Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love


Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love


I AM Sanat Kumara.

Greetings from your Sister planet, Venus.

Venus is known to astrologers as the planet of Love. She signifies beauty, grace, harmony and wisdom.

The people of Venus have long held a tradition of providing a place for spiritual seekers from all over the Omniverse to learn in the ancient colleges. This is where one prepares to be a planetary logos, a Chohan or holder of other advanced spiritual offices, both within this solar system and others scattered throughout this Universe.

Venus is where I made my final preparations to be the planetary logos of your dearly beloved planet, Earth. And Venus is where I have returned to fulfill my duty to my planet and my people. Yet, still I serve, as many of us continue to do, for as long as Earth remains a darkened planet, we will do what we can to assist Her.

Thus have we served and thus do we return Home. So it is that I send greetings to my spiritual daughter, Eliza / Tazjima, as a portion of her consciousness still remains upon your world.

We wish for you all to feel the vastness of our regard for your lifestreams and the experiences that you’ve undertaken by incarnating upon a planet in the midst of a great transformation. It takes tremendous courage and even a bit bravado to do so. We congratulate you all.

Our love for Earth and its people is all encompassing. Some of you know the story of the Serpents of Wisdom… those beings came to your planet long ago… some 18 million of your years ago… to bring consciousness to a darkened world. Did we succeed? Yes and no… the planet eventually fell into darkness due to a multiplicity of causes, none of which we will expound upon here. And yet, we never gave up on Earth or her people.

The Light is now in ascendant and now is the time for those of us who have spent long years guiding the evolution of the planet to leave the work to be done by those who have done their preparation, either here upon Earth or in other dimensions, those who have come to Earth as pure Light Beings, and those who are experienced Light Warriors. Many have answered the Call that went forth… not once, but many times.

Now we are free to look to our own worlds and to work with raising up new generations, some of whom will eventually come to your planet to continue the great Work.

We wish to thank those who are preparing to come Home, whether they are currently conscious of the fact or not. And we wish to thank those who have come as our replacements. And we want to thank all native born people of Earth who have progressed far in their own spiritual development so that they might begin to take over the Spiritual Hierarchy of your own planet.

It is with great Love for your world that I came and it is with love that I have departed, although I will continue to work with those who desire more personal and intensified schooling. I AM able to go many places and appear to those whose third eyes have opened. If your purpose is pure and your need great, I will come.

Sanat Kumara


Welcome Home… home being the fifth dimension. Your world has re-entered this dimension and now the job of those who have volunteered and those who are indigenous to the planet is to free your individual and collective consciousness from whatever prevents you from experiencing the fullness of 5D living. We will not fill you in on the details, but will let you re-discover the ancient technologies, knowledge and wisdom that continues to be uncovered within ancient sites and temples, in your natural landscapes and throughout the planet… And even within your own bodies and consciousness.

You are in the midst of exciting, if challenging transitions. We will be watching your progress and monitoring your skies. Venus does not have its own star ships, yet our planet acts as a support for the Ashtar Command and their many thousands of ships, large and small. We welcome visitors on Venus and have come to know many from the Command as friends and even as members of the family a vast extended Family of Light.

We, Lady Venus and myself, Sanat Kumara, send to you our deep and ever abiding Love.


Thank you Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara.

via Eliza Ayres

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, Permission is NOT granted to alter this material from its original written format.

10 thoughts on “Sanat Kumara: Greetings from the Planet of Love

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  2. Thank you. What is so wonderful for me about this message is that with Sanat Kumara letting us know he is returning home, it is my understanding that when Earth has entered 5D, then all beings throughout the All That Is move up dimensionally. It is a wonderful signal to Star Seeds that we have been successful in our missions and we are going home. Thank you again.

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