Journal Entry 10.30.2014


Journal Entry 10.30.2014

Well, nearly a week has gone by since my Higher Self ascended, yet I retain full body consciousness.

I will say that I experienced a couple of days of a very intense combination of feeling abandoned, grieving and anger. Since I’m not normally a very demonstrative type person, it was quite amazing to feel the intensity. I suppose it didn’t help to have five planets in conjunction within water signs… or whatever was happening astrologically. Did astrology in one lifetime and got imprisoned for it then a couple of times!

I’ve been working strenuously with an Angelic Medical Team at night during “dreamtime” and their work… our work… has helped tremendously. I have been able to reach an even keel once again and look with a lot more neutrality to what I am currently experiencing.

Halloween, All Hallows Eve or Samhain is going to be on Friday. While we have people running around in costumes now eating a lot of candy and, if adults, perhaps drinking too much liquor, this period used to be quite sacred to many indigenous peoples. It was a time of the year when the spirits were closest. Many ancient cultures celebrated the event by placing decorations on their altars and placing out food for their loved ones who had passed on. Ancestral worship… or what I would rather call, regard, was an important part of the passage of life.

I know as a Druid, we did not fear death. It was considered another sacred passage in life, moving from one world to another.

When I’ve had time to read, I’ve been going through a book on the phenomenon of the precession of the Equinox. Apparently the movement of our solar system and hence our planet was well noted and followed by our ancestors, who, according to “authorities” were supposed to be more primitive than we are today. The sophisticated mathematical knowledge and precise measurements used to build elaborate structures aligned to the zodiac would suggest otherwise. Much knowledge was lost during the Dark Ages, during the Kali Yuga, which officially ended in 1669. We’re still dealing with the energies of that dark period, namely as the Roman Catholic cult has so far refused to release its hold upon mankind… but that will come. The cycles are moving from the dark period of the Iron Age and now to the Bronze Age. If you calculate the cycles, the Satya Yuga or Golden Age is several thousand years in the future.

These cycles have been recorded by our ancestors, on stone calendars, on monuments, and within their mythologies. The signs and portents are there for us to read if we release a lot of theories based on limited knowledge of our scientists.

I always wondered why archaeologists spent so much time digging in the dirt and didn’t collect and attempt to understand the legends and myths surrounding ancient civilizations. Of course, as I said above, much was lost, whether by intent or the long entropy caused by the passage of years.

The “new age” that we are going into is a mere portion of the Great Year, which consists of over 24,000 years, as our solar system circumnavigates Alcyone, the Great Central Sun of this galaxy and the central star of the Pleiades constellation. Apparently, our ancestors knew that our local star was part of a huge binary system. This ancient knowledge has not even been considered by scientists for the most part, except by some valiant renegades who have cheerfully stepped out of the proverbial box and delved into formally forbidden and lost information.

I say forbidden knowledge, since for centuries the church has been considered the last word on what makes our reality. For centuries, it was believed that the UNIVERSE rotated around the EARTH. To our modern sensibilities that sounds like pure poppycock and would likely offend our galactic neighbors, as well.

What is happening now in terms of the “New Age”, is a reflection of the return of the Light to the planet as a result of our star reaching a certain quadrant of the galaxy when the electromagnetic impulses begin to affect people in a more positive fashion than occurred during the 1,000 year period of the Kali Yuga (669 to 1669 or so… don’t have the book for the dates). If you look at history, you can see the rise and fall of empires reflects this long cycle that we, as modern man, have forgotten. Now it is time to remember.

One thing that does happen at the turn of one age to another, this currently being the Piscean Age now giving way to the Age of Aquarius, is there exists a limited opportunity for mass ascension. The window will shut in three years, although it is possible still to pursue the path of initiation on an individual basis. And remember for every great cycle, many smaller cycles are included.

From the various memories of ages long forgotten that seem to be surfacing for me lately is a remembrance of being here when the great pyramids were being built in Egypt. No scientist yet, whether avant garde or conventional has yet touched on the real age of these vast structures or knows who built them or how. And there are huge structures throughout the world, long buried under soil and vegetation or the blowing sands of the desert… that were built by what must have been extraordinary human beings or someone else?

A memory for me that cropped up of late was being one of the settlers from Sirius B or Osiris who contributed to the building of the pyramids… and the time period that I am suggesting is far, far older… say roughly 70,000 years ago… than anyone has previously suggested. Since I’m not a scientist in this lifetime, no one will pay me any mind. This is not a theory, but a memory…

Long ago, our planet was settled by volunteers from other solar systems. Early, pre-dynastic Egypt… long before the “Fall” of Atlantis… was settled by people from Sirius B, a handsome, dark-skinned race, with aquiline noses, dark luminous eyes naturally lined, long slender limbs and elegant carriage. The high culture of “early” Egypt was reflective of the high degree of scientific and mathematical knowledge held by these peoples. The binary star system of Sirius contains one of the oldest cultures within this Galaxy, millions of years old. Why would culture and civilization upon this planet only be some 6,000 years old according to the so-called “authorities” if a galactic civilization of great magnitude chose to settle here?

The knowledge that Sirius B even exists has only been known to our astronomers since the 20th century. Peoples like the Dogon tribe of Africa knew about its existence long ago, without the use of telescopes and scientific data. Knowledge was passed down verbally from one generation to another. Great care was taken by these people to memorize the knowledge for it was sacred to them and spoke of their own long-ago origin in the starry heavens.

Sirius A… one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way, also blessed us with immigrants. Most peoples of Sirian “A” origin now live in the Middle East or India.  A Sirian starseed of my acquaintance  recently shared some of her memories of “Home”:

“Sirius, home of Lord Krishna and Mother Sophia, is one of the oldest planets with a continual civilization surviving upon it. There exists approximately 80 zillion years of written history. We are spiritually devout beings many of us worshipping daily within our temples. Our belief is similar to the Hindu belief on Earth. We have deities of our Gods upon high altars and each temple has a pure column of gold within its structure. Our temples were built long before our recorded history. We choose to spend our birthdays in the temples to rejuvenate our beings for the coming year and to dedicate our lives into the service of God.

Our government is ruled by the head of the ‘Ancient of Days’ Lord Krishna and a high ruling family. All the Sirian Isles are ruled by this one government, although they each have their own governmental representatives.

Sirians of the higher castes (from Sirius A) always have very white skin with white blonde hair. Our eyes are always a bright lime green color when of pure blood, with the exception of Lord Krishna who has large bright blue eyes. All have lined eyes as our tradition. Married women all tie their hair up and dress in style similar to a sari. The men have white blonde hair worn loose to their shoulders and often ring their earlobe with golden earrings. The men of the city wear loose fitting pants with a shirt usually worn open with a long scarf or shawl of a different color draped over their shoulder. Most Sirians are 7 – 8′ tall and slender never weighing more than 200 lbs. Our gold jewelry and gold braiding denotes our wealth. The caste system allows Sirians to rotate from one caste to another to appreciate and know all forms of life. No one is really poor or without as on Earth. Our caste system has been a part of this system since its beginning. The lower castes choose to live 100 – 500 years while those of upper castes choose to live 500 – 600 years, each year being measured in the thousands of earth years.

The largest city on Sirius is called Sirust. If you would combine New York City with Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico City you would come close to the size of our city. It is approximately 1,000 miles wide. Most of our land is tropical and at times feels hot and sticky. Yet there is a section where the grains, vegetables and our fruits are grown that has a cold winter with strong winds. Some of the plants we seeded upon your land are wisteria, lilies, daffodils and citrus fruits. We also brought to Earth our falcons and peacocks.

The geography of our isle is one of soft rolling hills in the farm areas and our largest city Sirust sits along a large ocean where we harvest seaweed and fish such as herring and what you call shrimp. All of our temples are built atop our holy hillsides with Lord Krishna’s temple upon the tallest. We have our gold mines on the other side of our isle. We eat a diet fish grown in fish farms along the coast of the seas as well as raw sushi. We enjoy greens and kelp, citrus fruits, spicy vegetables, rice and rice noodles, puddings and many enjoyable liquids.

Sirius has three moons and two smaller planets within our system. The one named by earthlings as Sirius B is the isle named Osiris. Osiris has mountains and rolling hills with water. Osiris has less humidity with some snow, one moon and three smaller planets. This is the land of the ‘dark’ Sirians responsible for building upon Earth the Great Pyramid and others, the Sphinx along with temples to connect with other planets and places for learning and teachings to store knowledge for the future. Much of this has not yet been found as most people living on Earth are not yet ready for such knowledge.

The pictures found of Egyptians long ago are typical of these black haired beautiful beings. They are of similar body shape and they have warm deeply tanned skin. They line their black eyes as we do on Sirius A. Many you know of from this land such as the great ones like Mother Isis, Osiris, Ra and Horus. The pyramids of Osiris are like those on Earth except they are made of solid gold and are houses of worship surrounded by open fields as the gods need their space. Within your Great Pyramid the King’s Chamber lines up with Sirius and the Queen’s Chamber lines up with Osiris.

The third isle is called Ganta and as you approach from above she appears purple. Ganta has 3 seasons of climate and the land is similar to your central Ohio area of the United States. Ganta has two moons. The three moons of Sirius A are called the Trians.

At one time there were more Sirians upon Earth than Pleiadians. There are now more Pleiadians on Earth than Sirians. Most Sirians currently live outside of the U.S. and are Hindu or Moslem in belief.

The Golden Lily  is the greatest mother ship of the Sirian fleet. If comparing her to earth standards, she stretches the length from the Mississippi River to the Eastern Seaboard. The Lily is certainly a very large vessel although somewhat smaller than some of the Pleiadian mother ships. The Golden Lily is part of the fleet of starships maintained by our galactic protectors and mentors. Perhaps some of you have spent time on the mother ship undergoing training at the Earth School during dreamtime or between lifetimes here…”

So you see… my recent re-membering aligns with the memories of this wonderful sharing from this Sirian starseed..

I think I’ll stop here for now. Much is being slowly revealed to me through images and remembering as I regain awareness that I am, indeed, from another world and dimension than what I have partaken of while here on this blessed water planet.  By the way, my Sirian lifetime(s) took place before my current one as a Pleiadian…  We are all given many opportunities to experience life in a myriad of ways.

The Universe is a far more expansive place than most people can even imagine at this point. This wonderful sharing by my friend is just an example of what truly exists for those who are returning Home soon… in just one starry system, that of Sirius.

Many blessings on your journey. May every day be sacred and holy to you, as each breath drawn comes from the Cosmos that gave you birth long, long ago.


I AM Eliza

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, Permission is NOT granted to change this article from its original written format.


9 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.30.2014

  1. Thank you dear Eliza. My heart aches for my home and twice during this incarnation I was allowed to visit (the second time was for healing). Those experiences are beyond mortal words. I have always known I am Sirian and this is my last life on Earth. I have almost completed my mission here and have published my first book (see and I working of pt 2. I would also like to see this magnificent story made into a movie and so wait patiently to be connected to the higher Souls who will do justice to the story. Thank you for your work. I have worked in `natural health’ most of my life (another of my missions) Blessings be, Loraine

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  3. Thank you Lady T./Eliza/Sundeelia for this message of truth. May you continue to possess the strength, courage and persistence needed to complete your magnificent journey. I look forward to more as it manifests.

  4. Thank you Eliza for sharing such beautiful and profound insights. Wonderful to read and fascinating to read more of your memories. Love Pat ♥

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