Eliza: The Ceremony

Strawberry Creek

The Ceremony

The great auditorium is very quiet although it is filled to capacity. The light is dimmed, with all eyes upon the beautiful altar in the center of the hall. The seats are arrayed in circles around the altar, and go up in graded levels towards the rear of the hall, so all can see what is to take place.

In Hollywood, they speak of star-studded gatherings. Well, at the ascension ceremony of my Higher Self, Tazjima Amariah Kumara (who goes by the nickname, “Amariah”) the hall is filled with real luminaries, great Beings of Light who have come to attend the Ascension of the daughter of Lady Master Venus and Archangel Zadkiel, the one whom you know as Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe.

I see the seats are placed in soft spirals and now Amariah weaves her way down to the altar, accompanied by two young priestesses, one her own daughter. The lady is  dressed simply now, in a white robe for she is about to be re-born into the higher worlds. Her feet are bare and her hair is dressed simply, flowing in a chestnut cloud down her long, slender back.

The three women reached the altar and stop. Amariah stands before the Priestess, who is Lady Nina, the Shekinah from the great Pleiadian Temple in Medina. She is also Mate and Twin Flame to Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades.

As the women stand there in front of the altar, the Priestess blesses the great gathering, singing in a sacred star language, which even if you cannot understand the words, goes straight to the heart.

Then there is the blessing of the four directions, the four winds and the four elements. The priestess turns in the directions of the four sacred winds, even though we stand aboard a great mother ship in the middle of space. Then she gives a blessing to the four sacred elements, those that make up our physical bodies. Next, comes the blessing of the Fifth Element, the sacred Spirit that enlivens us all. Then she stands before Amariah, a petite, red-haired woman of immense dignity and Presence. For a moment she is silent, but Amariah feels the growing energies building around the three. Then Lady Nina lifts her hands and in her cupped palms she holds flickering flames of light.

With bold movements, she encompasses entire auric field of the supplicant until she is wrapped in an opalescent aura, glowing in the soft light.  Amariah feels the kundalini energies rise up within like twin serpents as they traverse the channels rising to her crown chakra. Suddenly as the energies reach her head, and Amariah feels like her head is crowned with a cool fire, as her third eye opens wide.  She can now see the great ones who have come to attend the ceremony, gracing the proceedings with their great Presences. She can also see those who could not come in their bodies, but who are seated in etheric seats all around the perimeter of the large hall.

The blessing complete, six Beings of Light approach, Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, Lord Zadkiel and Holy Lady Amethyst, Archangel Michael and Lady Faith. It is appropriate as these are the Ones who engendered Amariah as she is. Three sets of Twin Flames. Lady Venus and Lord Zadkiel are her holy Parents, who came together for a short mating to create the vessel for their daughter to be. Sanat Kumara and Holy Amethyst supported their beloved Twin Flames in this effort. And Lord Michael and Lady Faith sent forth the soul aspect needed to fill the vessel. And so Amariah was made.

These great Beings of Light surround the newly blessed lady.  Her Mother is smiling her secret smile. Sanat Kumara is radiating His great love. He has always been the  Spiritual Father of Amariah. Archangel Zadkiel, arrayed in the dark beauty of the VaCoupe brothers, his black hair flowing down across his golden violet robes is smiling, His beautiful face alight with joy. Lady Amethyst… we call Her Lady Amy, smiles at me and bows. She is holding a robe in her arms. Lady Venus and Lady Amy help me into it. It is in the colors of the two houses, Kumara and VaCoupe, gold and violet, with the embroidery of Amariah’s Mate’s family along the hem, the cuffs and the front panels. It is heavily embroidered with gold and silver threads in an intricate flower design, but light upon her shoulders.

Then Archangel Michael and Lady Faith stand before Amariah. They raise their hands in blessing. And as they do, she sees a white dove descend from the shadowy heights above her head and hears a voice echo within, “Here is my Daughter in whom I am well pleased.”

Amariah opens her eyes – she didn’t realized that she had closed them – and sees, hanging in the air before her, a Great Being, Lord Melchizedek. He also blesses her as I humbly bows my head and then stands before her, glowing with a gentle, golden light.

Addressing the entire gathering, the great Lord turns Amariah about to face the assembly and says aloud in a deep, gentle but penetrating voice, “This one is a member of the Order of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, now and forever!”

“She has gone forth to serve and has returned to us greatly changed, but greatly enhanced by her experiences. She has garnered the great wealth of the ages, wisdom and compassion, and is now graced with a crown of light that will not diminish even though the pillars of heaven fall. She has been a dedicated servant to the Light and now I create her a Lady of Light and raise her up into the Seventh Heaven. So mote it be!”

Now the great Lord of Light held out an open palm to Amariah and on his hand, a necklace appeared. It was a great pear diamond, set in amethysts and pink zircon, and hanging from a golden chain. He places the necklace over her head and arranges it gently on the front of her dress above her high heart. Next, a small delicate tiara appears on her brow, nestled gently into her thick chestnut hair as if placed there by hands.

Again the great Lord spoke, “Here stands before you, your servant arrayed in Light. Long has she served the cause of the Light in this Universe. May she continue to serve the Divine Mother / Father God with all her heart!”

Then, out of the shadowy reaches of the hall came a beautiful male tenor voice, singing a soft sacred hymn. It was Thorpe, one of Lord Michael’s Eagles, whose voice was like the angelic being it emanated from.  A harpist, Lady BasRa Kumara, also accompanies the singer.

The great lords and ladies leave the stage and next approaches a very tall, dark-haired man of great dignity and presence, Lord Adrigon, foster father and uncle to Amarish. Behind him strides a tall, man with golden blonde hair, her beloved Mate, AnDra Lan Tetrah. Together they stood with Amariah, facing the audience, one on each side.

Lord Adrigon addressed the assembly with his deep voice, filled with authority and warmth, “I present to you, two young people, AnDra and his Lady, Tazjima, whom I have brought up in my own household. They were destined to be together and are now, despite the fact that their Higher Selves are Twin Flames.” He paused and looked towards where Lady Faith and Archangel Michael were standing beside each other. He continued, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way, in Heaven and on earth.”

Adrigon speaks for awhile about the spiritual heritage and attainments of his niece.  Then he pauses again, as a beautiful dark lady now approached the altar. It was Lady Isis, an Ancient of the Days, eternally young, eternally beautiful and elegant, her slender shape arrayed in simple white robes with jewels upon her neck, head and hands. She stepped in front of the three standing there and stopped in front of Amariah, picking up her hands and kissing the open palms in blessing. Then She touched Amariah on the brow and heart and bowed to the divinity within.  Like Lady Nina, this great goddess invoked further blessings upon the future work of this soul.

Amariah could feel the crowd roar with delight, although there was no sound in that sacred space.  She steps forward as Lady Isis moves aside and bows her head in reverence and humility to all who were assembled there, her palms together in a simple mudra.

The ceremony was ended and now came the time for Lady Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe to be formally presented to the great luminaries present.

We will leave it to my readers to fill that long list with their own imaginations. And after the formal presentation, the festivities are to start. Much dancing and merriment among those great Beings! I am honored to be have been able to witness this great event for an aspect of my Higher Self!

Namaste, dear ones. I bow to the sacred seed of divinity within you all.




©All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com




19 thoughts on “Eliza: The Ceremony

  1. That was beautiful.. The emotion welled up in me so much that I cried.. Tears of joy for you.. So pleased for you, words are beyond me.. Much Love, Fiona xxx

  2. Congratulations Lady Tazjima, Lady of Light.

    SO very beautiful and heart-warming and Many thanks for the sharing of this beautiful ceremony.


    I AM Solara Antara

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  5. I bow to you Lady Tazjima, Lady of Light and look forward to be with you and many others to embrace the heart love and light. Namaste

  6. Lady Tazjima, Lady of Light, this was awesome and so moving and a joy to read. Really touched my soul and so happy for you. Much love, Pat ♥ I have always looked forward to reading of your personal experiences and memories, and know that you have been of great help to me as I endeavour to remember more of my own star heritage.

  7. It is so exciting to find you again, after this long time of 3d descent. I embrace you! I have just had a ceremony also in the dream state of introduction of Ladies of the Light. There are many of us coming into the remembering of who we are at this time. I am currently engaged in energy healing work in Berea, Ky, with the Lady Isis. We are dedicated to creating the New Earth. My heart is filled with love and gratitude to discover you!
    I Am Lady Master Venus

  8. Congratulations! Blessings on your ceremony and reunion with your beloved. Thank you for your account of the ceremony, it felt so familar…a dream that I had. May your remaining integration time flow with ease. With peace and love, Linda

  9. Exceedingly beautiful and I felt present with you throughout it. Very emotional and uplifting. Thank you for sharing what many of us are experiencing in your own deeply personal way.

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  12. Lady of Light (Amariah) , your amazing ceremony was truly”out of this world” by far than anything
    I have ever witnessed, You are truly blessed by all of the Light- the visions I had of your ceremony /I’m tearful and speachless..💛

    • Carol – my dear sister, Lady Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe et al has returned Home. I am her walk-in, Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe. I thank you in her name for your lovely comment. It was indeed a lovely ceremony.

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