Journal Entry 8.21.2014

Seven Devils Range from Zumwalt Prairie

Journal Entry 8.21.2014

It’s a pleasant evening, 82 degrees F, mild, warmish, with a light breeze.  Perfect summer weather.  And after what we experienced in July, very welcomed.

I’m starting a book on Chief Joseph: Guardian of the People, by Candy Moulton.  It’s a short book, but ample to re-experience that lifetime.  I remember standing on the slope above the Imnaha River, looking down at the steep-sided canyon lands arrayed in their early summer green and wondering just how it would feel to be fleeing for your lives down those slopes.  Of course, the people took well-established trails and followed the lines of creeks, reaching the waters of the Snake, whose confluence with the Imnaha was just out of sight behind a ridge and down about 5,000 feet below.  It’s a deep canyon and that was only one that the people traveled across during the course of their 1,700 mile fight and flight.

This encounter with self is bringing up yet another bout of grief, sadness and other emotions for clearing.  The story of the Ni-mii-pu, the People, as the Nez Perce called themselves, is a powerful one that has stamped its presence on the landscape for the last 130+ years.  As you drive through the vast landscape you can cross and re-cross the zigzag trail of the people.  And I have.

Funny thing about zigzag… that is how I describe my journey in this lifetime, too.  I’ve studied many kinds of spirituality, been a “member” of different groups and left most of them behind.  Now I find that little of the New Age material out there appeals to me.  It seems designed for an altogether different person that what I feel like right now.

Frankly, I’m tired and of late have little patience for those who come seeking answers to questions that took me years to discover.  Perhaps, like Joseph’s, my journey has been harder than many of you will have to face.  I don’t know… except that when I lie half awake at night speaking telepathically to my family, feeling their wonderful loving energy… I know that I am very content and happy to be reintegrating with Higher Self.

I know that this lifetime has been worth the effort, but it has been an effort… breaking trail for others isn’t easy.  I’ve been told that I’ve been a Wayshower, too.

I’m a humble person and perhaps one who does not always exhibit a great deal of faith in self.  Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it, after some of the things that I’ve written?  Yet it is a pattern that is fairly typical of the highly sensitive, intelligent star seeds who really don’t “fit in” to what passes for “society”, especially in the Western world.

It was a difficult day at work today, for instance.  As my awareness of multidimensionality expands, I find myself able to see through the games and deceits of others, even when they are not aware of doing or being deceitful.  It is SO evident to me.  It takes all my self-control to gather my compassion, to forgive and let go of any judgment that might creep in as I observe these actions around me.  Of course, not everyone is this way; I work with some very sweet, good-natured people, but still really do not relate to a lot of the things that they seem to value in life.

I’m beginning to connect strongly with the Higher Self of Lady Tazjima, yet another layer of multidimensionality.  No, I’m not going to share with you all just Who that is… other than Angelic.  There are too many people “out there” claiming to be married or the Twin Flame of some famous Archangel or Master, for me to add to the list.  Our Higher Selves share many soul aspects, some of whom are embodied here or have come in as walk-ins.  I’m hardly the only walk-in around; there are many, most especially in this critical time that one Archangel has described as the “Harvest”.

One slightly impertinent reader on another website questioned who is harvesting whom during this Harvest?  Those whose souls have not planned to ascend in this lifetime will be removed, through death and other means to another world or worlds, even different timelines, according to the souls’ desire for experience.  This happens at the turning of every great cycle and is now going on, so there is an active vying for souls… those who go forward towards ascension, those who might remain at 4D for a cycle or two… and so on.  It’s not a race and it isn’t a judgment, against any soul.  Human beings do tend to judge these things in light of the competitive and unbalanced way they have been conditioned to view all things in their world including themselves.

I can say, unequivocally that I am proud to have spent several lifetimes as an indigenous tribal member.  Most the most part, their cultures were based upon living with the cycles of Nature, moving with the seasons, surviving quite well on the abundant game, fish, berries, roots and nuts available in the landscape through which they passed.  They did not live by the clock or appointments, but by the seasons and by the sun and moon.  The earth was their Mother.  It was a simpler life, a life free from restraint and abusive laws and regulations.  The people worked together to survive and in particular, the Nez Perce, thrived in the harsh lands that made up their homeland.

It is evident that after 200 to 300 years of abusing the resources of the world, that humanity is going to be required to make a great shift away from being a consumer society to one that lives with and nurtures the environment.  It is a matter of allowing the feminine energies of intuition and inner wisdom, peace and love to bring balance to a world that has been overheated by the unbalanced masculine energies.  I am not advocating a return to a matrilineal society, but rather a society wherein each individual is encouraged to discover their own inner balance.

Things are changing.  Despite the blatant manipulation of mass media, news is still getting out about positive changes going on in the world, yet there is much to be done by those whose mission and life journeys stretch out ahead of them… carrying them forth in the new dawn of the golden age.  That golden moment has not quite arrived and may take some time, so do what you can to hasten it by working on your self, clearing and discovering what makes you tick, what makes YOU smile; what gives you joy.

In some ways, living in 5D may not seem so very different than what it has been in 3D.  Still, the air and water is pure, there are no standing armies at Home, the people are friendly and loving, everyone has fulfilling work… etc.

I understand that some of you first encountering this blog may hope that I can answer your questions.  Perhaps, given some time, I could answer a few, but the questions are there for the sake of your own growth, effort and sense of discovery.  Listen to your inner voice, your intuition, follow your hunches or the messages that some of you receive from your guides or even your Higher Selves and find out your own answers.  Each of us comes from an entirely unique perspective; yours is your own to discover.

I have followed my zigzag path, like Joseph and his people, over hills, mountains, up valleys, over passes and around, again.  Perhaps I will meet you as I continue to journey upward, with the rest of those who have chosen to remain upon the planet as She ascends into the Light.


Eliza Ayres (Tazjma)

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2 thoughts on “Journal Entry 8.21.2014

  1. It is so beautiful to read your writings, such a joy you show how we all have a different path to walk which is a relief to be aware of, and I am very grateful to have been able to join your sharing; you revealed so much of what is ahead of me, you truly have been a Sister to me, showing the Way… you make me more brave to go onward with what I am realizing with ups and downs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart where I make a special place for you, now! Love and Love and Love

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