Eliza: Is it all a Dream?

Bullfrog Lake

Eliza: Is it all a Dream?

One thing I share with that great man, Young Chief Joseph, is that I AM a Dreamer. A dreamer is one who relies upon visions for guidance and understanding. I also seek verification of the visions and allow my intuition to guide me to the answers that I seek.

Many years ago, I walked away from the Christian heritage of my parents, out of choice and unwelcomed knowledge of the “roots” of Christianity. Amazingly enough, at one time, I even considered becoming a minister of a bridge Church.

A “bridge” church is one that attempts to bridge the differences between the metaphysically based teaching of the so-called New Age and those of the Christian faith. It is a chasm that cannot always be crossed, given the conditional narrow-mindedness of some Christians. Yet I considered it… for a few short months. Until I read a huge book entitled, The Roots of Christianity.

It was in the reading of this tome, that I discovered that the seeds of many ancient religions had been gathered into the teachings of the one whom His followers called Jesus of Nazareth. Yet, the original teachings of Jesus, on the power of Love and the unity of all peoples, seemed to be overshadowed by the grim teachings of many existent churches. For most Christians, the belief in Original Sin, the Devil and the presence of Hell as being the final destination of all “sinners”, seemed in my mind at least, to be stronger than the knowingness and compassion exhibited by Jesus in his treatment of those who were deemed “invisible” or “untouchable” in Jewish society.

In short, to my eyes, there seemed to be a double standard or double image to the whole of Christianity. And today, prosperous Christians often turn away from charity work, thinking it will somehow dirty their hands. This attitude is not prevalent among all Christians… but it does exist. And those who are wealthy seek to separate themselves from those in their own cultures and societies whom they deem as being less worthy… materialism and attainment of wealth being a measure for “value” and “worth”.

And what of the treatment of indigenous peoples by various sects of the Christian church? Free-thinking people everywhere have been attacked by ones who define their lives by the words of the Bible… which is quite silly, given the Bible is a heavily edited volume that was selected by those in power in Rome, not by the people whom the Church claims to serve. Various emperors, popes, and councils have shaped and re-shaped the volume that comes down to us as the Word of God. It is not the word of the God that I know in my Heart. To quote from it as if it is written in fiery words upon stone and the last word in any argument is simply to demonstrate one’s ignorance of the Wholeness that is Reality… what exists that cannot be seen by Man simply because his frequency level is so confined and narrow he cannot see it, feel it or dream it. Yet it exists because it IS.

I do loosely quote from the Bible from time to time… not because I am a Christian, but because I was there when Jesus walked the earth. In what capacity I do not yet know… yet I KNOW HIM. And have always done. And I was brought up, at least initially, as one who went to Sunday school and later attended services with my mother. I liked to sing the hymns, but was bored and puzzled by the lengthy sermons of brimstone and damnation. (Note to Reader:  I later intuited that I was Elizabeth, mother to John the Baptist, and hence a much older cousin of Mary, wife to Joseph and mother to Jesus.)

The truth of reincarnation and “past” lives is another open “secret” that has been long denied by those who would control mankind to their own ends. The Hindus know this to be true, as do those who follow the teachings of Buddha. Lamas in the ancient ashrams and monasteries are often selected by those who have known them in previous lives. The Dali Lama is one such individual who was searched out by those who knew the previous one and was identified by his correct selection of a private belonging of the now passed Lama.

In this lifetime, I have encountered people who I have instantly “recognized” from other lifetimes. Sometimes the meeting has been casual and ephemeral. Now, with connections made through my blog and Facebook, I am encountering beings with whom I have shared purpose and missions, as well as portions or complete lifetimes. It is a humbling experience and one that opens up vast vistas filled with unlimited wonders.

Of course, one can turn away from the feast laid before them, from the assistance that Spirit is willing to give when given permission to do so. Of course, you can become upset when your long-held beliefs and childhood conditioning are challenged, head-on, by some things that seem new to you. And this resistance will bring continued challenges until the door, which has been cracked open a tiny bit, is thrown open and torn off its hinges, allowing the Light behind it to flood in.

Through my own spiritual journey, I have encountered plateaus and closed doors. I have reached levels of frustration with the teachings that I have encountered from many different sources as not being as open or welcoming as I would have them… yet I was blessed with a determined will and have pressed onward and upward… sometimes sideways… to find my way forward through the maze that passes as spirituality on this Planet of Lies.

Yes, dear ones… that is what this planet is called by those who have been attending the birth of Spirit in mankind for untold centuries. It is well-known to be a place where lies are presented as truth and truth is said to be lies. Only by listening within and consciously seeking the homing beacon of Spirit can one find a way through this Maze and not alone.

What it gets down to is… question everything that you are being told by “authorities” no matter what stripe they seem to represent. At this time, most “authorities, whether they be bureaucrats, corporate leaders, members of a government, professionals, religious authorities, teachers and the like, have been bought, paid for and sold to corporate interests and act as unconscious minions to the real powers that be who have long run this planet and are now swiftly losing control much to their consternation.

In short, all the complicated systems that humanity has built up like so many Towers of Babel to defy Heaven are now in the process of being cast down, like the towers of sand upon which they were built. The waves of Light from Cosmic sources are over-powering and smashing these monuments to extreme hubris once and for all.

Once, and in some places, still, many indigenous peoples were selected for extermination for their beliefs were based in the sacred reality of the Earth, in treating the earth upon which all their substance was derived as holy, as their mother. Their lives depended on the gifts that the earth presented to them and they were grateful for their physical mother. They prayed for guidance from their spiritual father in the sky and knew him, too. Spirit was very present in the daily lives of these people. For that understanding and their clear eyes when viewing the behavior of the Europeans who invaded their lands, they were punished and driven to the brink of extinction. Or they were required to adapt to the white man ways, to take up his religion and wear their clothes, to forever give up the freedom of the open hills and ancient ways of their people.

It doesn’t matter where the white man went, he carried this same quality of extreme hubris and belief that he was part of a chosen people by God… into the ancient lands of the Hindus and Moslems, into China, in the ancient tribal cultures of Africa, into the highly complicated cultures of the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas of Central and South America. And into the lands of the free-roaming tribes and bands of the North American continent. And now, more recently, in the machinations and political intrigues to gain power over the vast resources of the Middle East, through the manipulations of Western-created terrorists to both divide the Middle Eastern countries and to drive fear into the easily threatened, complacent, over-fed and materialistic peoples of the United States.

Even among other “white” people, this same high degree of prejudice reigned… study the clearings and cleansings of the farmers, freeholders and kinsmen from the country side of England and later in the Highlands of Scotland. Those who were in power did not wish to share with anyone whom they deemed a lesser being, whether or not they themselves believed in God. Which often they did not. They believed in political expediency and the display of power to get their way in everything. They still do… their descendants have not greatly changed as they are probably the same beings replaying the roles that they have played successfully for centuries, after the Fall of Atlantis.

Those who have been deemed as a “threat” to centralized power have been removed from the lands of their ancestors or shorn of their own lives, accused as being witches or free-thinkers of every ilk, gypsies and other minority racial groups in whatever country their wanderings have led them. It didn’t matter and to some, still deluded by the powerful conditioning of feeling “better” than others, it still leads to violence and separation.

Why has our history been hidden from us? For the purpose of control. Mankind on this planet has been here far, far longer than the Bible would suggest or what “authorities” deem possible. Man has been overcome by disasters that have torn his world apart and re-made it in a different shape, but similar story… age after age. Yet most people in the Western world, especially the heavily sedated Americans, Brits and Aussies, are content to sit in front of the telly and believe whatever the authorities tell them. That is all changing now. The rest of the world is waking up; the “white” world will, too.

How does it feel to open up to the awareness that you have walked in another’s shoes, literally, in another lifetime? It is eye-opening, for one. And soul-stretching, for another. I cannot “fit” back into the belief system that was taught to me by my teachers and early mentors; I have grown that much and continue to do so.

Physical age has nothing to do with one’s ability to learn new things and ways of being. It is a matter of opening one’s heart to change and allowing the furniture to be moved or removed as needed so you can breathe more freely and expand still further.

In learning of my lifetime as Joseph, headman of the Non-Treaty Wallowa band of Nez Perce, I am recognizing why I have felt so comfortable in the woods, once I got over my initial fear of the unknown. It felt like home to me. I knew the plants. I recognized the animals as not being a threat to me. I “felt” the geography and could understand the relationships between different climate zones. It was easy for me to learn these things for I had learned them all before, in other lifetimes and even upon other worlds. I also began to understand my intense love of the mountains and the wild lands. They echoed to a part of me that had long been fettered by the culture of my adopted people here. Now I understand. And now I can let go of it all for Spirit is now calling me to make even a greater jump in understanding, as myself as a multidimensional Being.

Even those who were my people in that lifetime have been made to “disappear” by the white authorities who deemed them as savages. Taught the white man ways, fed the white man’s foods and drugged on the white man’s poisons, they have not prospered. Yet, the people survive and are beginning to fight to retain their ancient language and culture. Some of the young people are reaching out to their own and teaching them so that they might regain what was really lost during the Indian Wars, their sense of personal sovereignty and the right to live and breathe upon this earth like any other person. And in their efforts to reach out to their white brothers and sisters, the Nez Perce and other tribes are displaying the natural hospitality and acceptance of all people as is natural to mankind when left to his own devices… free and unfettered by conditional belief systems.

Spirit is not contained within the words of the Bible or any other Holy book. It is contained within each of us, within the living flesh of the planet, within every living being. Spirit is more, much more than can be corralled in the limited imagination of those who have attempted to imprison mankind and the planet and to use them for their own sordid purposes.

Yes, it is all a dream. What I am encountering in my own lifetime now is a dream, but it is a good dream and one that will carry me forth to other worlds and places where my spirit can roam with those who have walked with me on many worlds and in many universes.

Become the Dreamer, once again, and discover the vision that Spirit wishes to share with you even now.


I AM Tazjma

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13 thoughts on “Eliza: Is it all a Dream?

  1. Love the journey your on, Lady Taz.
    “And this resistance will bring continued challenges until the door, which has been cracked open a tiny bit, is thrown open and torn off its hinges, allowing the Light behind it to flood in.”
    One added thought,
    You get more responses to the open door with honey (love) then with a confrontational word.

    • Michael, I am beyond caring what people think of me or what I write. I can write to an audience of one, myself, and still write. And I’m sick of the so-called “honey” of the New Age. Love is not always sweet, kind and gentle. Sometimes it’s a tidal wave that overpowers your continued resistance to accepting what is changing… in you and around you. Love IS. Light IS. Neutral and powerful. Gentle as falling feather. As bright and powerful as an exploding Star. I AM expressing how I feel in the moment and in doing so, cleansing age-old wounds, that exist within my spirit from many, many difficult lives on this Planet of Lies. The lies are being revealed, the Light is dissolving them before its presence… and then Love, and only then, can true Love exist in the Hearts of Man. Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

      • Dear Ones,
        I am not critiquing who you are.
        Just Who I Am to be, in your reflection.
        I am changing my first word of my sentence to I. As I have no intention to want you to do anything.
        Sorry , but words are the worst way that mankind has to communicate.
        sending love and blessings.
        To Eliza n Tazjima n Sundeelia

      • Indeed… that is why telepathy will eventually replace words. No offense taken, Michael. Merely expressing the passion that is currently welling up.

  2. I feel like I would love to see this in every op-ed section, in every newspaper, so as to have a VERY broad audience. I just feel like it would resonate with so many, serve to wake up so many, get people thinking and feeling if they’re not already. As always, thank you for taking the time to write and share with us, your followers. With love.

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  4. Dear Eliza,
    There is such wisdom in your blogs. Have you considered collecting them into a book – it will live on after you go back to your Home.
    With much love and admiration.

  5. Dear Eliza. In your post ” is it all a dream” you mentioned a book you read titled The Roots of Christianity”. Is the author Michael Walsh? Its the only book I can find by that title on Amazon. Thank-you. I love your writings and look forward to each one. God bless!

    • I looked up that book… no, the book that I read was over a 1,000 pages. I guess that wasn’t the real title. Doesn’t matter to me, but there are some books out now that do more to reveal the so-called “pagan” origins of Christianity. Not quite correct as there were no pagans before Christianity became the State Religion of Rome. The teachings of the Avatars, Masters, Bodhisattvas and such who have visited the Earth for centuries were included in the teachings of Yeshua, because He was one of Them. Not the first and not the last. Those seeds and the roots of Christianity have been brutally suppressed by the Church of Rome and its off-shoots with the malign intent to control the natural tendency of humanity to worship the earth as Mother and the sky as Father. Mother was removed from the picture, Father replaced as a grim figure of the Law… and the crucified Son as the sacrifice. Yeshua didn’t die to save anyone. He “died” to show that you could live, again, as an Ascended Being. He anchored the Light of the Christ upon the Earth, but it has taken 2,000 years for that Light to penetrate the darkness that has overwhelmed the hearts of the people. If there has been any crimes in the last centuries (in Europe, the Americas and parts of the rest of the world) since the Ascension of Yeshua, it has been largely done by people who used the teachings of the Church to suppress the people, to punish them and to wipe entire groups and peoples off the face of the Earth. Is this the teaching of a merciful Lord? I think not, but then, again, I am slightly prejudiced being another one of the First Wave bodhisattvas who have had to put up with this nonsense for thousands of years. Eliza

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