Journal Entry 10.14.2014

Larch Festival

Journal Entry 10.14.2014

This is an interesting process that I’m currently undergoing.  Call it an accelerated cleansing.  Oh, no… not again!  Yes, and in my case, it is apparently purging some deep cellular memories, mostly of rejection.

Starseeds know a lot of about rejection, feeling rejected by others and in turn, rejecting whole systems, relationships, beliefs, and institutions as a result of what we are and what we hold in terms of inner wisdom.  Personally, I’ve experienced a lot of rejection from other people in this lifetime and for the last 14 years or so, have voluntarily chosen to live alone.

Be alone is not lonely for me.  In the last two years, my writing has filled a huge gap in my life, allowing me to process and share that process with others.  I don’t do this to impress anyone, mind you, just to let people know, especially fellow starseeds that you’re not alone in your struggles or triumphs.

I woke up this morning feeling a profound sense of rejection and my ego mind immediately went to work building up the dramatic scenario… until I put a stop to it.  The sense of rejection has dissipated now, but I suppose other emotional baggage may still come up for clearing periodically between now and my “departure” date.

From my cousin, Rananda Kumara (via David Spear) I’ve learned more about the process on the other side as he has been in the re-tuning to 5D mode ever since his Ascension last May.  He has been advised by his sponsor that he should be completely retuned by the upcoming Solstice.  So… that would be seven months for him.  I feel it will be somewhat accelerated for me as I have a large commitment pending after the Solstice.

I’m sharing this information as a form of soft disclosure and for those volunteer First Wave starseeds who will begin their ascension this December and into the next couple of years.  If you are curious about your status, ask whether you have an ascension “date” (they are usually at the cusp between astrological signs) and if you have been assigned a walk-in.  Other First Wave starseeds might have other means to “leave”, so keep an open mind.

I understand that many starseeds who are fully awakened might be surprised to find that they are about to receive their walking papers; I know that I was.  I was prepared to be here for the duration, but it seems I (as a soul aspect) was needed at home.  I understand the reason now, but didn’t at first.

The channeled messages have completely stopped so it appears that I have completed my mission here.    I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and a bit of my journey with you, my dear readers.  And for those who come to these pages after my departure, I send you my blessings.

I AM Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, daughter of the Pleiades and of the planet Venus.

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photo Credit:  Boiling Lake, Sawtooth Wilderness, North Cascades (

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.14.2014

  1. Bright Blessings to you Tazjima! Seems like so many changes day to day now… I will miss reading this blog and feeling your stream. I can only hope we will meet again some day….. I feel that you have helped me, by expressing what was happening in your consciousness. All journeys are different, but it shifted the way I looked at mine. Lots of wonderful things are happening to me, to others, that remind me, that this is what we came here to do, WAKE each other up & walk each other home. Thanks for your part in my journey, for we all are one….
    Love & Light,

  2. All I can say is LOVE…with some tears…and I look forward to all you can share after “your departure” as I have looked forward to seeing Blue Dragon Journal in my inbox ! ….OX Judy

  3. Dear Eliza, You cannot imagine what a difference you have made to my life! I just love your art work, your candid messages that seem to be directed solely to me, and all of the wonderful passages of your life that you have shared via Blue Dragon Journal. Thank you for todays info re our Ascension Date. Blessings and Love for your Glorious Return Home. I will miss you. Sharron Baker. Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 23:32:08 +0000 To:

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  5. Thanks for the flowers, landscapes and writings.
    Symbol pinecone on a stone.

    On October 23, may be a “baby steps”?
    Ref to
    Mother earth gets a big ascended soon and many light workers and others come with the move. Ascents and elevating compounds reminiscent of a ramp orespektive staircase with treads and risers.

    Perhaps it will be a giant leap when Mother Nature gets up and gets rid of the garbage. But it is mentioned / hinted that there will be more steps
    before everything is in Paradise on Earth

    But anyway, we meet again!

    • No, not a baby step. Ascension as such is misunderstood by many. As a part of my Higher Self, a soul “aspect”, I am returning Home to rejoin that Higher Self. I came as a walk-in so I could do just this, when the right time has arrived. I go before the many and follow others who have gone before me. I was never meant to stay and ascend with the Earth. I came to give the planet and people some impetus by placing my light quotient among the many. Now, my job is done and I return Home and will soon embark on other missions as my completed, fully reinstated Higher Self. I, as Eliza, will not exist any more as a separate entity. Some soul aspects chose that road and work for many cycles as a separate being; I have not. I return Home to mate, children, Family and duties. Perhaps those who return will meet me again, but most certainly one of my children who will come in the future to be a light focus in a new cycle. My ascension is NOT the same as what has been portrayed in New Age material. You will see me in the Councils of Light while you sleep and dream, but never, again, on this planet unless I visit the etheric retreats of my Kin. Namaste. P.S. Thanks, Rolf, for the provocative comment; I shall write more on this later.

      • Archangel Michael mentions in a letter in 1998, something of divine descent (Avatar). They are enlightened. There are also “walks in” which borrows a man’s body during shorter periods. The new spirituality are many different variants. / Thanks Interesting to hear more about your experiences on this.
        Wow, wow, wow .Now sun shines behind the clouds through my window in the living room .Solen says peekaboo (watch out)

  6. Hi Eliza, I have loved reading your posts as they have been fascinating and informative. You write beautifully and I will miss reading them. Love and blessings for your forward journeys. Pat Grabham ♥

  7. Eliza, thank you so much for all of your sharings– the sometimes poignant stories, the beautiful images, the heartfelt wishes, and the wise words of deep understanding. I, too, stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago and immediately felt at home with you, and consider myself fortunate to have done so. Will miss you. Enjoy the grand adventure, well done…

    • Thank you, Anne… everyone of my readers. I hope to continue to communicate some of my 5D adventures… those that I can share… once I fully wake up to that world. I will be in touch through my sister, Sundeelia. Much love, Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

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