Eliza: A Journey of Re-Discovery

Hoh Rain Forest

Note to Readers:  The following articles are not a complete re-telling of my life, which would probably bore most people.  Rather I have selected episodes, personal thoughts and the like, from my journey here as a Wayshower and a First Wave volunteer, assisting the planet and her people towards Ascension.  Of course, for most of my lifetime here, I have not been aware that I was / am a Wayshower.  It was only by being willing to follow the breadcrumbs through the Forest of Forgetfulness that I began to piece together another story altogether different than what I thought I was living…

I will be writing and still am in the process of writing these articles this week, as I’m on “vacation”.  I find writing to be an excellent creative outlet at this time for me, as I go through a tremendous amount of change.  It is the same for many who follow these pages.  My story may or not echo in your own heart, but I hope you enjoy reading it.

A Journey of Re-Discovery

Part I – In the Beginning

This is my story, in my words… It is not a linear story, but spirals in and out, climbing high and sweeping low, as spiritual journeys sometimes do.

As “I” as “Eliza” continue to re-blend with portions of Higher Self, revelations and insights continue to make themselves known to my consciousness.

I begin to understand why I have never quite related to my two sisters, supposedly the closest of my kin. For a time there was some connection when I was quite a bit younger, but as the years went on, I found myself to be very different than the two of them. And now, I have been fully estranged from both sisters for over 10 years (it would appear our relationship was a karmic one as they were two of the individuals involved in killing me at an early age when we lived in Lemuria).

As many starseeds have experienced, I have been truly a stranger in a strange land. The third dimension has never made sense to me. I couldn’t comprehend the motives of people and why they treated each other as they did. Now I begin to understand that my understanding of the world was different and would always be different than that of the natives, being I come from a higher dimension. However, not to put myself above any other human being, I could also see the great potential in humanity if they could step beyond the need to punish each other and themselves through acts of violence.

All humans have a huge potential for expressing compassion. You see it in how tender-hearted and devoted parents treat their children. You also see this compassion or love in action flowing from those who love animals and look out for their interests.

Yet, humans have a tendency to get caught up by causes and to discover reasons why they should dislike or even hate another person who doesn’t believe as they do. This outlook has been capitalized on and magnified through the creation of false enemies, by all leaders who endeavor to control the masses for their own benefit.

It has been said that power corrupts. For the last 13,000 years or so, this saying has held true except in rare instances when a ruler or leader has truly listened to the people and put their interests above their own. Being that there were those who opposed peace, abundance and sharing for all, the countries or empires that these leaders created often fell to pieces once their creator passed on.

In looking back at the life that I have had here, I have never been entirely comfortable with competition. In fact, I was rather miserable in team sports while in grade school. Later on, I preferred dancing and hiking as physical exercise.

Hiking and exploring the woods became a favorite past-time for me for many years. For several years, I was a member of a large outdoor club based out of Seattle and became a hike leader. I also grew to love identifying wild flowers, shrubs and trees. As I grew accustomed to being in the woods, I found I could spend time there alone without fear; it was a very natural setting for me to explore my inner self.

A couple of years ago, a spiritual channeler and healer, Shekinah Rose, told me that I had been on the Path all my life. That was probably so, as I was always trying to look for something to give me solace. I could not find it in the company of other children. I found the activities of many children to be quite inane so I turned to books and discovered worlds of imagination.

In the stories, I could use my own imagination to build up a world of wonder and to solve puzzles. The first books that caught my attention in grade school were the Fairy Tales (Red Book, Blue Book, and Green Book) and others. I discovered the science fiction / fantasy books of Andre Norton as a child, and later explored Mars with Ray Bradbury. Then I found the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien, a series that I was to read through the years, again and again. I still have dog-eared copies in my bookcase aside the chair in which I am sitting.

There was a deep longing, a vague remembering of a different way of being. I never truly found what it was by reading books, but the enjoyment of reading blossomed into a love of language and words. This love has assisted me in being able to write as I do, in a simple yet eloquent fashion (or so I’ve been told by readers) that cuts through and reaches the emotional core of a person.

When I was five, we moved to Alaska and lived there for two years. I was in bliss. We were living on the edge of civilization. Moose walked through the neighborhood in the early spring before break-up. We could play in the forest on the edge of the housing development. At school, ice rinks were set up during the winter for the children to play on. Our family went on frequent picnics and drives, venturing forth on the incipient Alaskan Highway or towards Homer for a camping trip. I was in heaven, seeing all kinds of wild creatures and being so near the mountains, sea and great rivers of ice, the glaciers. And then we moved to California and suburbia. What a total let down!

It wouldn’t be until I was out of college that I spent much time in the woods. Yet when I moved to Seattle, I began to hike and backpack, first with friends and then with the Club. I met my husband while backpacking. I guess he was impressed with my knowledge and comfort being in the woods. I wasn’t afraid to get dirty and enjoyed camping out.

Yet, there was always an edge to my physical activities. Despite the fact that I was able to go on long hiking trips and climb mountains, my physical stamina never quite matched that of my husband’s or other hiking companions. Sometimes I was compelled to rest in camp while others continued on with the day’s activities by scrambling up a nearby peak or two. I took quite a long time to recover physically as well, from a long trip. I didn’t really know why.

When I was a child, our family used to have quite a few family get-togethers, large suppers, and sometimes even camping together, especially with my aunt’s family. I remember fishing with my uncle and my Father, out of a boat on a northern California lake, Buck’s Lake. We pulled out big Brownie’s and Dolly Vardens, also known as Bull Trout — before laws were created to protect these wonderful native fish) and then had a fish fry for dinner. Fresh trout and fried potatoes… etc. It was a wonder that I wasn’t a fat kid. None of us were. Obesity was little known then. There was one fat kid in my grade school and he had a problem with his thyroid gland.

My spiritual journey began young, first through reading stories then when I was out of college, I started studying various religions and spiritual avenues. Drawn initially to read about Judaism, I was surprised to discover the rural roots of the religion. There were no echoes of remembrance there for me.

When I married my husband, he insisted that I not work, which gave me plenty of time to do other things. I learned to garden through taking some horticultural classes, something that has served me well through the years even when I didn’t have access to a place to plant a garden. I learned plant identification and discovered an ability to remember and id plants through visual memory. It wasn’t long before some people were asking me what the name of this or that plant was, although my knowledge was never very scientific. I simply “knew” where and how plants grew together and what plants I might discover in a specific microclimate zone, which the Cascades and Olympics had many.

Sometimes while hiking I would experience a revelation, for instance on how plants grew in different layers.   The forests of the Olympics and Cascades usually started with the ground covers clinging to the soil or draping over the roots of trees, then ferns, perennials and small shrubs; then taller shrubs or shorter trees (like the Vine Maple), towered over by the tall evergreens of the Pacific Northwest.  I strove to garden the same way in my humble yard and met with some success, using combinations of ground covers, perennials, vines, shrubs and trees. I planted wild strawberries under rhododendrons and Dogwoods, as well as hybrids; they all thrived. Yet, my planting days came to an end when my marriage did, at least for a time.

My husband and I were great friends and traveled easily with each other. Yet when other people entered the picture, my husband’s greater stamina had been joining forces with other folks and out-doing my abilities to keep up. When he started volunteering to do trail work, I was kind of left aside. I already had a large garden to take care of and trail work on the weekends didn’t appeal to me. However, the real sticking point in our marriage was that I was in the midst of making discoveries about my spiritual nature, which made my husband very uncomfortable.

I’ve always been curious, never satisfied with following what was considered “normal” for women. I was quite active physically, hiking on the weekends with my husband, while hiking or scrambling on mid-week trips with another group. And then I gardened. Beside all that, I was reading Ruth Montgomery and other spiritually-oriented books. And I discovered Unity Church. When I saw the books that they offered at their book store, I was in sheer bliss. I took meditation classes, a class in Tai Chi, a spiritual healing class. I went to a channeler for a reading or two. I had psychic surgery done on me by a spiritual healer. I undertook some Re-birthing sessions. And I attended seminars at a nearby spiritual community located on Whidbey Island. This was all during the early 1980’s when the terms “Ascension” and “Light Workers” were not in common usage. At that time, I only knew one semi-historical person who had ascended and that was Jesus Christ. I was not cognizant of the many Indian sages who had undergone ascension within their culture. That would come later.

The story continues in Part II – A Passage to Britain

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5 thoughts on “Eliza: A Journey of Re-Discovery

  1. Lady Taz,
    The book is being created. Thank you for writing it.
    I finally met a person who has read in there youth, Andre Norton.
    The parallels we have gone through, though not the same, have elements that are exactly the same.
    Please share more, as you will.

    • Yes, Michael… it all started with Andre Norton and Ray Bradbury. I went on to read Mercedes Lackey, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Elizabeth Moon and other female science fiction / fantasy writers as well as many male authors. When I first started into reading fantasy novels it was hard to find many of them. Later, after the success of “Dune”, the industry exploded. And I was there reading right along…

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