Journal Entry 10.23.2014

Beauty does have thorns

Journal Entry 10.23.2014

For those of my readers who are pre-maturely suffering from separation anxiety or grief, I will still be aware of physical (3D / 4D) for a while yet.  From the experiences that Rananda has related, he is just becoming more aware of the higher dimensional life, although it still appears dream-like to him and upon waking he forgets quite a bit.  Still, this is a transition that will take a few months to accomplish.  While physically aware, I will be able to share some of my experiences whether dreams or memories or actual experiences, as is appropriate for a general audience.

Hopefully, I should have complete aware focus in 5D / 6D by late next spring.  I’ll keep in touch as long as I can and when Sundeelia communicates with you, you may not even notice a difference.  So, we’re all sharing a rather unique experience, dear readers, as I am one who enjoys communicating with you and fully intend to continue as long as I am able.

Rananda had his Ascension Day on May 21st and is still somewhat physically aware (3D / 4D).  He has been told that his primary focus should be fully shifted by the upcoming Solstice this December.

This kind of “ascension” or walking out process has been accomplished by others well before this time, besides Rananda, so the ship crew members who are overseeing the process know what must be done.  It will be a similar experience for those who follow in Rananda and my footsteps.

I hold each of you in my High Heart and want to thank everyone, even those shy ones who have never written, for being here for me.  Being a sensitive empath, I can feel YOUR heart flames and can tell you that your presence has lent me the strength to step forward into this new world (for this awareness) with an open heart and mind.

Those who have been drawn to these pages and will be in the future, share something with me, and that is hope and faith that the Light will prevail and Gaia will move gracefully into a new golden age where all humanity and all life can prosper and live in peace.

Namaste, dear ones.  Expect periodic updates for some time to come.


Update:  A tiny portion of Tazjma remained behind after her graduation.  She finally left in total on 4/14/17.  Sundeelia immediately felt the difference when the last 3% of Taz’s soul essence was gently removed by her loving mate, Lord An’Dra Dino.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,


13 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.23.2014

  1. Dear Eliza,
    A powerful photo of the mountains!
    thanks for sharing that you’ll be “around” for a while longer. I feel better@!
    All love and admiration,

    • That is a beautiful mountain shot, borrowed from the that I read every day. Some of the hikers / climbers are superb photographers. I have not been able to get out into the mountains much this year myself as the physical strain of this transition has diminished my energies quite a bit. Hopefully, Sundeelia will be able to enjoy some outdoor explorations next season. This past couple of months I have used more photos from other people than I used to as I lost much when my laptop crashed in early August. So goes life! Still have some photos on Flickr that I download. Under “eaescher” if you’re interested. Eliza

  2. It is wonderful reading about your transformation and your angelic presence is indeed moving us forward into The Grand Enlightenment. Thank you from a fellow 5th dimensional LoveLighter!

  3. Had an unusual response to this post….. the tears just started flowing & with all my heart, I felt, I want to go Home! I have never really felt home here, I’ve done my best to fit in, but never felt this was my home or my family was my real family. I have usually been pretty optimistic about me being here, but today for some reason, i’m blue.

      • Oh dear ~ am in tears (again) over you! 🙂 This just proves how much my soul resonates with yours. ‘Till we meet again Eliza (Taz, et al) my Love goes with you – and I will miss you so much … ♥

      • The sweet love that I feel in my heart towards all those who have walked with me through many lifetimes of joy and sorrow is beyond words. Our hearts are forever linked as One.

  4. Thank You enormously for this amazing sharing, Beautiful Satar Sister [?] Here Always with you…

    Embracing you close to me, Alice[?][?][?]

  5. Eliza, thank you for your open heart n allowing us to read and feel safe in your experiences ! It’s not every day that one can meet and openly share with the general public the magical experiences one may have on Gaia. Im happy n sad to loose your being but happy to know you will be transitioning over to Paradise! Ive been there but as I had a family to raise I was called back to my human responsibility of children . I know await for whatever is the purpose of my existence . Thank you for daily connecting with us may we someday meet again ! Love Billie

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