Journal Entry 08.14.2014

Mountain Goat - Cascades

Journal Entry 08.14.2014

It’s not often that you wake out of a heavy sleep and hear a strong voice in your head, talking about the Illuminati… I asked telepathically, “Who’s speaking?”  The answer came back, “Hush, we’re in Council!”  It was Sanat Kumara… another sponsor.

Okay, so I’m at a Council meeting that I don’t ever remember attending, but who knows what’s on the agenda for Lady Tazjima.  I can say with all honesty that things are progressing rather rapidly for me.

Meanwhile, at the ranch… no, I don’t live on one; that’s just an expression that I grew up with… it’s getting challenging to be at work when I only feel partially in the body.  Sundeelia is there, of course, but I’m not quite, all the time.  Still, the work gets done.

We’ve been having some small-scale thunderstorms moving through, but they haven’t dropped much moisture in town.  The storms seem to cling to the mountains to the south and southeast and also go around us to the north.  Quite spectacular cloud layers… perhaps not as tremendous as they can get in the Mid-West and Southwest, but pretty, with white rims against a black sky.  And rumbling thunder, with lightning strikes.  I hope these storms don’t start any fires in our area, but the mountains are very dry now after our hot, hot summer.  Hottest summer for a very long time.  Obviously, the heat and fires seem to be the chosen cleansing tool for Mother Earth for this area.  We’ll just have to bear with it for now.

Curious thing this morning as I was replying to an email, I stated that I had been a keeper of the flame for the planet, not necessarily the people.  And that the next rank / waves of lightworkers would be working with humanity to bring them into the ascension process that the planet has already attained.  I was just thinking about how many lives that I have spent in “backward” areas, indigenous tribal settings and wild lands, always close to the land.

Although I’m not living in a cabin these days or a tepee… I am still in tune to the rhythms of Nature and pay attention to the weather, the birds and other animals… and whatever else I am blessed to observe.  Many people do not take the time to really be in their bodies and to enjoy the beautiful physical setting that our Mother Earth has provided for us.  It always pains me to see litter and abuse to the wildlands.  I can totally understand the pain and inability to understand a people who have allowed themselves to be so completely cut-off from the planet that supports their lives.  There are a lot of changes that must be made… but others will be in charge of creative solutions for the healing of the earth and of humanity, itself.  Each are a reflection of other, although one is a whole lot more aware.

Even dogs are more aware than humans and not just because they more sensitive ears and senses.  The other night when I was writing out the story about Joseph and myself, the neighbor’s dog was barking, continuously, for hours.  Seems I had a visitor that I didn’t “see”, but my doggie friend did… one of my Light Being mentors stopped by to give me some support while I was writing.  However, the vizcar (small scout ship) parked outside really set off the watch dog.  Funny… my life is getting kind of weird.

I suppose from some of the things that I write, you would think I’m pretty spacey, but as I was telling my friend, T, if I was any more grounded, I’d be compost.

Our Earth needs your loving attention.  Be gentle to yourself, as your body is part of Her; be gentle with all kinds of animals… and be gentle to the environment.  Not by making crazy laws, but by being mindful of where you are, what’s going on… how you feel… etc.  Sooner or later, each individual who wishes to remain on this blue-green globe will have to recognize that they must be responsible for their thoughts and actions, towards self and others.

I remember when I was hiking with my husband years ago… over 30 some… that the rocks we were climbing over, some nice granitic-diorite, were alive.  I don’t think he heard me, or tuned it out as our minds tend to do… Pretend it’s not there if you’re not prepared to accept it as truth… or whatever.  Still, I’ve been very aware, without being taught, that everything around us is “alive”… that is, in physics talk, it’s all energy, vibration and frequency.  Raise yours and suddenly strange animals will be coming up to you for a loving pat or two.  Happens all the time when I go walking, at least with some dogs and cats…

I have camped alone and hiked alone… and am sensible and experienced enough to know my physical limits.  I at home on the planet, but She is not my Home.  Not for long.



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