Journal Entry 09.30.2014

Sunflower Dissolving into Violet 001

Journal Entry 09.30.2014

This week we start into the month of October and oh what an intense month this is going to be… as if this entire year has not?  October 8th we have a lunar eclipse and then on October 23rd, there is a New Moon, with a partial Solar eclipse.  I’ll let the astrological wizards fill you in on the details.

My Higher Self planned this very well, as my Ascension date is on the 23rd, day of the partial solar eclipse and new moon, as well as the Festival of Lights, Dwahli, in India.  Should be interesting to see what happens.

It may not appear that I’ve gone anywhere, at least at first, as my walk-in and sister, Sundeelia VaCoupe, will be “filling” in for me.  My co-workers and neighbors will probably not notice anything at all.  At least at first… until Sundeelia begins to assert herself and embark on her own mission.

Above as the “photo of the day” is a piece of personal artwork which I call, “Sunflower Dissolving into Violet.”  I hope you enjoy it.  I finally broke out the paint and brushes and completed a small canvas.

Much love to all!

Eliza ‘n Sundeelia

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

10 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.30.2014

  1. beautiful painting…. such a multi-talented person. i’m wondering if this new part of you will continue with the writing. I am going to miss you, i realized I wouldn’t recognize you if you walked by me on the street.. that made me feel sad, as you have helped create some big waves through my consciousness with your writings!!
    Bright blessings to you Eliiza!!!

    • Thanks, Karen. What I look like here is not what I look like at Home. I prefer to remain somewhat anonymous while here on planet Earth, LOL. It’s been kind of an undercover mission, being in the background, unnoticed until I could anchor the Light and break through the Veils of Forgetfulness on my own. Mission accomplished and now I’m ready to go Home. Much love to you and continue riding those waves. Who knows where they will take you! Love, Lady Tazjima

  2. Dear Eliza,
    I like your free-flowing art! I’m happy you are doing it, and that we’ll have another month of your wisdom!
    Much love,

  3. Love the painting, such beautiful colours! And Diwali is such a lovely festival. When I was expecting my daughter, I had wanted her to be born on that date for that year. Instead she arrived just two days early!

    And like Karen, I hope Sundeelia will keep writing as you have, but I shall also try to not impose expectations! 😉

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