Eliza: On Being Real

Beauty does have thorns

Eliza: On Being Real

Being real means living with integrity, listening to YOUR inner voice, not that of some designated “teacher”.

True, sometimes we need mentors and guidance, but in the end, you need to be able to break away from blind obedience to ANYONE outside your Self and follow your own path, your own Heart.

On Facebook, I noticed that a woman was “uncomfortable” with my rendition of life on the Royal Teton Ranch. I lived there for two years. I was a faithful chela (which means “slave” or “student”) during this time. However, there came a time when I had to release the hold that the Teachings had upon my consciousness. It was not good for me to continue obeying what was coming from outside my Self and was not resonating with my understanding of spirituality.

I realize that some of what I share rankles those who may be faithful followers and believers of whatever religion that they have given their power away to… most likely just feeling that somehow they will benefit from the trade. Not so… they have given away their personal sovereignty. In so doing, they are creating a karmic situation for themselves, whether or not they use Violet Flame every day.

At Home… in the Pleiades and on Venus, we follow the Law of the One. Spiritual practices are simple and elegant. The open-air Venusian temples open to the skies, allowing the spirit to soar. The people there are devoted to the Divine Mother. There are no rules as the heart of the people beats as One. There we ARE truly One. There is no need to defend our spirituality as it is simply a part of our life, and we LIVE it every moment of the day, with every thought, word and deed. The atmosphere of Love is reflected in the purity of air and water, in the beauty of the environment and the joyful faces of the people, as they work and as they play.

Here, even the best of religious practices are permeated with the heavy vibrations of extreme duality. I am an observant person. I understood what was going on when the Messenger’s husband was instructing the chelas and staff members to vote a certain way. That’s control; that is an invasion of a person’s free will… IF they allow it to be so.

On the Ranch, it was always about “Us” and “Them”. Don’t get me wrong, I experienced some sublime moments there… but a lot of it was hell on Earth for me as well. I had given my power away willingly and there was hell to pay for it as my body attempted to communicate its dis-ease to me. I didn’t listen; I got sicker. Finally, I had to leave the Ranch… especially when El Morya, through the Messenger and via her secretary conveyed to me that, no, I couldn’t be a member of staff and that I needed to leave as soon as possible.

When word got around the Ranch — and it did, like wildfire – suddenly I was the untouchable. People were grabbing their children away from me. I hadn’t done anything wrong, mind you… my path merely lay “elsewhere.”

I had a beef with El Morya for a long time after that miserable day. Now, I have to thank Him for his wisdom in giving me my freedom and allowing me the opportunity to eventually take BACK my power.  (El Morya recently apologized for the rudeness of his so-called Messenger).

Yes, I know there are people who would consider my words to be blasphemous and all that, and I say, “Why?” Why is it so? Can I not have opinion other than what you have been conditioned to believe in? I can let you do so. Why not me?

For this kind of free thinking, I and my kin have been persecuted and killed in lifetime after lifetime on this planet of lies.

I have experienced and listened to many different versions and approaches to spirituality. Some are better than others. Some are as controlling as a regular church. And my inner being has let me know when it was time for me to break free, yet again, from whatever I was studying. I had to learn to obey MY inner teacher, not an outer one.

This kind of instruction and journey is definitely NOT for everyone. At Home, I AM already an ascended Being, many times over. I didn’t come here to blindly obey someone’s warped ideas of spirituality because I was afraid I would end up in the Lake of Sacred Fire if I didn’t. No, no, I came here to balance out past lives, experience what passed for spirituality here… and to go Home.

I am here to willingly assist GAIA in Her Ascension into the Fifth Dimension. I have written of my journey… which is MY journey… my impressions of life here, which I haven’t exactly found fulfilling.

You may have noticed I am not into the pink fluffy stuff that is regurgitated throughout New Age teachings. I AM a Pleiadian, which means I AM love in action. I live from the integrity of my fiery spirit and follow the inner urging of my Higher Self. I do NOT kowtow as a follower, chela or believer to anyone who feels that they have a unique channel to the Godhood.

God is. The Divine Mother and Divine Father are… the heads of Divinity within THIS Universe. And there are many gods and goddesses, who carry within them the unique attributes of the Rays that they represent. I have goddesses and archangels in my own family, for goodness sake. And I love them.

My Family… my true Family… has worked long and hard to get me to listen to them, to feel and to know their energies. They are with me now constantly, working with my energies, preparing me for the upcoming date when I depart this world.

Given my poor history of “following” any spiritual teaching, without spending hours every day doing degrees and meditating, I am still in the process of re-blending with my Higher Self. Yes, I am a bit cavalier about these things… for some people probably SHOULD be doing these things so they raise up their frequency levels.

I descended from 6D to 5D and re-entered the cycle of incarnation to be of assistance. That time is now ended and I am going Home, job well done, at least according to one member of my star family. Since He is a Violet Flame Angel, I’m not going to argue with Him. Instead, I let His wonderful energies envelop as I go to sleep each night.

So… if I have offended any dear tender souls out there… I’m not going to apologize. When you take offense, it is yours to clear, not mine. The dear lady who was so tweaked by my comments about the Royal Teton Ranch attempted a psychic attack on me soon afterward. Loving, eh? An application of a Shield of Archangel Michael’s, as well as a good dose of Violet Flame dowsed that little hot spot right now. I may not do daily rituals, but I DO know a few of the really useful Rays AND when I command, my Angels obey. Permission given… and they do SO love to have something to do.

My sharing of these things is not meant to impress anyone. If you saw my 22-year-old car, you would realize that I’m not into impressing people. I am merely stating who I AM and what I am capable of doing and being. I AM in touch with my Family 24/7 and they will protect me for I have given them permission to do so.

I have fully accepted that I AM a multi-dimensional spiritual being having a temporary human experience.  And the beings who are accompanying me and you on this journey, are in the process of opening up to their spiritual gifts, as the frequencies heightened and bring more ease and opportunity to be creative and discover new ways of living in harmony with all life.

Little Mozarts and Rembrants are being born here every day, amazingly gifted and precious beings. Get over your differences, people, and embrace your diversity. To truly LOVE, you need to be able to accept that not everyone is going to think as you think or do as you do. That is the wondrous thing about humanity. You have so much POTENTIAL and power within… and most don’t want to acknowledge it or think that they are not worthy.

You ARE worthy! As mule-headed as you have proved to be during my incarnations here, I still love each and every one of you!

Still, I have other things to do and places to be at… like re-blending with Higher Self and taking lessons from HER Higher Self, who is Archangelic. And I will endeavor to be neat, tidy and obedient. Sometimes!

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

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14 thoughts on “Eliza: On Being Real

  1. I only have to say, congratulations on not apologizing, while I may sometimes find myself reading your blog and it not resonating with me nor would mine entirely resonate with yours… I admire your placing it before us for integration into our own energetic fields.

    It is truly sad for us to watch as many cannot break through the programming. We are many different expressions of what we now collectively accept as One and co-create in Unity not separation. Those which remain in bondage to controllers of any energies will experience their own separation as they have chosen and those rising into their own Higher Dimensions will become as they have chosen as well.

    I will only add that you are a Light to us all as you express your Reality.

  2. Tazjima, thank you, thank you for sharing. it all resonates with me and i seem to know those dimensions so well. I feel at peace that the time will come for me to join. infinite blessing to you!

  3. Greetings dear Tazjima! I know that which is your truth well. Our paths through many points of earth history have interwoven often. I wish to add a point in support of how important it truly is to listen to your inner guidance as a starseed from Sirius A and of Lord Krishna’s lineage I found myself resonating to devotees chanting on the beach in Laguna Beach, Ca. To later realize it was a calling from home. Yet one woman who had romantic intentions for the temple president and after seeing him sitting and talking in the terraced garden with me (relating to scriptures) and an occasional pat on my head as he passed by decided I needed to leave. So within a few weeks of temple living I was informed that Lord Krishna was ‘kicking me out’ of His temple. After many years I now know how that was blatant human ego and never would Lord Krishna state such. Many sincere seekers (starseeds) have similar experience whether from bible study classes or within other manmade religions. Your message speaks of a profound truth of each individual must go within to open their heart to the Divine River of Love directly from the Heart of our Creator. Accept no judgement from others as your truth and know, love and trust in yourself as each is equally a Child of God imbued with gifts of divine inheritance.
    Thank you dear Pleiadian angel for coming to lift the consciousness of humanity and lovingly support Mother Earth in Her long awaited transition! I love you dear one. ❤ For We Are One ❤

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  5. Dear Tazjima,
    thank you for speaking your truth and no apologies. I love you. Your inner experiences reflect mine and I read your post with great pleasure.
    Greatings to Lord Adrigon and our Venus-family.
    Love and light on your way Margarete.

  6. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Words written several years ago, but still relevant perhaps to more of those who are just waking up to the fact that life here on this planet isn’t what we have learned to believe…

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