Eliza: On Cycles


Eliza: On Cycles

This past month, I’ve been nibbling my way through a book during my short lunchtime at work. The book’s author is Walter Cruttenden, and title, “Lost Star of Myth and Time”. Since I have very repetitive tasks at work, it is refreshing to sit with something that stretches the mind a bit. You may say that I’m getting down to some of my roots by reading this book, which was recommended by Santos Bonacci during one of his early lectures on Astro-theology. Light subjects, eh?

Light subjects, indeed… as these writings and works reflect the leading edge of scientific and cultural awareness. Mr. Cruttenden and Senor Bonacci, as well as other brave souls, have stepped beyond the box that still defines conventional “science” and accepted theories.

Even as a child and certainly as an adult, I sensed that much of what we have been taught as “history” is not true. Much has been forgotten and much has purposefully left out of school textbooks, which, more and more are being used as indoctrination texts for an increasingly repressive social agenda.

Being born mid-century in the last century, I escaped much of the dumbing down process that current students are having to endure, even though that process had begun soon after the ending of WWII. I actually had teachers who taught critical thinking and the idea that you could and should challenge and question everything that you are taught. That probably wouldn’t go over too well today in most highly controlled educational systems that teach by rote and rely on tests for determining intelligence.

As anyone knows, if you know how to take tests, you’ll do well in school. However, once you get out of school, you’ll probably fail at life, because school doesn’t teach you anything about life. Becoming powerful and wealthy has been used as a measurement for success in our culture, but it doesn’t mean that these people are happy or fulfilled.

There was a time, before recorded history, when your ability to commune with Spirit and the spirit in Nature was considered more valuable than all the jewels and riches of the material realm. There was a time when seeking to perfect your human nature (clay) into a fully realized multidimensional Being was considered the apex of achievement. This story is there for us to see in the hieroglyphs and cryptic drawings of the ancient Egyptians… who were, themselves, attempting to convey the ancient mysteries that had been handed down to them by preceding generations.

This story can be seen in a careful observation of the magnificent architectural and building skills of the ancients, ones that exceed the current abilities of modern-day engineers and architects. The buildings that have survived the violent movements and weather patterns of our living Earth, display an almost incomprehensible level of skill and knowledge of all the formerly sacred sciences, including mathematics, astronomy, language and art.

To our esteemed ancestors, even those of whom we are not yet aware, these sciences, along with music, the study of sound and vibration, astrology, chemistry / alchemy, and art combined into one living sacred science that was brought into material form as temples. There is an 8-hour presentation available on YouTube by John Anthony West on Magical Egypt. It is well worth watching and absorbing and will perhaps, for you as it did me, awaken old memories stored away within my etheric body.

Temples were meant to be teaching tools. The temple was the lesson. Initiates would spend hours, days and years absorbing the knowledge and wisdom written in the architecture, the balance and harmony, in the symbolic meanings imprinted through paintings, sculpture, shape and light. The temples were carefully set into a sacred landscape and designed to echo and record the movements of our star and of the great constellations in the heavens.


Our ancestors were not ignorant and superstitious savages. They were highly sophisticated and well-organized peoples who lived in their natural surroundings, utilizing the cycles of the seasons and displaying highly technical knowledge of preservation of water and soil in their agricultural practices.  Their cultures were imbued with the light of spirit and filled with abundance, peace and wellness for all.  They were not the ignorant, blood-thirsty savages that history has painted them as being; we are.  Look to the endless wars, poverty, social disorder, repressive governmental and religious systems that seek to control and destroy the masses, disease in mind and body and destruction of the environment.  Is our culture truly advanced or are we suffering from a delusional state of profound separation from Spirit.  I think the latter is the case.

So what happened? Our world fell into darkness, not all at once or because of the actions of outside “evil” forces.

Why did the ancient culture of Egypt seem to leap out of nowhere fully formed and then disintegrate and devolve through the successive generations? There seems to be something that the cultural anthropologists and historians have overlooked.

The book, “Lost Star of Myth and Time” presents the theory that our star is part of a binary system, which is reflected by the precession of the equinox. Astronomers accounted for the precession as a result of the wobble of our planet around a stationary star… but we’ve learned since that our star is anything but stationary. It travels through space at a tremendous speed, with the planets spiraling around it like the whirling tail of a comet. What are we traveling around? What forces compel our star to take flight around the Galaxy?

This cycle takes about 24,000 to 27,000 years to complete and was known to the ancients as the “Great Year”. Very ancient buildings and stone monuments were designed to record the movement of our star through unimaginably long periods of time.

The author did not present an answer to what we are circling about other than it could be Sirius or the Pleiades. He did suggest that there are unseen energies that affect our star, subtle energies that emanate from the heart of our galaxy, from potent star fields like the Pleiades and large stars such as Sirius.

Sirius, incidentally is a binary star system, although our modern day astronomers had no knowledge of the existence of Sirius B, a tiny white dwarf, until sometime in the 20th century. On the other hand, a “primitive” tribe in Africa, the Dogons, knew of this hidden star and had handed down this awareness through their oral traditions.

Why is any of this important to us today? Because, not only does our star carry our world through space, we are affected by the changes in spatial location in a deeply profound manner. The ancient cultures throughout the world, reflected in myth and legend, speak of a great golden age and high civilization. Current day scientists have chosen to discount these ancient stories as pure superstition and imagination. Yet what is imagination and what are stories but a way to explain something ineffable if someone is using the right hemisphere of their brain rather than the left linear side.

Art, music, architecture, dance and sound, movement and nature speak volumes to the intuitive part of our nature. Modern man has been cut off from this part of self and has become soulless, cut off from nature, and all that brings joy to life.


The author presents the theory that the stories of the ancient golden age are all true and that as our star moved away from the sweet influence of the seven sisters (the Pleiades) mankind began to fall, gradually, as the ages cycled downward from gold, to silver, to bronze and then to the bottom at the iron age or as the Hindus name it, the Kali Yuga. Civilization fell as a result of outside influences that caused a lessening of consciousness and a detachment… a plunge into darkness, which played out in the Dark Ages through superstition, violence, materialism and control through religion and state.

There is no need to accuse any particular group of creating the Fall from consciousness and grace as it was part of a natural cycle, one well-known by our ancestors. We have forgotten our potential due to the severity and trauma experienced during the Dark Ages, throughout the world. Still, there were a few who maintained the light of knowledge and wisdom through these darkened ages. In the Mediterranean Basin, it was the Egyptians, in their temples and libraries, through their elaborate initiations into the “Mysteries”.

It was exposure to these same mysteries, preserved by the Egyptian priesthood that served as the basis for many of the religions that sprung up in or around the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East. Look at the basic tenets of Christianity and you see the story of Osiris, Isis and Horus, as the Holy Family. The Star in the East is Sirius, long held sacred to the Egyptians as a harbinger of the flooding of the Nile, bringing fertility and abundance to the fields for another year. This legend was repeated in religion after religion… and was a reflection of the cycles of the lesser year, the travel around the sun through the astrological signs (constellations) and the Great Year. Even the Bible recounts the cycles of the Great Year in its symbology of Book of Revelations.

As the Great Year proceeded with the devolution of knowledge and wisdom into superstition and fear, so the great Wheel turned again towards evolution and an increasingly aware humanity. The base of the cycle occurred in approximately 500 A.D., at the fall of the Roman Empire, the last empire of the Iron Age. European civilization, and indeed, world-wide, civilizations fell into degenerate and superstitious behavior exhibiting base behavior such as incessant warfare and bloody rituals.

Yet the Wheel continued to move through the Piscean Age and into the early Bronze Age, which played out as the Dark Ages in Europe as these cultures were kept in darkness through the machinations of church and violent, aggressive feudal society.

The first light to shine upon Europe came at the advent of the Renaissance when there was a sudden blossoming of enlightenment, art, music and literature. A struggle for power between church and state, state and state, state and individual commenced, as societies and individuals struggled to free themselves of the effects of superstitious practices designed to keep people in the dark and under control. Part of the impetus for this flowering was, ironically, the Crusades and the knowledge brought back to Europe by knights and soldiers encountering the influence of the remnants of mystery teachings still held by the Sufis and other secret societies within the Arabic domains. The ancient seeds of wisdom had been kept alive while Europe wallowed in darkness.


We are still battling to emerge from the darkness of the Kali Yuga, although the dark period has long been over, due to the stubbornness of certain elements of society who wish to continue their control over the masses and the economies of the world.

However, one cannot stop the flight of our star through the heavens and so we move swiftly through the Bronze Age and towards the inevitable expansion of human consciousness until we reach the apex in the coming Golden Age, where all mankind will, once again, be at the pinnacle of consciousness possible while in physical incarnation.

Also, it is the contention of this particular author that we have not yet entered the Age of Aquarius, the so-called “New Age”, which “officially” starts in 2150 A.D. And he mentions the various disagreements between numberings of ages and yugas from system to system, so it may be hard to determine just where we are in the cycle. One thing IS clear, the consciousness of mankind is on an upswing. People are waking up from the nightmare of the Dark Ages and countless imperialistic political agendas. Now they are beginning to realize that there may be a different way to live, more in tune with the planet and the rest of life.

Whether you believe in the New Age material and the notions of invasions by archonic dark forces, or can identify with the idea held by the ancient Vedic teachings and those of other ancient cultures, that our world passes through great cycles where all life upon earth is affected by subtle energies present within our Galaxy and Universe… we can all agree that change is in the air. And that our world is far older than our current scientific belief systems allow in their limited understanding. Only the leading edge of physics is beginning to touch on the mysteries held as general knowledge among our “superstitious” and “backward” ancestors. It is the scientists who are limited in their understanding, as well as the still powerful regressive belief systems held world-wide by the followers of degenerated religious practices that continues to keep much of humanity out of touch with the expansive quality of the Universe and truly enlightened ways of living in tune with the rhythms of nature and spirit.

Humanity was meant to be a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, to anchor the sublime into physicality. In the words of the ancient Hermetic saying, “As Above, So Below.” Human life was meant to be a reflection of the wisdom, love and light that the Worlds of Light emanate unconditionally to all. The Light is Christ Consciousness and was never meant to be limited to one individual, one teaching or one people. The Light of Christ Consciousness is meant for all humanity, throughout this world and all worlds, in all star systems.

Much has been forgotten. There is much to be re-membered, as human kind, the nervous system and consciousness of the planet comes awake, once again.

We have an opportunity to surmount the ancient cycle of evolution and devolution… as the Wheel turns, the Wheel of the Great Cycle, by using the momentum granted us and our world of an opportunity to ascend into the Fifth and Sixth Dimension, hence releasing our world from the ancient wheel. Other worlds have ascended and are no longer affected by this great cycle.


The interesting dilemma faced upon these worlds that have successfully ascended is the LACK of change. Many of these cultures are extremely ancient and more set in their ways than the New Age crowd realizes. Some of our volunteers may have actually come here BECAUSE being here was an opportunity to break free from some of the stultifying influences of these same cultures. Upon the Earth, with all its challenges and demands, there is an opportunity for the expansion of wisdom and compassion, simply through the profound immersion in the potent sea of duality that exists here.

It may seem enticing to return Home to where you will experience peace, abundance and love… but for some brave souls that is just too… boring to endure.

There is much work ahead for humanity to perfect its world, change that will emanate first from each individual involved and then move through all of society, affecting cultural behavior. Your world will reflect the perfection of the human consciousness, becoming, once again, a living paradise, a land of milk and honey for all. Whether or not it will stay permanently in that state of being is another question that will not be answered today or tomorrow, but in the ages to come, that spread out before us even as humanity and the world come full circle once again moving swiftly or gradually, depending on your interpretation, towards a new Golden Age.


I AM Eliza


©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

4 thoughts on “Eliza: On Cycles

  1. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Nice article. So those that are in school, can work on the spiritual side of things, and look on line and other places for the real history. Do question, do look, go to historic places and see what you find. Go to parks and such and listen to what is shared. If you are in tune with the tree’s, other nature beings, see what they say about the place, what has happened. Adults do take your kids to museums, national parks, and such.

  2. Reading your writing and reminiscing on so many ages and times, while listening to some sublime new age ambient music on Pandora…put me in a very meditative state which I enjoyed a great deal. I was right there in all those times, beside you and many others. So much experience. So many memories. It’s been a long run…tiring. I need the energy to move on….whether in a higher dimensional experience or to stay here and work with re-creating the beauty that was ever intended for this planet. I wish I could confirm my next appointment…but such is life for some of us. Thanks again for your writing. I’ve enjoyed your blog.

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