Journal Entry 08.27.2014


Journal Entry 08.27.2014

Actually I’m not sure just what day it is, except Wednesday; that’s when we have trash picked up in the neighborhood.  I’m on vacation and it would appear somewhat of a spiritual retreat.

I hope I’m not boring anyone with the recitation, such as it is, of my life’s story.  I haven’t cured anyone or invented anything, just lived after a fashion, here as best I could while trying to figure out the answers to questions I didn’t have any means to frame into existing language.

I’ve been driven from within all my life.  Living in 3D has been very uncomfortable, yet I have enjoyed some of it and disliked other bits.

As a young adult, I began to realize that I was very different from other people.  I picked up things that didn’t make sense to others, like my parents and my husband… my sisters and cousins, my friends and acquaintances.  I found that I was living a double life as there were few to explain what I was feeling inside.  I didn’t even fully understand it myself… but kept searching.

Early on, I was told that I carry “great” light within.  As a light-bearer one becomes a target for those who have their own agendas.  Light is fuel, energy… so beware of those who would use YOUR light, especially if you give it away.

Light flows through us; we really don’t own it and if we hold onto it, the resulting congestion can eventually lead to illness.

Yet, there are some among us who are capable of bringing forth greater light and so they attract attention, mostly unwanted.

I have largely withdrawn from social events primarily because I no longer resonate with the energies there, whether the drinking or eating heavy foods, the gossiping and pointless chatter… I don’t identify with much here any more.  I can see through it and beyond it into other worlds… worlds that are reminding me that home is where my focus is and for me that is here on Earth, at least for the time being.

To be a pioneer, you need to be willing to take a few blows and knocks.  I’ve taken many, yet have not suffered as some have in this world and still suffer.  We all have taken turns at balancing personal, genetic and collecting karma, but no more.  It is now up to those who will be returning to lower dimensional worlds to deal with their own self-created issues and karmic balancing.

I AM Bodhisattva.  Perhaps not in the traditional sense of the word, yet I AM and have known this for at least ten years.  The human ego tends to look at such things and want to place them carefully into a little box.

I don’t do boxes.  I have never fit it and don’t care to.  I don’t meditate or do any spiritual practices, yet I am in constant connection with my Light Family.  I have discarded most of the teachings that I have encountered on this planet because… sorry if I offend… most of them are tainted due to the misunderstandings of the ones presenting them.

I AM not a bad person or a good one; I simply AM myself and in the process of re-blending with the full essence of my Higher Self, who is a Pleiadian 6D Angelic.

One needs to come into full acceptance of what they are, in the moment.  It doesn’t matter if you are a dishwasher or a brilliant scientist.  You are a part of God and part of the Wholeness of Creation.

As you come to experience that Wholeness within, you will discover your connections to others, to the collective that is called humanity, to the animals who grace this world with their diversity, to the trees and plants who provide us freely with nourishment, to the rocks and seas and other elements that create and define our physical environment in which we get to play and learn about physical life.

We are Light Beings all, even those who don’t have the first glimmers of understanding of that phrase.  Even those who appear to be the darkest of the dark ones, evil and corrupt.  Everything has it’s place in this Creation.  God has left nothing to chance… yet man defines things as “good” and “bad” when they are simply “experience”.

I did not come here to save anyone, yet in my coming and in the arrival of my brother and sister light bearers, we have changed and uplifted the frequency levels of the planet.  This has allowed the Light to open and reveal all the hitherto untold or suppressed secrets, many of which that have existed in plain sight of a very repressed humanity in denial of its own spiritual roots.

Many have sought to leave this planet due to their belief in a “better” afterlife.  I’ve made the conscious decision to return here until it is my time to leave, while incorporating more of my spiritual essence, more of my multidimensionality here and now.  I am becoming, expanding into the fullness of my Higher Self and will continue to do so as that is my Journey.

Live life to the fullest here, while you are here.  Few are allowed to be here, immersed in this intense training grounds.

If you are a warrior or have been a warrior, you understand.  One cannot become a better warrior without taking more than a few good bruises and even broken bones.  Skill takes dedication.  So it is with being a spiritual person… to ascend.

I descended from 6D to come here and now I am in the process of re-ascending or returning to my roots.  This is not the first time that I have ascended, even on the Earth.  My people, the Kumarans, have already ascended, over a 100,000 years ago and returned to assist others to go through the same process.  We are your brothers and sisters.  We have lived long among you, but count the time well-spent, especially considering that “time” and “space” mean little to us in truth.  We are here to serve in the fullness of the love that we embody.


Eliza Ayres

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12 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.27.2014

  1. I forgot to mention how I LOVE your photography



    From: Solara Zwaneveld [] Sent: Thursday, 28 August 2014 11:40 AM To: ‘Blue Dragon Journal’ Subject: RE: [New post] Journal Entry 08.27.2014

    Dear Eliza, I would like to thank you for sharing your “Journey of Re-Discovery”. I found it very uplifting to read about your journey and I would like to offer my thanks for your contribution to Humanity and this beautiful planet of ours.



    • Yes, the large dragonfly was in the garden last summer. And this summer, there was a whole family of them flying around. Love them.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Good morning Eliza, At least in my country, when reading this part of your story, as I have been following your journal from the beginning, I am sending you my love and tears of emotions when writing this words. Thank you for the sharing, which is very different from my own journey and yet quit confirming in a way (does that make sense?). I have no flash backs from my own past lives, but I would not be suprised, if I know you, of will meet you “some sunny day”. Writing this goes very deep, and makes me cry. I very seldom put words on paper, so this is not familiar to me. I wish you all the luck, still is this world, and when gone all will care for its self and will be grandioso.

    Namaste, Ria

    Blue Dragon Journal schreef op 27-8-2014 20:41: > > Eliza Ayres posted: ” Journal Entry 08.27.2014 Actually I’m not sure > just what day it is, except Wednesday; that’s when we have trash > picked up in the neighborhood. I’m on vacation and it would appear > somewhat of a spiritual retreat. I hope I’m not boring anyone wit” > H

    • Thank you, Ria, for your heartfelt words. I am truly touched by the feeling that my words seemed to have provoked… but it is YOU, dear one, whose heart is responding to your own Divinity. When that door is cracked open, the best thing to do is surrender to the New You. Wholeness and healing will come on the swift wings of Angels, with your given permission. Many blessings and thank you for being such a dedicated reader. Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

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  4. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    To the newer readers of this blog: These words are those of my Sister’s, Tazjma Amariah Kumara VaCoupe, who ascended Home in 2014 and fully in 2017. What she has to say holds true for me, as well…

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