Journal Entry – 10.10.14

Autumn Joy 001

Journal Entry – 10.10.14

This month and my remaining time here is rapidly passing.  Still, occasionally I wake up to another surprise from my Star Family.  This morning, they told me the name of another embodiment, John Dee, of the Elizabethan era in England.

Curiously and perhaps not so, I’ve known for a long time that I lived / am living during that epoch, a golden age for England and the beginning of her world-wide explorations.  John Dee played a part, being a gifted mathematician, alchemist, astrologer / astronomer, writer, etc.  When I hear the name, I immediately thought… “oh, no, not the spy master!”  No, that was Lord Cecil, who advised Elizabeth for many years.

Master Dee was a controversial figure in his time due to his intense curiosity about the world, seen and unseen.  He attempted crystal gazing and tried to communicate with angels!  He was accused of witchcraft more than once, but exonerated every time.  His various patrons were Edward VI (son of Henry VIII), Elizabeth I, Lord Dudley and others.  I was smiling as I read a short biography on the man as he stood on the cusp of two worlds, the end of the Renaissance and the beginning of the modern era.  He is considered, by some, as the last alchemist and the first real scientist.  He also taught men the mathematical skills needed in order to navigate the vast oceans.  Remember, the fine instruments that our mariners use today weren’t available in the 16th century.

Now… to the more mundane.  Life has been pretty quiet as I wind down my participation in life here.  I am encircled with the love of my Family 24/7.

Our autumn continues to be mild and dry.  The trees are losing leaves simply due to heat stress and the lower light.  Did everyone enjoy the lunar eclipse?  I just saw a bit of a dirty shadow on the lower half of the moon when I woke on Wednesday morning.  Still, the early morning skies are a beautiful deep blue spiked with brilliant stars.  This morning I saw Orion, Sirius and Venus.  Lovely!

I have been contacted by an individual who has felt a deep connection to Chief Joseph all her life.  With a little meditation and “tuning-in” I discovered that she had been his daughter, Sounds of Running Water, and was separated from her father at age 12 as a result of the flight towards Canada.  They were never reunited in that lifetime.  So, it is wonderful to make connection now.  I am discovering family all over the place, here and at Home.  It is quite an amazing time for me.

October 23rd is my official Ascension Day.  This particular day is significant in astronomy as containing a partial solar eclipse.  It is also part of the annual Festival of Light or Dwahli that is held each year in India.  I think Master Dee, who was also a talented astrologer, would be pleased with the “energies” of the day.

I haven’t really felt like writing much.  I guess I’ve pretty much said all that I have to say for now.  When I “leave”, I will convey messages periodically through my walk-in, Sundeelia VaCoupe.  Instead of writing, I’ve been working on another painting, posted above.  It is still in process, but I thought it a colorful design appropriate for autumn.

My blessings to all who have been reading these pages and those who will arrive here once I’ve departed.  I believe that I am the final piece of the puzzle or soul aspect that has embodied upon this planet at least for now.  The work that I do next will be from higher dimensions.


I AM Eliza.

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry – 10.10.14

  1. Thank you my sweet Taz, so you know the day of your leaving. I wish you so much joy and love back home. With luck I go to this month but there are some circumstances to be regarded, all needs to fit. I am sure we will see us in the higher dimension and I am looking forward for this. Much love and divine blessings for you my lovely one ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. going home…….I am so ready for that! I am so glad that it is your time. Thank you for sharing your journey. I feel so complete with mine…….trusting the timing of my call home.

  3. Beloved, Thank you so much for your contribution that so many has benefited from. You remind me of lady isis ( the healing hand) whom left us in a similar way.Good bye in advance and till we meet again.
    Once again,thank you so much


  4. I love the painting. It captures the fall season so beautifully. It will be interesting to hear what is happening with you in the higher frequency levels after October 23rd. It should help people to understand where we are headed and alleviate apprehensions.

    Thanks for all your lifetimes of service… and sharing so generously. Much appreciated.

    Blessings and Sweet Dreams, both night and day.

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  6. Fare well Home, dear Sister. I enjoyed your writings so much! Many thanks for sharing and much Love to you and All of your family! God bless

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