Journal Entry 08.28.2014

Evening Blues

Journal Entry 08.28.2014

August is nearly over.  Does it appear to you that time seems to be flying by?  Or dragging its feet down a dusty lane?

Woke up surrounded by Light Family.  I have surrendered to their administrations that are assisting my consciousness to prepare and participate in the re-blending process that continues.

For the past couple of weeks, I have woken up feeling achy and tired.  Today, I feel much better.  The aches are gone.  The slight depression is gone.  The anger has dissipated, as has the grief.  I feel lighter.  I AM blessed because I know and express my gratitude to the Ones who are helping me.

Learn for yourself what your Angels can do.  Every person on the planet, no matter what or who they are, has a Light Team… a band of skilled angels, Masters and mentors who are waiting to assist you during YOUR transition into the Fifth Dimension.  With your conscious cooperation, the job can be accomplished faster and more easily for you and your physical vehicle.

Ascension is all about being “AWAKE” my friends.  That means you need to accept responsibility for your process.  You CAN determine the pace.  You give permission or not for healing to occur.  You can reclaim your personal sovereignty and stop the “Poor me!” act… right NOW!

Breath the free air!  Breathe the light into your body systems.  Acquaint yourself with the Rays of God… there are 12 available to mankind today… 133 altogether.  Avail yourself of the resources available on the Internet and through your own connection internally through meditation and actively walking between two worlds as I do every day now.

Acknowledge your multidimensionality and take up the Mantle of your Divinity.  No one is going to hand your Ascension to you on a platter.  You need to PARTICIPATE in the process.

Release your fears.  They do not define the real YOU.  Only you can set yourself free, dear ones.  In taking back YOUR power, you will begin to know love for self and others.  You will begin to relax into the process and release the need to listen to the needs of others to define your life.  When you live as you, as a Divine Person, you will attract those who can work in cooperation with the true YOU.  The Universe will support you no matter what you do, so assist it in giving you want you need to complete your mission here.

This isn’t about money, prestige and power.  This is about creating a world that is safe for children and women, where all people can live in abundance, peace and harmony.  This is about living simply, lightly on the land so the earth can heal.  This is about utilizing the assistance of the elementals and Devas and your own creative powers to create the world in which ALL creation and humanity can share.

Be who you really ARE.  Claim your freedom from within.  You are the only one who can change the world.  Start first with your Self.


Eliza Ayres

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11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.28.2014

  1. Eliza…been wandering down into the inner fullness of our selves for my entire life…wondering if I would ever be able to meet with someone I could say may know me and what I have been able to become…you are the closest so far…god speed !!


    • Thank you, Gordon. BTW, the Higher Self of Lady Tazjima is Archangelic. It has been a blessing to connect with you in this manner, if only for a short time. Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

      BTW, just had a realization… You are a Cosmic Being, dude! We will be seeing you in the Light Worlds. Many blessings for your work!

      • Lord Hilarion… hmm, Fifth Ray? Could be. Aspects of Higher Self. Could have been a walk-in even in those lifetimes, as well.
        I believe that I will be seeing you on The White Winds this coming December, dear one.

      • Eliza…life has been pretty intense for me…I officially retired from work here at the university today and getting ready to move way out into country south , east, and across the sound from Seattle…a really true blessing for me…affordable with animals and garden space for me and the trees as well..I am hoping to merge more of my consciousness with the All that is…maybe have more time for reflection and writing…if it comes..I have tempered parts of my own life…the galactic parts as well as other parts but that seems to be changing as humanity is opening up to that part as well…my galactic counterparts have started making a regular presence as well…unfortunately I have not yet developed an ability to receive much in direct communication except to feel their energies interacting with mine and the Father/Mother/ Son aspects that have taken up a regular presence..

        I have no inherent ability to see where this is going…I have n’t thought of leaving this planet for awhile .. I have always anticipated living into my nineties like my mom (92)…I have a dear son and daughter in law…as long as I can reach others like myself and continue to help reach some of my own understandings within themselves..I will be able to grow in love and understanding as well…

        It was foretold a long time ago that my present mission was to be a “cosmic healer”..something I have been learning and actively doing for some time now.. Another pleiadian source said I would be doing some more writing as well…

        Now that I am no longer to required to work, I am hoping that once I get resettled I will continue to rest up a bit and see what comes…

        Life…huh !!

        Tiring as well as sweet…


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