Journal Entry 10.04.2014

Chief Joseph 001

Journal Entry 10.04.2014

Sometimes we reach a point in our life when we realize that we’re walking in circles.  This can be both positive and negative in our dualistic world… which we are rapidly leaving.

When I was younger, I was very creative, writing poetry, taking art classes, sewing and the like.  Much of that dropped away, given that I spend much of my waking hours at work making what passes for a “living”.  Still, I have managed to step through the negative aspect of this and begin to reconnect with my creativity, when home.

Instead of ensconcing myself in front of the television, I’ve been getting out my pencil and paper, paint, brushes and canvases… to begin exploring my creativity, again. .

The latest painting is one that I’m still working on (see above) from an old black and white photo portrait taken by Edward Curtis of Chief Joseph when he was an older man.  He lived to 64 years old (1904), the very physical age that I just arrived at this past week.  So, in some curious way, I am celebrating both lifetimes, as Joseph and now as Eliza.

It has always been interesting to me how the knowledge of something communicates its essence to me, through my fingers and eyes as I work.  For instance, I’ve painted some rather bad paintings of Mt. Rainier in the past, but I can pick out the Mountain when I see it in any photograph.  I “know” it intimately from the time I have spent with it.

This is so with portraits, but even more so when there is already a connection between the spirit of the one being painted and the one who is painting.  As Joseph is a part of me, I feel his spirit guiding my eyes and hands, and if my brushwork is a little clumsy, he is certainly not to blame.  I just need some more practice.

I’ve been working in acrylics, as they wash up faster and are okay to use in a small space.  I don’t really have room to store a lot of drying paintings, like you sometimes need to do with oils.  However, I do have some fast drying oils and water soluble (which still take a while to dry!) that I may attempt to play with before I “leave”.

Thanks for being here now.  Many hands and hearts are needed to get the work done that needs doing.  Utilize your gifts and creativity and discover the joy in sharing with your friends all over the world and beyond.



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9 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10.04.2014

  1. Nice job on the Joseph ‘you,’ Eliza.

    And incidentally: I like to play with words – interior rhythms and such – and I think you have inspired me to ‘go for it’ more lately. Anyway: I have appreciated YOUR words in these recent times.

    Go well. Be well. Do well.

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  3. Good afternoon dear Eliza,

    How are you now that you have passed another birth landmark? Ready to move on, or rather somewhere up? Interesting similarity with Chief Joseph’s life.

    Your talking about your artistic abilities made me think of a poem that I shared a while back in England during a week-long Community Building event. It is entitled, The Woodcarver, and I am pasting it below. Enjoy!

    The Woodcarver

    A Taoist Tale
    By Chuang Tzu

    Khing, the master carver, made a bell stand
    Of precious wood. When it was finished,
    All who saw it were astounded. They said it must be
    The work of spirits.
    The Prince of Lu said to the master carver:
    “What is your secret?”

    Khing replied: “I am only a workman:
    I have no secret. There is only this:
    When I began to think about the work you commanded
    I guarded my spirit, did not expend it
    On trifles, that were not to the point.
    I fasted in order to set
    My heart at rest.

    “After three days fasting,
    I had forgotten gain and success.
    After five days
    I had forgotten praise or criticism.
    After seven days
    I had forgotten my body
    With all its limbs.

    “By this time all thought of your Highness
    And of the court had faded away.
    All that might distract me from the work
    Had vanished.
    I was collected in the single thought
    Of the bell stand.

    “Then I went to the forest
    To see the trees in their own natural state.
    When the right tree appeared before my eyes,
    The bell stand also appeared in it, clearly, beyond doubt.
    All I had to do was to put forth my hand
    And begin.

    “If I had not met this particular tree
    There would have been
    No bell stand at all.

    “What happened?
    My own collected thought
    Encountered the hidden potential in the wood;
    From this live encounter came the work
    Which you ascribe to the spirits.”

  4. I gave a little gasp when I saw that you had painted Chief Joseph. About a week ago I had a group of 3 synchronicities about him, including a dream meeting. I can tell you he has the most beautiful eyes…The meaning of the meeting is, at this point, still in the “ineffable” category.

    • The process of painting this great man, whether or not I have a past-life as him, was quite an experience. I could feel his presence, gentle, quiet and somewhat tired, yet wishing to convey his love and belief that people can live in peace. His eyes were actually black, but I used burnt sienna instead, with a touch of ultramarine. Still, being someone who hasn’t painted in a couple of years, I feel that “we” managed to convey some of the essence of the man, his spirit through his wonderful face. He stood 5’11” and always dressed with quiet dignity. I didn’t paint all of the shell necklaces that he loved, that he was wearing around his neck in the photo portrait. If you would be willing to share some of your meeting with Joseph, I would be most happy. or Facebook messenger, “Elizabeth Escher”. Thanks. Tazjima n Sundeelia

  5. Beautiful portrait, and congrats on rediscovering your impulse to be creative. By the way, there are painting mediums that you can mix with your oil paints that make them dry faster. Not so fast that you can’t rework them a bit, but much faster than normal.

    Blessings on you and your journey. Reading about it made me rather ‘homesick’ at 1st, but I know it is my job to stay here and help with the ‘clean up.’

    All the best to you in your new journey. I will both miss you and celebrate your return home.

  6. Oh Eliza! I found your site about 6 months ago and asked you a question and got such a kind answer from you! I feel very very sad you are going. I will miss YOU! Thank you for all you have shared and taught us!

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