved son.

After reading the account of this particular set of events in the life of the king, it took me a day or two to identify the source of the depression and grief I was feeling, and make the connection. The immediacy of the sorrow, and a very painful sense of shame for having done wrong by a daughter, shame that I apparently did not feel in that incarnation, were startling, like it had just happened yesterday and not many thousands of years ago. The intensity of these emotions reiterated to me that time is not an element of spirit and that all our incarnations are concurrent. I think the hurt I’ve carried for fifty years for my inner child will, from a higher perspective, have been worth the spiritual growth, the payment in full of a karmic debt. I had thought the work was mostly about releasing the pain of my own experiences, but this, while a bitter pill, is extremely useful knowledge.”

This story is a powerful confirmation of many ancient esoteric truths, namely the continuation of the soul through the process called reincarnation, the fact that ancient trauma is carried from lifetime to lifetime until resolved, the desire of the soul to balance the wrongs done within another lifetime, and idea that it is better to forgive and forget than to continue to carry on the judgments of the past, for they may well be your future.

I, too, have suffered from incest within this lifetime. Just why has not yet been identified, but I am sure that the wrong will be balanced in this life or another through service and devotion to soul experience. I forgave my perpetrator in this lifetime; many do not. I must have known, instinctively at some level that I was paying for the wrongs committed against another person in another lifetime.   And as stated in my friend’s story, our “past” lives are actually concurrent (experienced all at once) with this one.  Thus the melt-through of strong emotions, interests, themes and influences upon us.  We are inexplicably linked to those people with whom we spend our lives, through time and space while here within this realm of being.

When we wrong another person, we wrong ourselves. The father of this lovely daughter did nothing to defend her honor and to right the wrong done unto her; it took a brother’s love to step in to defend her and for that he died. What more tragic circumstances must be had before a soul successfully learns a lesson well enough to no longer have the need to repeat it?

Mind you, I am in no way defending the actions of sexual predators. It is important for both men and women to stand up against those who prey on the defenseless ones, the children, elderly, women and the poor. Until there exists respect and love in the heart of all mankind for each and every member of the human collective, there will be this kind of intimate suffering.

The love that one feels within a lifetime endures. So does the pain and suffering. If more people were aware of the consequences of their actions, they might be more willing to reduce their infractions against their fellow man. Yet our society, of church and conventional institutions, all desire to limit the common man’s ability to discern these karmic patterns within their own lives and so to learn from them. We are not encouraged to study our own lives but to live through others, through the media, through our religion, and through our various institutions.

As one who has bucked the tide of ignorance and superstition through many lifetimes, I deplore the use of media, so-called public education and religious training to curtail the ability of people towards developing critical thinking and intuitional understandings. Instead, the mass media and other venues strive to draw the attention of the public towards shallow diversions and “reality” shows, while the politicians and corporate stooges steal the public’s savings, freedom, jobs and prospects.

We are in a time when it is becoming increasingly important and vital that the individual take responsibility for their life, their own thoughts and actions, and to be held accountable for such. At the same time, it is important to learn to fully accept yourself as you are today, spots and all, as it is extremely difficult to get through an entire lifetime without being hurt or giving hurt to someone. We are here to gain experience and one does this through stumbling and making mistakes.

The story that we shared today is an ancient one. Children still suffer at the hands of their parents, through acts of omission or commission. Until we are willing to forgive ourselves, hearts will be broken. Let us hope that these same broken hearts will someday be healed and all will be set free from the repetitious need for lessons replayed for the sake of learning.


I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, www.bluedragonjournal.com





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