Journal Entry 10.22.2014

Ash Tree Pioneer Park

Journal Entry 10.22.2014

Tuesday morning as I was going out to my car, I looked up as I always do and searched the heavens above.  A thin golden sliver of a moon gleamed above the dark line of the Blues to the east.  Sirius and Orion the Hunter loomed above the southern horizon, just over the trees.  Glorious autumn late night / early morning skies.  Then I saw Venus gleaming in the high dark skies and smiled to myself.  For you see, I’ll be there soon.

I’m going Home.

I’ve been telling myself that for months now.  At first, I repeated the phrase so I could come to accept it as truth.  Now, I repeat it as I encounter yet another thing to let go.  I’m going Home.  Somehow, knowing this makes everything easier now.  A great weight has been lifted off as I have come to realize that I have handed over the responsibility for bringing this world and its people further into the fifth dimension to others.  I am going Home.

I’ve been told that there will be quite a crowd of Luminaries at my Ascension celebration.  I won’t bore you with names lest you think I’m a total ego-manic.  I’m not, just a humble light worker who happens to be the remaining soul aspect of an ascended Lady Master.

My Higher Self already exists in 6D and will be graduating to 7D, in the process becoming a Lady of Light, which is an honorary title and not an official office.  All these things and more have been shared with me by my cousin, Lord Rananda Kumara, who was, himself, created a Lord of Light this past year.

The Kumara Family has served well and served long.  And I have been one who has served along side my better known cousin, known to the people of Earth as Lord Kuthumi but whom I know as Rananda Kumara.   Some of you know Sanat Kumara, the Patriarch of the Kumara Clan.  He is the Twin Flame of my Mother, Lady Venus.  My Father is well known as the Archangel of the Seventh Ray, Lord Zadkiel.  Twin Flames seldom “marry” in the higher dimensions.  And Angelic Pleiadians such as my Father are extremely long-lived and have more than one mate in a life-time.

I tell you, my readers, these things now as it will hardly matter to the soul aspect called Eliza if you were to tell her that she is either a liar or an egoist to say such things.  I tell you these things so that you begin to realize that each human being is more than what they appear to be in their present human form.  My Being, my Higher Self is a tall, elegant lady, with chestnut hair and dark blue eyes.  Her Higher Self is the Twin Flame of an Archangel.  And so it goes, back to the Throne of God.  Each of us belongs to a soul group, a soul monad and Oversoul.  I just happen to have identified a few pieces of the puzzle that makes up this greater Being for myself.

I know that I have both inspired and on occasion irritated a few people.  In a recent article that I wrote, I mentioned that the plan for Gaia was altered after the atomic bombs fell on Earth… well, Heaven doesn’t know in advance what the free will of mankind will create, so it adjusts its plans accordingly.  Technically speaking, atomic or very powerful arms were used upon this Earth centuries before man discovered gunpowder.  Curious how technology is so often used in the art of war.  I hope someday soon, mankind will turn heart and soul to the art of living.

I learned about another lifetime of mine from my cousin Rananda, who told me that I made a dreamtime visit.  Apparently I was a military engineer who was imprisoned in Spain for 17 years.  During this time, being an officer and a gentleman, I gave my parole not to attempt to escape.  My fellow prisoners and I built an arched bridge over a small Spanish river.  Curious way to spend a war.   I certainly have had my share of interesting lifetimes as a male!

I’m feeling rather cheerful now.  My Sirian friend told  me who was going to attend the upcoming ceremony on the Pleiadian mothership, The White Winds.  My Uncle, Lord Adrigon, will be the Master of Ceremony.  He has served me as a beloved foster father and more recently as my Ascension sponsor and re-blending counselor.  And the rest of my wonderful Star Family will be there.  Do I sound a bit excited?  I am.

Meanwhile, if I remember anything about the ceremony, I will share it with you, giving you a glimpse into the world that some of you will be returning to soon.  I do this not to gain fame or followers, but for soft disclosure of the real world that lies behind the Veil for each of us once we attain our Mastery.

I give thanks that I have been given this unique opportunity to share my journey with you all.    My walk-in, Sundeelia, will continue to channel messages from me and other beings periodically,  as well as sharing her own unique journey as a fully conscious light worker here on temporary assignment.

I send best wishes to all my readers.  Namaste.


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.22.2014

  1. Oh how truly wonderful.. Beyond Wonderful.. I’m So excited for you..
    It must feel so so good to be finally going home, I can feel the joy..
    I wish you the very very best, much Love and a huge smile, Fiona xxx :)) :)) :))

  2. Thank You so mutch for sharing your yourney to going home Eliza. It’s a great gift to all of us to now this..I sending you Mutch Love to our heaven familie. And I say welcome to Sundeelia.
    Greating and love Mi’Kiera

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  4. Thank you Eliza for all your insight and sharing your incredible journey! I’m very excited and a little envious as I would love to go galactic! However my work is not yet done here and I have young children to mentor and grow. Try to keep communications open and let us know how you are doing. Peace and blessings!
    Much love

  5. Thank you for sharing Taz’s story! It’s very meaningful to me, as I fully understand and it helps to prepare me in for my ascension. Rananda is a beautiful soul, I’m so grateful to know him. Bless you and Thank you again.

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