Journal Entry 08.09.2014

Journal Entry 08.09.2014

Wallowa Lake at Sunset

If you are at all sensing the REALLY strong energies of the Lion’s Gate, then you can imagine a little of what I was dealing with this past week at work. Co-workers going over the top, stressed, angry, fatigued, and a bit crazy. I listened to a couple of different victim stories… just listened. I don’t offer advice any more.

Needless to say, I was a bit tense myself, needing to ground but unable to break free of the heightened energies until I got home. Then I headed for the garage, took out the mower and got to work on the lawn. This evening was one of the most pleasant days we’ve had for a long time. The heat wave abated just a bit, putting temperatures into the mid-80’s instead of high 90’s. So I was able to mow, edge, prune and water to my delight in great comfort. And walk barefoot on the grass to ground some of the intense energies held within.

We’re all clearing intensely these days and for me the clearing seems quite intensified. I have not been sleeping well… just another symptom of the experiencing the strong energies and have felt out of sorts with the unnecessary dramas at work. I just like to work quietly and get it done… not gossip and complain about my fellow workers.

I’ve been gardening as the heat and work allow, growing tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini in my tiny garden space and passing the extras onto neighbors and co-workers. My sunflower plants feed the local gold finch family. There are happy families of birds singing in the tall trees at the rear of the property. A tiny paradise… for now, where I have privacy and quiet… most of the time, depending on the moods of my neighbors.

No messages appear to be forthcoming although I feel the presence of the Angels and my Star Family very close to me at all times. I merely pause and tune in and they are there, answering me, “We are Here!”

More hot weather returns on Monday, with triple digits being forecast. Fortunately, summer only lasts a month more. I enjoy the warmth, just not in excess of 90 degrees.

I saw the waxing moon through the tall trees last night. It is very bright and large. The Super Moon will be on Monday, as will the Peresid Meteor showers. Try to find a clear space where you can see the horizon and you might be able to see the shooting stars bursting through the dark skies.

Whatever you may be dealing with, use your spiritual tools or just take a walk to allow the excess clearing energies to flow naturally through your body and ground into the earth. I’ve been trying to do this whenever I can, even at work and it certainly helps.

Enjoy the remainder of summer in the northern latitudes and the last month or so of winter in the southern. Soon enough it will be Michaelmas, with my asters blooming purple against the gray-green fuzzy leaves of the sage.

Hugs and kisses,


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