Journal Entry 09.06.2014


Journal Entry 09.06.2014

Some of my readers may have noticed that I was very quiet this past week, at least until today.  Reason being, I was extremely exhausted at work.  When I got home, it was enough to feed the cats and myself and then go to bed.  I wasn’t interested in reading much or doing much, except gathering a few handfuls of fresh vegetables from my little garden for fresh salad.

In glancing over various messages shared on Facebook, it was obvious that the energies continue to intensify for us all.  And my personal process is continuing I continue to blend with higher self.

I am constantly checking in with my Star Family throughout the day and night.  They or a select group of them are present 24/7.  When I have a moment to relax and tune in, I can feel their Presence, their love and attention being given to me in every moment.

Lately, my “life” here has taken on a dimension of being unreal or dreamlike.  This sensation informs me that the process of re-blending with Higher Self is well underway.  I do not feel fully engaged here any more.  Indeed, I seek to disengage more and more every day.

Those who still come seeking answers to their questions will find, for the most part, them being unanswered.  I don’t know your answers.  It is for YOU to find them out.  I am not an all-knowing omniscient being in my current life here, merely a soul aspect of one who resonates at 6D.  And since I am currently withdrawing my awareness of this life and focusing on rejoining Family and friends at Home, I have little interest in continuing to teach.

Look around you.  There are many lightworkers and starseeds who are here specifically to teach.  My journey was more of one of experiencing, not teaching.  If I have managed to convey what I have learned through my own experiences, all the better, but it was not my primary function here.  I came to anchor the Light upon this benighted planet, to enable others to discover THEIR way forward and connect with their inner divinity, not to follow mine.

So, read my words and the story of my life, always remembering that this was one journey and will not be the one that most of you will need to follow.  The times in which I was born are very different than now.  Yes, violence still exists, yet now, it is an needed outplaying of karmic energies for the return to balance in this world.  Look upon these things with a neutral eye, seeing them not as “evil” or other events as “good”, but merely the process of creation that in progress often first appears to be highly destructive.

A fire may burn a forest, but five years later, the soil enriched by the nutrients released by the ash and rotting wood will feed a lovely bounty of wildflowers and new shrubs.  So a great storm may plunge through a town, ripping all to shreds, but houses and stores and even lives can be rebuilt.  Release the old, embrace the new and become Whole, again, dear ones.

I am seeking to become Whole, again, also… a process that may not be understood by many at this time… but may in the future as some of those who are attracted to these words are also from the First Wave volunteers who came here many thousands of years ago.  And whose time upon this planet now grows swiftly shorter.

The cycles progress and no thing stands in the way of their turning as they emanate from Source.  So, my time and the time of my fellow starseeds to remain here upon this planet is now coming to an end.  Evolution is continuous.  Progress ebbs and flows.  Take advantage of the great light and opportunities that abound during this particular period of “time” upon your world, for soon the doors will shut and a new cycle will commence.  The players will be in place and the journey will begin in earnest.  You are nearly there…

Never fear that we will lose awareness of your trials, tribulations and your joys here upon this planet.  You are dear to our hearts and many of us, Pleiadians and other star nations, will have volunteers who are actively engaged in assisting with the next round of evolution upon your world.

May many blessings attend you on your journey.


I AM Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09.06.2014

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  2. Much love and light for you.
    I am a First Waver too, but I don´t know, if I am ready to leave this world. I feel a deep connection with Gaia and the trees and would like to stay here and help in healing the planet and her nature. But I am open for all that is to come.
    Many blessings Margarete

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