Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures

Harlech Castle

Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures

At home, I am a princess or its equivalent. Here, at least for the last two thousand years, most of my prominent lifetimes have been as a male. Why? Simply because society was dominated by men, powerful men.

Ever wonder why the English crown the oldest male in line for the throne of the United Kingdom, the Prince of Wales? Because of the LAST real Prince of Wales, Prince Llewellyn, who very nearly succeeded in uniting the contentious tribes and princely states of the tiny land called Wales. He was acknowledged as “Prince” by Henry III, but cast down by his son and successor, the young warrior king, Edward I, who became known later to history as “The Hammer of the Scots.”

Like the Romans before them, the new conquerors of Albion, the Normans, wanted it all. They wanted to rule from the white cliffs of Dover to the great granite heights of Scotland. They wanted tiny Wales under their feet and they got it, but at a high cost.

Early this morning, I woke up to the internal pressure of my relatives figuratively sitting on my chest. They’re angelic so they don’t weigh anything, but they wanted to impress something on me… the knowledge of some of my past lives. What’s more, they wanted my readers to know these things.

The year 1171 came to mind first. It was the year that Llewelyn ap Iorwreth was conceived in his mother’s womb. He was born in 1172. During a tumultuous lifetime, he became the de factor ruler of Wales and a thorn in the side of the English king, John Lackland, as well as his son and successor, Henry III.

I read about Llewelyn in a novel. After my little adventure on the side of Snowdon, in the midst of the ancient kingdom of Gwynedd (Gwyn eth) I had been drawn to learn more about that tiny country. It was a wild land of mountains and forests. Its people were silver-tongued, gifted with music and poetry. They lived in small farms and sheltered wooden forts. There were few castles in Wales. The people scattered into the forests and heights when danger came and it did.

Llewelyn was a fighter. By the time he was fourteen and considered an adult, he had killed his first man. He had to fight to survive, but he also had a dream: to unite the disparate realms of Powys, Gwynedd and the disputed borderlands between England and Wales in the east. This link offers a clearer picture of the difficult life of Wales’ greatest prince: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llywelyn_the_Great.

Prince Llewelyn died, killed during a short-lived engagement with the English. His legacy and dream of a united Wales led his grandson, another Llewelyn, to establish his own realm.  This Llewelyn, was acknowledged by Henry III, as the Prince of Wales, but overthrown later by the king’s son and successor, Edward I.  It was to quash these continuous attempts at Welsh independence that caused Edward I to spend so much time and money building castles in tiny Wales. The warrior king was determined to put Wales in its place, as a state subservient to the might of England. The memories of the Welsh people are long and their history under the thumb of English difficult. The treachery done at the instigation of the English king still rankles.

These lifetimes seem to have come during pivotal moments in “history”. Of course, when you’re in the Light Worlds, you can leisurely study history and put yourself anywhere within its flow. And you can send various aspects of Self in to play various roles, leading and as bit players.

The next lifetime that came to mind was Richard III, King of England, accused murderer of two sons of his brother, Edward. Ironic isn’t it that the bones of that misunderstood war leader were finally unearthed during my lifetime. I can’t answer the inevitable question about the fate of the boys, as I remember little of that particular lifetime. Edward had usurped a throne from his cousin. Richard apparently usurped a throne from the eldest son of his brother. The nation was in the midst of the Wars of the Roses. One could not be a child and rule the lands torn by civil war. And like Llewelyn, Richard found his death at the hands of treacherous knights led by the son of Owain ap Tudor, Henry Tudor, the man who would be King. Ironic, isn’t it that the scion of the bastard Tudor line would become ruler?

A tender lifetime came as a woman, Clare… the one who would act as female disciple of the young man who would later be known as St. Francis. A pretty version of their shared vision can be seen in the movie, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon.” More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_of_Assisi. There are numerous books written about Francesco. His lifetime was one of those rare ones when a lighted one was lauded by the established order… or at least the reigning Pope. Recognized by the highest authority in the land, Francesco was not threatened by the church leaders during his lifetime. Clare, a daughter of wealthy merchants from the same city, Assisi, was attracted to the simplicity and devotion of Francesco’s order. A corresponding order for women was eventually organized, the Order of St. Clare (at least that is what it is called now!).

Francesco and Clare were devoted to living as the words of Jesus directed. They gave up the wealth and power of their merchant kin and devoted their lives to love, spiritual love. Today, Francesco is considered the patron saint of animals and ecology. And he was a walk-in aspect of my cousin, now known as Lord Rananda Kumara. The walk-in occurred when Francesco lay near dying, suffering from a desperate illness and thought to be near death by his worried parents. When he awoke from his sick bed, he was another person.


There were other lifetimes that were impressed upon me, but right now I cannot remember them. I asked why they were directing me to write about these things, when I would rather not. And the answer came, “You are an Avatar and we wish the people to know these things.” Right. Yes, I knew that… like the bodhisattva thing, but one cannot become too hung up on this sort of thing or something called spiritual pride comes creeping in. I like to stay grounded and “real”. Still, when one is the daughter of an Archangel and a goddess, I guess it’s inevitable that my Family would want my true worth known.

Yes, I am aware that there will be those who dispute my claims. There always are in matters such as these. I really do not care for titles and assignments of glory. Most of my prominent lives ended in tragic circumstances, death at the hands of traitors or jealous lords and so on. It hasn’t been easy being an starseed on this darkened, benighted planet. Why would anyone seriously consider being one then? Out of love and devotion of a kind that rarely exists on this world, my friends. Few of you understand the commitment that it has taken to endure such handling many of my kin have received at the hands of the Sons of Belial and their minions.

I will write more as I remember. For some reason, my Star Family deemed these things to be important, perhaps to establish more awareness in me as to my multidimensional beingness that exists on many planes, dimensions and timelines… and yes, “past lives”

For as we descended from 6D to 5D and re-entered the cycle of incarnation, so are we responsible for re-ascending at the end of many lifetimes, again and again. And here you are, worried about ascending one time! In truth, many of my readers HAVE ascended more than once or you would not be attracted to these pages or resonate like struck bells with these words.

Many waves of volunteers have incarnated or walked in to perform THEIR missions in bringing the planet firmly into the Fifth Dimensional frequencies, as well as assisting in waking up those within humanity who are destined to live upon the new earth.  Some of these starseeds will remain with the Earth, the new star, Gaia, as she is elevated into the higher frequencies of 5D+.  Not all starseeds will remain here, as I am sure you are becoming aware; many will leave this planet and pursue further missions elsewhere.

Given that I am sharing these things and making them more “public”, please do not ask me to give you answers to all the questions that inevitably arise, as I will not comply. Questions usually come from the lower mind, which seeks to categorize, delineate and place knowledge into little boxes for further study like dead bugs. Wisdom is not a sterile or constant state; it flows with your willingness to trust in your own process. As you let go of the need to question, the answers will come, in their own time… much to the chagrin of those who see themselves as being “impatient”. Ask yourself what would knowing the answers do for you?

I now know many answers to questions I didn’t even know I had, some of which took twenty years to fully confirm. I would not being sharing these things now had it not been for the fact that I’ve shared so much already… there comes a point when it is best to be fully transparent. This state of openness will come to you all, eventually, if you are willing to open up and release all those hidden secrets to which some of you so tightly cling.

If you think I am seeking fame, think again. I have never charged anyone for reading the material that I have published. I give it to the World, as a gift, as an energetic path that can be used as markers for your own path. I do not seek to be YOUR teacher, guru or spiritual leader. I would just as well be left alone to meditate and commune with my Star Family, yet they are pressuring me to share these things and so… I do. I may not have been capable of obeying worldly teachers, but I do follow the instructions and promptings of my Spiritual mentors and Family. And I do so out of Love for them… and for you, my dear ones.

Embrace the fullness of YOUR divinity. Understand that all life is sacred. Life includes all living creatures and those things that do not appear to be “living” in terms understood by modern man. The ancient ones knew the magic of life that streams through the earth, air and water… through the waves and winds, through the mountains, valleys, lakes and streams. The ancients didn’t worship trees; they revered the ancient wisdom of the beings who appeared as trees, grounding the energies of heaven deep into the earth through their roots. They honored the food provided by grass, trees, shrubs and forbs. They honored the spirits that animated the living creatures who graced the land. They honored the power that gave life to new beings, through the act of creation, carried within the womb of the mother and delivered in pain. Learn to honor these things, again, dear ones. For in doing so, you honor yourselves for you are part of the great tapestry of life that is woven through the means of love and light, the gifts of the Mother and of the Father of us all.

By the way, in case anyone is curious if I feel anything about the lives that I have shared today and I will say, no. They were merely lives spent here working. Even the life as Clare was more difficult than it is given out to be by the myth-makers of the Church. There was no such thing as romance and grandeur in such tales for the ones who endured these lives. Ask Chief Joseph and he will tell you that it was the Flame of Freedom buried deep in his heart and the hearts of his people that enabled them to do the impossible. And so it is. And for those who do not know, Freedom’s Flame is also known as the Violet Flame. It burns in the Heart of ALL my People.


I AM Eliza

P.S.   If none of these things happen, then you can chalk it up as my having a rather vivid imagination. If it helps, think of it as a good story. And then ponder my words and the many others written during these last two years. Your story is written there, too, but it up to you to decipher its meaning for you.

Photo:  Harlech Castle, Gwynedd, Wales.  And yes, I walked there among those cold gray stones.

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9 thoughts on “Eliza: The Prince of Lost Causes and other Adventures

  1. Eliza-
    I don’t know if you remember that my last name is Williams. My mother was all German and my father said he was half Irish and half German. (his name was William Williams) I have looked at the name Williams several times and it is actually Welsh, which my father also admitted. Although I have no past life memories of it, I have an extreme affinity for Wales. I have never been there but I have trying for decades to get there. When I think of Wales It feels a bit like “home” to me. For some reason for many years I have also had an extreme affinity for the name Llewellyn. It is not a “nickname” and I rarely use it in public, but it is the name I always use on line to join sites where you can make up a name and not use your “real” name.
    In Love,

  2. Thank You so Much, Dearest StarSoul!!! I’ve been reading/feeling and following you over a year now and however silently, my Heart has been celebrating your Being since then 🙂

    Your sharings and transparency are Amazing and Blessed Are You, Dearest Soul :-!

    I’ll keep following/feeling an reading you till your last breath here in this Beautiful Mother Earth. Embracing You close to my Heart for a little while… Alice ❤

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  4. difficult to describe in words what this means to me, , the way you describe everything, it resonates with my life. Thank you so much, ONLY LOVE 🙂

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