Eliza: On Changes and Transitions

Glimpses into the Distance

Eliza: On Transitions and Changes

This past week, two significant individual First Wave Volunteers passed from this world. We have known them as Dr. Emoto and Dolores Cannon. Still others have passed away earlier this year, bringing much sorrow to those who have looked up to them and have enjoyed the fruits of their great gifts.  Still others will be passing on without any fanfare, yet have served here well.

Each one of these individuals brought knowledge and understanding to their students and to humanity about the expansive qualities of life and the power of thought. They have added to the Whole through their life’s work through the expression of their talents and gifts.

It is now up to those who are left behind to take what they have started and to expand upon this work. It is up to those who are left behind to take up their OWN work and anchor their own light into the earth for the benefit of the Whole.

Not all of the starseed volunteers have chosen to experience this life here upon the world stage. Some of us have lived lives of relative outward insignificance, but due to our presence here, we have made a difference for all life.

I realize that Dolores, in her work, presented the concept of various waves of star seed and angelic volunteers, primarily as related to their physical ages. This partially true, but there also exists a purpose and reason for the various waves.

Most of the souls of starseed volunteers will be found out to primarily be of Pleiadian, Venusian, Sirian and Arcturian descent because it was these races that were involved in the original seeding of humanity and culture upon the surface of the planet. Many of the indigenous races upon this planet still trace their origins back to their starry origins and have retained some ties with their ancestors.  Our ancestor races have assumed much of the responsibility for seeing that this race be able to mature into its full potential.

We know that the great destiny of humanity was hijacked by beings from other dimensions and worlds and plunged into darkness.

In response, it was decided by the great Council of Light that oversees this quadrant of the Galaxy that Earth should be slated for destruction. It was felt that humanity had sunk too low to ever be brought back into the Light. One Being of Light disagreed with that assessment and took it upon Himself to embody or ensoul the heart energies of everyone upon the planet by becoming the Planetary Logos, the Lord of the World. The name of this great Being of Light was and is Sanat Kumara and He is still the Patriarch of the Kumara Family and the Twin Flame of Lady Venus.

Sanat Kumara did not decide one day to ensoul a planetary body for the fun of the experience; He did it out of a deep love and sense of commitment to the true destiny of the humanity, that of a new and vibrant galactic race of starseeds.

Sanat Kumara underwent thousands of years of preparation and had to overcome all of his own emotional and mental blockages, as we who live here now are undergoing ourselves. How could He do this? As an Ancient of Days, and a Being who resonated at higher dimensions, He was outside of time. He planted aspects of Himself on a multitude of worlds and underwent training in the physical worlds, to train Himself for His future role as Planetary Logos. After He had completed this first stage of His training and upon the urging of His great Mentor, Lord Krishna, He traveled to Venus and continued learning in the great College for spiritual initiates. There He was able to learn to expand His own Heart Flame until He could consciously gather and be in tune with all of the heart flames of those who inhabited a planet. He was now ready to embark on His tour of duty with Earth / Gaia.

With Sanat Kumara came many volunteers, both from Venus, the Pleiades, Sirius and other interested worlds. Before the Fall, great spiritual communities and temples had thrived upon the surface, teaching selected individuals and groups the inner truths and secrets of the Universe. After the Fall, these Etheric retreats were established above the third dimension, where the prayers and light consciousness of the volunteers could continue be radiated out to the planet, which by this time had sunk to a lower fourth dimension. All of these retreats are quite active in higher planes and when the planet and its population have risen sufficiently in vibration, they will appear, once again, as living crystal cities of Light and teaching centers for all humanity.

One such retreat that was created upon the advent of Sanat Kumara to this planet, was the great spiritual center, called Shambhala. Sanat Kumara never embodied upon the lower planes, but continued to hold the balance for humanity until individuals within the whole could take upon their own shoulders some of the burden of anchoring the light. Sanat Kumara formally handed over His office of Planetary Logos, late in the 20th century to the divine Bodhisattva, Kuan Yin, who was, at this time variously known as the Goddess of Compassion and who, in Her service to humanity had once also held the office of Chohan of the Seven Ray (Violet Flame) and a seat on the Karmic Board. Great beings of Light still hold the various offices of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet, until such time as members of humanity spiritually advance far enough to assume these offices for the rest of the world.

Eventually, after Sanat Kumara and his fellow volunteers arrived here, it was deemed necessary to send volunteers to incarnate amongst the people, to act as guides, teachers, priests and priestesses, as architects and artisans, as musicians, dancers, gardeners and scientists, as philosophers, writers, poets and singers… as those who could inspire and lead humanity back into the Light. They would act as catalysts for culture and freedom, anchoring their light and living upon the surface.

For these lighted beings, existence in the heavy and darkened vibrational frequencies of the fallen earth has been a great challenge. Time and time again they were opposed by forces emanating from those people who surrounded them, but did not understand their forward ideas and concepts. Many of these lighted beings lived short and violent lives, but still they continued to either incarnate or to walk into physical vessels within every culture and race upon the planet.

Cultures rose and fell. Every time a great culture rose and expanded into higher consciousness it seemed that there were dark forces that conspired to plunge the people back into darkness, into superstition and fear.

There were beings who responded to the flow of Light from the great etheric retreats. It was they who started new philosophies, who “discovered” the ancient language of sacred geometry, who recorded the songs of the stars in stone and wood, through the building of great stone circles and pyramids and other great buildings and cities. Yet every time a culture flourished, it was as if the seeds of its demise were planted at the same time of the harvest. Time and time again, the lesser cycles found these cultures crashing earthward and falling into blood and idolatry.

It was deemed necessary to bring even more volunteers to Earth and so I came, along with many others. Still we struggled, from lifetime to lifetime, with the forces of darkness. We began to realize that we needed to plant more than one aspect of Self into the various timelines and so we did, living out a multiplicity of lifetimes in order to affect change. This pattern of struggling against the darkness that emanated from a small number of truly dark beings and through those who were caught up in their manipulations, through the auspices of various institutions, whether government or religion or tyrannical leaders.

In time, it was recognized that even more volunteers were needed to truly tip the balance so the Light could return in full to the planet and humanity be freed from its self-imposed bonds of karmic consequences of the original fall in vibration.

While the planet had suffered long from the effects of the fall of humanity and all life upon her surface, it wasn’t until the opening salvos of the Industrial Revolution, that the true extent and intent of the dark entities was realized. Their intent was to destroy the planet’s ability to serve as a physical platform for the soul expression of humanity and other life forms to experience physical existence.

The dark intended that the planet Herself be compromised to the point that She would be forever drawn down in vibration and would only be able to serve those of lower and darker vibrations. This dark intent was not the original Blueprint for this planet. She was a sacred water planet and designed to be a living library and a place where a great diversity of life forms could live and thrive together within a grand design. She cried out for help and received it in the form of the star seed volunteers, of the Second Wave.

Those of us who were of the early starseed Volunteers had already spent many lifetimes upon this planet, residing and living within various cultures, adding and anchoring our light to physical locations and sacred sites throughout the surface of the planetary body… and if we are to believe the tales of the Inner Earth, within Her body, as well, although at a slightly higher vibration (5D).

Those who came as starseeds have been highly experienced and highly gifted in the various aspects of culture, whether of poetry, philosophy, political activism, art, music, spirituality, architecture, agriculture, alchemy, sacred sciences and so on. We were here for various reasons, to anchor our vast light quotient into the earth plane and to act as teachers and Wayshowers for those who were just beginning to incarnate or walk-in to the earth plane. Some of us have been active upon the world stage; others have lived quiet lives, but all have served in one capacity or another.

Still, there continues to be some resistance on the part of the later volunteers to assume responsibility for their own missions. They have been, in large part, comfortable following teachers, attending lectures and sessions, reading books written by others, and generally attending to what is outside their own beings than being willing to reveal and investigate what lies within.

It has been difficult for most First Wave starseeds, for the bodies that they entered were still the “old” models, with a disconnected DNA that did not allow the freedom of expression that these soul aspects were familiar with from the higher dimensions from which they came. Part of each of their missions has been to partake of the energies of the various portals and openings, to expand and lift up their own personal vibrational frequencies and to address their inner quest for self-discovery in order to reconnect with Spirit. Many of these beings have suffered for years, even decades, from the physical symptoms of what has come to be known as Ascension flu, i.e., the transformation of the physical vessels so all humanity would be able to incarnate into higher grade vessels designed for the light-filled higher dimensions. Humanity was originally designed to consciously move between the various dimensions, while maintaining a physical existence. This purpose is now in the process of being reinstated for all life forms upon the planet. In time, our world and all life upon her will be very different than what is currently seen and experienced.

Those whose souls are now being cut free of any further commitment to the Earth plane will be returning to the homes of their origin, to the starry regions that are still so beyond the current understanding and knowledge of most of humanity. It will not always be so, as the ones who have spent lifetimes of work upon this world have woven ties with humanity that will enable those who follow an easier time to expand their own horizons into the stars, bringing all humanity eventually into the higher vibrations of 5D. Some of these souls may choose continue to work with humanity, but from higher dimensions, as the frequency levels of some humans continues to rise, creating a stairway to heaven or the higher dimensions through their inner work.

Those starseed volunteers who Dolores Cannon described as the Second Wavers now are to assume their own missions, expand upon that of their teachers and to expand the understanding of humanity of what exists outside of time and space, what exists within each human being and the possibilities that physical existence holds in the multiplicity of possible means of expression.

As Dolores Cannon wrote, there is also a Third Wave of Volunteers. These are the young ones, the children who are being born, as Crystals and Rainbows, the child prodigies, some of whom are the autistic ones who struggle with the lower vibrations and those who are here to experience sometimes for the first time, physical existence. These very pure souls can incarnate here now due to the diligence and hard work undertaken so long ago by the First Wave Volunteers.

The Third Wave, the children who are coming into incarnation here, will have less physical trials than those who have gone before them as they are incarnating with upgraded physical vessels, yet they will encounter their own set of emotional and mental challenges, simply by being here. For those who have come here as a Second Waver, be here as a parent or family member, a friend, a teacher, a guide and as a support system for these precious ones who deserve the opportunity to share their wondrous gifts and talents with all life and in doing so, do not underestimate your own value, dear ones.

I begin to see all the struggles of humanity, of the great war between the light and dark, of the drama and scope of physical existence here, with a growing compassion and detachment.  I no longer feel the need to judge or to struggle against the darkness, but realize that it has helped to define the light within. I have arrived at a place of inner balance that others have yet to find within. Still, by going there and living from this place, I anchor the vibration of beingness that is necessary for each to discover for themselves, without the aid of another.

It is all very good to have a great teacher and to follow in their footsteps, but there comes a time when the work of any person must be expanded upon and not allowed to fall into doctrine and become stagnant. It is not wise to make gods of those who have acted and lived here among you as fellow human beings, for in doing so, you give up your own sovereignty and power to those who have gone before you. Each succeeding generation is to find more, even if it is discovering a new way to utilize the teachings of the ancestors. Give your own unique stamp upon whatever you do in life, for each of you is a unique face to the Whole and have something to offer life even if you do not yet have the faith and trust in your own intuition or inner being. You will… given enough struggles and exercise enough breakthroughs in understanding.

Let go of the need of the ego to understand everything before it happens. When you finally open your high heart AND connect with Higher Mind, you will understand what you need to know, in the moment. It is a matter of trust and inner wisdom, as you make connect with the greater part of Self which remains in the higher dimensions of being.

My story of Sanat Kumara and the history of humanity is, of course, highly abbreviated. One could write many books on this subject and still not touch on all that has been hidden from humanity about their own past. Some of the story is metaphorical. Use your discernment and seek out your own sources of information. I am not a historian and do not write in a scientific method, but from my own understanding that might not appear logical or linear from a left-brain approach. Much of what is in the world, indeed within each of us is still a great mystery. It is up to each person to dive into the mystery of beingness and find their own way forward. Many blessings upon that path of self-discovery to all those who follow behind and to those who have gone before me.

Go in Peace and share your journeys with each other. You are now to become the Teachers and Wayshowers of Humanity. Assume the Mantle with grace, strength of purpose and the knowledge that it is now your time to shine.


Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

©All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com

13 thoughts on “Eliza: On Changes and Transitions

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  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. I, too, understand that as my Arcturian Soul aspect walks out and my Gaia Soul aspect walks in (returns), there will be a blending process until we are both comfortable. The peacefulness this brings is felt, yet I still experience down days and bouts of ascension flu and probably will until the exchange is complete. And thank you, too, Dr. Emoto and Dolores Cannon, along with Jose Arguelles, Stuart Wilde and Amorah Quan Yin, and gratitude to those who have pioneered the path and to those who will follow. And finally, well done, Gaia! Love, Altea.

  3. Que Sorpresa y que maravillosa descripción de nuestras misiones acá en Tara/Gaia, muchas gracias por tu gran trabajo de relatar tu experiencia de ascención, un gran abrazo y Buen Feliz Retorno a Nuestra Gran Familia De Luz Galactica.

  4. Thank you, dear Sister of Light, for the reminder. This feels like a nice roadmap for the second Waver that I am. I will stick to it and follow my heart in order to fulfill my purpose on Gaia at this very time.

    Much Love & Light

  5. A beautiful post.

    Thank you very much for reposting it three years later, dear Sister. In retrospect, I found this portion very profound, and so valuable. Thank you! ❤

    "It is all very good to have a great teacher and to follow in their footsteps, but there comes a time when the work of any person must be expanded upon and not allowed to fall into doctrine and become stagnant. It is not wise to make gods of those who have acted and lived here among you as fellow human beings, for in doing so, you give up your own sovereignty and power to those who have gone before you. Each succeeding generation is to find more, even if it is discovering a new way to utilize the teachings of the ancestors. Give your own unique stamp upon whatever you do in life, for each of you is a unique face to the Whole and have something to offer life even if you do not yet have the faith and trust in your own intuition or inner being. You will… given enough struggles and exercise enough breakthroughs in understanding."

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