Eliza: Taking Flight

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

Eliza: Taking Flight

These past two nights, I’ve spent in the company of three men, actually three male Pleiadians, men of my own family. They are two Archangels and an Angelic Pleiadian who is also my own mate.

While I have drifted into and out heavy sleep, these loving beings have worked with my energies, adjusting my frequencies, accelerating the transition that I am currently undergoing.

When I pause and turn within, I can feel their tremendous love for me echoing in the growing hearth flame within the heart chakra. I can easily drop into an almost permanent state of meditative awareness now as the frequency levels increase incrementally.

I have not had a child in this lifetime. Nor have any of my children survived to adulthood in my two previous lifetimes, as Joseph and the WWII pilot. Consequently, I have little to keep me anchored here. I feel like my wings are spreading as I reach for the winds of Heaven to lift me into full flight.

Along with the last two or so years of writing this blog and reaching some people with these teachings, I have also just accomplished the successful gathering in of the remaining soul fragments of Chief Joseph, Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-keht, or Thunder Traveling to the Loftier Heights of the Mountains. And there was the great clearing done for all of his people and the soldiers who hunted and hounded this small band of survivors through the harsh winter months of their historic flight of 1,500 miles in the year 1877. It was for this last purpose, I now realize that I have been living here in the ancient lands of the Walla Walla Indians. It was near here where once a treaty was negotiated that would forever begin the inevitable changes leading to the loss of the native lands to the encroachments of the white settlers and miners.

Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-keht, as a young man rode through these same hills and valleys that I have traveled in my car. I have camped in the canyons where his people hunted. I have walked on trails that were once traveled on by the Nez Percé people. I have stood near the spot where Old Joseph is buried. I have stared up at the towering Wallowa Mountains and watched the hawks circling through the skies. I have heard the thunder rumbling against the canyon walls, echoing the name of the one who was “me” in another life.

In the six years that I have lived here, I have spent time in the mountains and valleys so loved by Joseph and his people, the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce or Ni-mii-pu as this intelligent, handsome and resourceful people called themselves.

I have come to love the land as Joseph did and to see that he spoke with wisdom when he said that white settlers would experience great difficulty in living with the lands that his people treasured. Even now, the small cities of Wallowa, Lostine and Joseph, struggle to survive, living off the seasonal bounty gained by appealing to tourists, supporting the shrinking resources of the National Forest stations, and small service-oriented businesses.

Where the native peoples found abundance, the descendants of the settlers who pushed the Nez Percé out of their traditional lands, are now finding it difficult to make a subsistence living there on those green lands. The climate of the Wallowa Valley is quite harsh in the winter months, the summers and growing season short. The Nez Percé, consequently, moved their winter camps into the sheltered creek valleys and canyons, snug in their long houses and caves. The whites cannot do this… unless they are wealthy and can afford to live elsewhere to make a living. So the remaining ranches and hay farms struggle to make a living. Only the larger town of Enterprise thrives, as it is the primary center for business in a vast area.

Oddly enough, it is the very things that the presence of the white man has destroyed, the salmon and the presence of the native peoples here in this land that will eventually save it. When the great dams on the mighty Snake River come down, the great salmon runs will resume, again, as nature comes into her own when man steps aside and allows her to heal. And by being allowed to hold ceremonies and to gather their traditional foods in selected areas, the native people are teaching the white authorities the value of subsistence living when done in a careful, thoughtful, sacred manner.

The native people have not thrived on the American diet. Heart disease, Diabetes and alcoholism run rampant among the people of many tribes, yet healing is beginning to take place. The old traditions of sweat lodges, dreaming and other ancient rituals are being revived. Balance will return and the land and its people will flourish, again, as they once did.

There will come a time when the high mountain valleys will look quite different than they do today, but I will, at least in my present incarnation, probably not be here to see it. Nor will Joseph. He has released his hold upon the lands of his father’s bones and has reintegrated with Higher Self. His people were descended from Pleiadian starseeds long ago.

Dear ones, there is no ending or beginning, only the Now. In the Now moment, we stand together as brother and sister, united in the love and light that all starseeds bring to this planet. Go now in peace and discover what the new world holds for each of you.

I have come to realize how deeply I am loved by great and beautiful Beings. It is so with all of you here who read these words. Open your hearts and minds and you will discover this Truth for yourselves.


Eliza Ayres

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11 thoughts on “Eliza: Taking Flight

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey lady Taz.
    Thank you for reminding us that we are loved.
    Thank you for being who you are, bountifully.

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