A Journey of Re-Discovery, Part VI – “Healing Hands”


A Journey of Re-Discovery

Part VI – Healing Hands

Two events blocked out the period of time while I studied at Massage School.  The first event was of local importance, the Nisqually Earthquake.  The second was 9-11, the day when our nation’s future was changed drastically.

The earthquake was bigger than the recent one in Sonoma, California. One bridge was destroyed, disrupting traffic patterns in downtown Olympia for over a year. Some bricks fell down and smashed on the sidewalk in Pioneer Square. Other than that… it was a non-event for me. I lived a top a solid rock bluff high above the waters of the Puget Sound; nothing got broken at my apartment.

Massage school was a trip. It was also good therapy. Believe it or not, I wasn’t the oldest in the class but nearly so. The first time I actually did a real massage on someone, it was on an instructor. She told me in all seriousness that I had “healing hands”.

Yes, the hands lit up by fire-warmed bricks while I worked, but I thought that was a common occurrence; apparently not.

While I would have been content to stay in the apartment, it was being changed into a low-income housing project, so I was forced to leave. With some of the money left me by my parents, I bought a condominium.

In the course of learning massage, I came across the term, “Reiki”. I had never heard of it before and found a place online that did distance activations. No, I’m not one for going through regular channels. Here was another instance where a healing technique was treated as if it was exclusive only to those who could afford to take the rather expensive training. I was “activated” by someone in Australia. It worked. I could feel the energies in my hands.

I used Reiki occasionally on other people, but mostly on myself. I found it a way to relax and release from the deep grief that kept welling up over a period of months. After two years, I was completely healed of all depression. Healing can take some time, but it did occur.

Later on, I did take another Reiki initiation by a lady who lived nearby.  During the initiation I experienced a vision of walking through a magnificent forest and then a flower-strewn meadow.  It “felt” like Home.  I also had a healing session from this same lady.  When I sat up from the table, I blurted out, “I’m bodhisattva!”  This was in 2005.

I worked as a massage therapist for three years. It was both rewarding and exhausting. I had started doing massage too late and the physical toll on my body was considerable.

Before I quit my career as a massage therapist, I contacted a group located in Oklahoma and traveled there to attend some of their classes. I actually considered re-locating there, also, but that never came to be. Still, it was there that I encountered more profound teachings about the Ascended Masters and the like. The place was called Sancta Sophia Seminary. It was started by Carole Parrish-Harra and was located just outside of Tahlequah, which was incidentally the current headquarters for the Cherokee Nation.

Oklahoma did not appeal to me, what with its snakes, insects, scrawny trees and sprawling development, never mind the tornadoes and huge thunderstorms… still I considered it. I was drawn to Arkansas for some reason. Later, I intuited that Arkansas had been a part of ancient Atlantis and still held, deep beneath the rocky surface of the mountains there, some of the great crystals of Atlantis. This intuition was later verified by channeled messages from Metatron.

Around about this time, I began to notice that I could “feel” what a person was feeling when they walked into a room. My empathic gifts were expanding, something that didn’t necessarily make it any easier to be here.

Massage and moving to Oklahoma was not to be. Every plan set fell through. After I attended another conference in late winter of 2005, I decided to never go back. The reasons were personal, the understanding was intuitive and the result shocked my counselor. Still, I felt I needed another direction.

So, again, I embarked on further training, this time in Medical Records. I attended a college in Tacoma. After selling my condominium, I also lived there, in another apartment. I hated apartment living. I was becoming more sensitive to people’s energies and it was torture to live next to someone who played loud music in the middle of the night. Or smoked. Or tramped up the stairs, talking in full voice at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Behind the Razor Wire

After two years of intense training, I got a job in a town near the coast… in a prison.

Working in a prison was about as far away from paradise as I could imagine, well almost… being in a war was far worse, but I had already been there in several lifetimes.

Still, while exhausting I found that my personal boundaries were improving. When I finally moved to where I live presently, I grew even stronger.

Being an empath and an ultra-sensitive is difficult enough in this “culture”, where both are misunderstood. Being new in a rather difficult setting was hard, but I managed.

Before I left the coast, I became a member of a private forum group on the Internet. It was the first time experiencing such a thing for me. I got to “know” a few people there via the forum. We discussed our thoughts on what was happening in the world and what was going to happen. Extraterrestrials and channeled light beings were freely discussed.

It was also here that I encountered some more control issues and need to dominate other people kind of behavior among one who was a leader of this group. This woman had been channeling since the 1980’s after experiencing a series of profound visions. She had a definitive idea on what was to happen… but it never did.

After I moved to Walla Walla, several of the followers of this forum broke off and began our own little forum. I also had some sessions with one of the ladies who was a talented seer. She told me the story about the dragons… hence the name of my blog. I had never imagined that I could have BEEN a dragon, yet I did love stories about dragons.

While participating on yet another forum, I “recognized” a man who lived in Great Britain, from his cover photo. Boldly I emailed him; he replied and we began a nearly three year internet exchange. This man was the reincarnation of my Druidic mentor. Like me, he refused to be anyone’s teacher, but we exchanged ideas and messages about all things metaphysical, as well as things going on in my life. This person could be difficult and overbearing at times, but he had ideas that were definitely out of the box, way out. He was on a permanent Grail quest.

It was during this time that I first began to channel. My English friend would pose a question or post a photo and I would come up with impressions, some from deep within myself… places that I had seldom or never visited before.

This friend was the one who encouraged me to start my blog. I was reticent at first, but then finally joined another blog and began to write short comments and finally some longer posts. Then, seemingly overnight, I began to channel complete messages, mostly from Pleiadian or Angelic sources. By June of 2012, I was ready to start my own blog and did, on WordPress. In my first month, I had a total of 8 followers and 100 hits. Still, the blog fulfilled a need within to express what I was feeling inside, whether or not anyone read it.

With an increasing readership, I started to encounter people who shared my ideas or even saw themselves in my life… as it was their life, too. And with every post, my boldness grew. No longer could I be burned at the stake for expressing my views on life. Good thing, that, or else I would have been barbeque long ago…

I just remembered that I totally left out another group that I was associated with for nearly two years, one out of Australia. It was there that I received my “spiritual” name, Tazjma Amariah Kumara, thus verifying for me a long-time question whether or not I was connected to Sanat Kumara… and to Sananda Kumara, the Higher Self of Yeshua ben Joshua or Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph.

This set of teachings was actually very beautiful, but I wasn’t willing to open to accepting myself at the time. I was still very angry.

In the past six months, I have undergone some profound changes and opened to some incredible of awareness, about myself… some of which I cannot yet share with the general public, but will when the time is right. These things I know about myself now… I AM a light being. I am a blended Pleiadian-Venusian being, having a mother in one world and a father from another. I have had over 500 various lifetimes on this planet, as a starseed volunteer, and am now present to assist in the ascension of Gaia, as well as a large portion of the human collective.

The most of my most recent lifetimes that has been verified for me was my embodiment during the 19th century as the headman of the Non-Treaty Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce, a man known to history as Young Chief Joseph. I “met” this man or at least a part of his spirit, upon a hillside outside of Joseph, Oregon, late last summer. It took me nearly a year to acknowledge and finally accept that I had been Joseph… and that part of the reason I had been living in this neck of the woods was to give myself the opportunity to collect this soul fragment and reintegrate him as the ascension process continues.

Of course, the energy that I encountered was not “Joseph”, certainly not the whole of him, just a soul fragment of the once magnificent peace-maker, diplomat, compassionate, stubborn and brilliant strategist, along with his brother, Ollokot and other chiefs who led the band. In the history books, Chief Joseph was called the Chief of the Nez Perce. This was far from reality. He was a headman who cared for the people who made up only one Non-Treaty band of the Nez Perce, took care of the women and children, and primarily oversaw the care of the horses and cattle that were the wealth of the people. He was never a war chief. In fact, he and his people were one day away from peacefully traveling to the reservation set aside for all the Nez Perce of Oregon and Idaho, when young men of his people killed some white men. There was no other choice left; they had to flee… If you want to fully understand this story, read about it in a good book.

I would recommend, “Selling Your Father’s Bones”, written by a Brit, Brian Schofield.  This book is a brilliant study of the flight of the Wallowa Band and other bands who joined them on their 1,700 mile flight and fight with the U.S. Army.  The book also covers in some detail, the current plight of the descendants of the Nez Perce, as well as the effects on the country that they were forced from by the “settling” of the West.  It was an eye-opener for me.  There are many misunderstandings about the so-called Nez Perce War and the feelings in rural Idaho still run strong, either for or against the ancient people who used to call the vast territory between the Continental Divide and the Cascade Mountains of Washington their homeland.

The struggles of the Nez Perce mirror the destruction wrought upon the West by the greed of opportunistic businessmen, the outright thievery and deceit practiced by the U.S. government, and the many attempts to “Americanize” and “civilize” these people.  I have to shake my head at the reality of the myth of the West, a land raped and pillaged by greed, its animals and aboriginal peoples killed or scattered to the winds of time.  The few cities and towns that remain in existence within these harsh lands are dying, due to their abandonment by the same corporations who made millions on the natural resources, now played out or further threatened by mining interests.  This story brought to light many things that I had not fully understood of the land in which I have made a home, at least for now.

A shorter version in book form of the Nez Perce War, is “Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People”.  I picked up my volume in a tiny gift shop located at the tourist village that now “graces” the foot of Wallowa Lake, the area so beloved by the Wallowa Band.  As an aside, I found the area scarred and desecrated by the activities of the whites, with their weekend cabins, lodges, a huge State Park, concession stands, miniature golf-course, tramway and riding stables.  Still the area contains within it a deep sense of peace that is bone-deep.  I’ve never felt the sense of being “home” anywhere that I have ever visited than I did just sitting on the river’s edge on a huge old log overlooking the flowing waters of the Wallowa River.  I can fully understand why Joseph and his people loved this land… and still do, even though most of their descendants have been long exiled to the Colville Reservation in northeast Washington State.

A life of nearly 64 years cannot be summed up in a few pages. One such as mine, with little surface drama and a great deal of inner drama, it is difficult to express to others just what I was experiencing in those years. Let suffice to know that still waters do run deep… you can never know a person by how they are acting on the surface.

I do not recall every book that I ever read or even all the spiritual disciplines and seminars that I have ever attended. All that seems to be getting fuzzy as my focus clears within, on my connection to my Light Family and those with whom I will soon be reunited.

I guess much of this life was kind of a wrapping up of what I had done in others. I have encountered and participated in many different kinds of spiritual activities. I have studied a bit about many of the world religions. I have studied about the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Seven Rays of God. I have read numerous books on different metaphysical subjects, from classics to more recently channeled materials. I have participated on private forums and lately have run my own blog. For a time I was a healer and I have encountered glimpses into many of my past lives.

For the past two years since I started channeling, I have become accustomed to the energies of those whom I now know as my true Family. My telepathic and other psychic senses seem to be expanding and I continue to release and let go the hold that 3D has upon me. I find it difficult to watch many movies, have nearly disengaged completely from the news, listen to less music and generally spend a lot of time either in a meditative mode, reading, gardening, doing artwork or writing.

Writing has become a passion for me. While I have enjoyed doing artwork, drawing and painting in the past, I have been experiencing a kind of creative block there. Not so with writing. The words just flow from my fingertips.

Perhaps some of you are growing tired of hearing this. If so, I give you my blessing and send you on your way. Ascension is not something that happens in one hour or one day. It is a progression. Even re-blending with one’s Higher Self such as I am in the process of doing takes months, even years and those of us who have chosen, at a soul-level to ascend in this lifetime, will continue to do so, even as we live here on Earth.

If you do nothing else in YOUR life, open to self-love. Seek to empower yourself. Accept responsibility for where you are and forgive yourself for all acts of commission and omission. Let go of those things that no longer serve YOU… the real YOU, not some make-believe idol that you think you need to be in order to fulfill the needs and desires of others. Be willing to make some tough decisions and stand your ground when others try to push their agendas at you.  That is a particular lesson that I have had to learn and re-learn, even most recently.

Be flexible, adaptable and free of prejudice, against yourself and others. Life is a process of learning. Become a life-long learner; don’t let your mind become closed to new ideas. Change is happening everywhere now and it is important to be able to flow with it instead of fighting it.

I will let you go now to think on these things.


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7 thoughts on “A Journey of Re-Discovery, Part VI – “Healing Hands”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I see myself in you. I feel so much love and compassion for you. It is helping me to turn that same love and compassion on to myself. I have found so many similarities in our stories, lessons and experiences. The thing that struck me the most, is that I too became a massage therapist later in life. My 1st day of massage school was 9/11/11. Crazy right? Many blessings to you my sister.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your life story with us my dear Taz. I know how difficult it is to express yourself as I was standing before this task last weekend. To write my formal life review. It was really inspiring and interesting to read what you have experienced. With much love and blessings

    • Isabel — it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be… then, again, I’ve already shared quite a lot. Not everything, for that would be impossible, but the highlights as it were. Thanks for being here, sister and I wish you all the best during your own transition. Love, Eliza

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