Journal Entry: 09.21.2014


Journal Entry 09.21.2014

Really!  What day is it?  Time has begun to blend and collapse into itself for me, especially on the weekends.  As soon as I get home, the watch comes off and doesn’t get put on again until Monday morning.

I’ve been rather disconnected from matters outside my little world at present with all the interior changes going on as my transition continues.  At times, I am very aware of the presence of my Star Family, but this week, I was visited by other rather special Beings.  I really can’t share much as most of this is of a very personal nature, but I can share that we are loved so very much.  If there is one thing that I have conveyed to my readers, is this sense of all-pervading and encompassing Love that permeates your being when you open yourself up to the possibility that you may, indeed, be more than you ever dreamed.

It is so for me.  It is so for all human beings.  Within Unity consciousness, where most of us exist before incarnation and between incarnations, there is only Love and acceptance.  We have all forgotten, temporarily, that the connection is NEVER broken between Soul and human being.  If it were so, your consciousness would be immediately withdrawn from this world and you would be elsewhere.

Some of you may wonder why I posted a meditation from Archangel Michael today.  It is actually one that I use when I go to work each morning and has served me well.  Like me, many still work and perhaps live in environments that can present challenges.  While I do not recommend going into fear about it, I have myself experienced psychic attacks fairly recently, as have a couple of other internet friends.  While we are still undergoing the present transition, it is wise to protect yourself so you can go freely through the world during the day.

The Shield does not work if you are in fear about anything or allow yourself to get upset over things.  Each of us needs to be responsible for how we are able to handle our circumstances as they are being presented to us.  We have a choice:  to see things as challenges or to see difficult circumstances as an opportunity to use our inner resources and creativity.  Above all, we need to listen to our own hearts and intuit whether or not something resonates within.  If it does not, then pass it by.  In small degrees, you can return to a sense of personal sovereignty and when you learn that it is okay to surrender fully to the Source, you will do so with a full heart and without any lingering fear.

Each of us is a vast light being in truth, of which only the tiniest bit of self can be contained with these small physical vessels.  And this world in which we find ourselves is a hologram, made up of the collective consciousness of ALL humanity.  By bringing yourself into resonance with what fits you as a being, you contribute to raising the Whole.  If you are in dissonance, you contribute to bringing down the whole collective, as well.

We are all here, everyone of us, to play a part.  When we return to our “real” life, we will be completely enveloped back into the Wholeness from which we came.  Whether or not you were a Light Being before incarnating here or the consciousness of a tree, you are a part of the Wholeness of consciousness that exists upon this planet.  You are a child of Gaia and loved more than you know.

You are also a Child of Creation and a vast being existing in other worlds and dimensions.  During the past week, I have experienced some awareness of my own multidimensionality.  It is possible for you to do the same.  Surrender to the process, release your fear and resistance, purify the great column of Light that you are in truth and be the Love and Light that you are, always, whether here or elsewhere.

Shine, my sisters and brothers, shine!  Let your light be a beacon to those who are still waking up.  Share your journeys with all those who will listen and see what happens as a light goes on behind someone’s eyes even as you look upon their glowing face.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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