Journal Entry 08.07.2014

August Sunshine

Journal Entry 08.07.2014

Ah… we’re creeping up on the Lion’s Gate of 8.8, tomorrow. And our heat wave continues in Eastern Washington. It’s been a blazing summer in Washington, with major fires burning in the central and north central portions of the State. Nothing major going down around here in our local Blues, save probably a few minor lightning-caused brush fires, quickly squelched. Still, our firefighters won’t rest until the first rain and/or snows come in September.

It was a day from Hell at work. When I write or say something like that I always wonder about the root of the word. It simply means underworld, where souls were supposed to repair after leaving their bodies. Not good or bad. Then I suppose “hell” could be associated with the lower realms of the 4th dimension or Astral plane. There are at least 12 levels to each dimension and probably distinctive realms within each level. Disembodied souls end up somewhere in the Summerlands, according to their frequency level at the time of death and their consciousness level. And they can move through the levels if they are intent in doing some service work, but that’s a whole other topic for someone else to write about.

Anyway, we were experiencing major (for me) printer meltdown. My work is primarily working with disclosure and since we are “blessed” still with paper charts (oh, yes, so antiquated!) I need to frequently use a photo-copier. And then we had a power surge. And the heat is causing emotional melt-downs…

I was processing, again, tons of anger, grief, etc. It is a REALLY DEEP process. I wake up soaked from kundalini hot flashes and usually talking with my Counselor or another family member. I’ve also been processing a lot of rebellion.

At least I was a hiker… for some 40 years or so, give or take a few due to illness. Until this year I was always going on camping trips, but with the processing that I’m going through and not having quite recovered fully from the illness in the spring, well, I am content to get a walk in now and then.

We’re half way through the summer season in the northern latitudes… so half way through winter in the south. School will be starting up in a couple of weeks around here. Seems like summer vacation is getting shorter and shorter for the children and they learn less and less.

Enough for now… just checking in to say, “Howdy!”

Hugs and kisses,

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