Journal Entry 08.03.2014

Enchantments 2

Journal Entry 08.03.2014

Most of the afternoon the sky was a molten gray, the air still and close. Then with early evening, the storm broke. Bolts of lightning were hitting all around the edges of town. I could feel the scent of ozone in the air, refreshing the senses. And then the rain came, coming down hard soaking into the lawn that I had just finished watering. I wanted to make sure that the plants wouldn’t die during this lengthy heat wave. And walking barefoot across the damp grass was cooling.

I sometimes receive quite a few questions when presenting topics with which some of my readers are not familiar.   One such topic was “walk-ins”.

If there is ONE thing I want to convey to my readers it is this, OPEN your minds to the possibility that you DON’T know everything there is to know about life in 5D or even here. You can open your heart, but you must also open to your Higher Mind in order to rise up in frequency. Until you do, you will be running around in circles denying everything that your body is trying to convey to you through intuition or channeled beings through messages. Check on whether or not the information resonates, but also check on whether or not the material repels. There may be something there that you need to examine within. YOU are responsible for your reactions, not me. I KNOW where I’m going.

One article that I read mentioned that the GFL decided that humanity was waking up too slowly. I don’t know when the decision was made but it was decided to send in more troops in a more expedient method, through the avenue of walking in.

It’s a given that many people want to escape this world and attempt to do so through the use of drugs, reckless living and other means of self-inflicted harm. Others suffer from the effects of sudden dangerous illnesses, accidents or abuse from others. Children die from all kinds of things. There is an abundance of possible bodies to use for the purpose of walking into the world without coming through the normal means of incarnation, through the birth canal.

Be advised that with any walk-in / walk-out arrangement, there is a soul agreement between both parties. There may not be much time when a person is dying, but still the soul is consulted in the place between worlds, taken before the White Council and given three choices: 1) to complete the dying process; 2) to go back and re-enter their life, and 3) to allow another soul to enter the recently vacated body.

I have encountered walk-ins during this lifetime, including Rev. Carole Parrish and a few others. And I read the Seth material books in the early 1980’s, so I was aware of the concept.

I’ve always had an easier time accepting or at least being open to concepts that seemed to defy the understanding of the 3D mind. Things like spiritual healing, channeling, devas, elementals, friendly ETs… all of these things sang to an inner part of my being. I have long understood that I was different than most people in my awareness, but it has only been recently that I realized just how different.

People have asked me what is the purpose of walking into a body when you can just incarnate? I’m still pondering that great question. One possibility that I came up with today through my reading was expediency. It’s faster to have a full-grown, aware adult walk into a body and begin life here than to go through all the steps of infancy, childhood, teenage years, schooling and multiple layers of 3d conditioning.

Whether or not I was a walk-in or incarnated into this present physical vessel in the “normal” fashion is moot.  I am a soul that has ascended from many worlds and possibly work with a oversoul group that assists various worlds, it was expedient for me to come in as a infant or child, although I was subjected to the usual dimensional amnesia that occurs with birth. In other words, I didn’t have a clue who or what I was, but like a woodsman I would discover clues along the way, scattered in the oddest places and eventually piece them together and then remember.

In the spring of 2012, a friend encouraged me to begin writing. Shortly thereafter, I joined a blog group, Spirit Train, and soon found myself channeling messages from Pleiadian sources. It was as if a faucet had been discovered and turned on. I had finally connected, in part, to my real family, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Not at first. Such is the dilemma of the Light Forces, even when they send in experienced well-trained troops; there is always something or someone who can interfere with the Plan. And such are the difficulties in trying to function in this heavy, dense dimension.

I know that there is quite a lot of work before the New Earth fully manifests for all people. One short look at any news source, mass media or alternative, can tell you that. There is much to clear, much to remember, much to realize… especially for those people who are finally beginning to wake up and ask questions about everything in their lives. They were passing through a stage in the ascension process that I went through ten years ago. And still there are a ton of people who are highly resistant to any concept that seems the least bit foreign or exotic. Unless they release their resistance, they’re not going to wake up in this lifetime and will find themselves eventually on another 3D planet in order to continue on with soul development at that frequency level.

All I can say is that life is full of mysteries. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected in order to shock you out of your current mindset. You can either shut down and reject out of hand what been placed before you for a purpose or you release your fears of the unknown and attempt to expand your understandings. I have chosen the latter way.

Given that I am still embodied like many other lightworkers traversing the leading edges of ascension (or just within), I am currently undergoing a rapid clearing process, which translates into many ups and downs emotionally and physically. My body is tired and achy, I easily cry and feel intense emotions running through my energy fields. Some of my readers have bid me to feel happy at being here, alive and on the planet. Sorry… this place has never been a haven for me. I am an extremely sensitive light being and have not often experienced peace or contentment. There have been moments of doing so, but even those moments are usually shattered by the ruckus of someone’s loud voices, radio or a car driving by. No, people, let’s face it, there is a lot of pollution in this environment. Noise, smells, poisons in the food, soil, water and air… it really is a horrendous environment to live in… but the human species is highly resilient and survives it all somehow.  I’ll deal with what comes into my world as we all must do.

During this period called by Archangel Zadkiel as “The Harvest”, a percentage of embodied souls are undergoing the ascension process. Some of these souls are human, although most are volunteer light workers from other worlds and dimensions. These volunteers will remain behind to act as teachers and leaders for the human collective as the ones who can tolerate the new 5D frequency levels adjust to their new environment. It will be up to these new leaders to assist the human collective in creating a culture that is allows all people to live in peace and abundance. It may take some time to get there, but our starry mentors have faith that those who choose to remain are up to the task.

One reader asked who determines just who is “harvested”.  Simple… the Soul / Higher Self of the soul extensions involved.  We are never alone, dear ones, and always being monitored for our present frequency levels.  Reference the quote in the New Testament regarding “wheat” and “chaff” or seed in fertile soil, versus those landing on inhospitable soil.  Our soul’s journey is determined before we enter this life, although free choice can enter in.  Most who will be ascending with the planet, made that choice before being born here.

This morning as I lay on my bed surrounded by snoring cats, I was walking in my thoughts with my uncle, Lord Adrigon. He is my re-blending sponsor and the One who advises and teaches me what to expect step by step. Of course, I remember little of this interaction consciously, but still I feel comforted at His presence. Recently I realized that I have been, in fact, channeling His energies for over two years as He is the leader of the Council of Nine and the High Pleiadian Council. His formal title is Lord of the Pleiades; he is an Archangel and the brother of Lord Zadkiel. He resonates on the 7th Ray of the Violet Flame and is often mistaken for St. Germain by lightworkers who are not familiar with Him.

So enough for now. Hopefully a few of the questions have been answered. I provided some links in the Comments section from my last post for those who are curious about walk-ins. The links don’t answer ALL of the questions, I’m sure, but some things are meant to remain a mystery until such time as the individual is equal and up to having sufficient trust to accept the understanding when it blossoms within your awareness. Do not let your doubting 3D egoic mind shoot down golden dreams and unknown wonders just because you have never considered something as being possible. Such wonders may be the key to the next step in YOUR life.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credit: – The Enchantments, Central Cascades, Washington

6 thoughts on “Journal Entry 08.03.2014

  1. When you say “walk out,” Eliza, do you mean the death process or that another soul will walk in to occupy your body until it undergoes death of the physical?
    Blessings to you, dear colleague. Dana

    • Walk-out means just that… “I” as conscious focus “Eliza” am leaving this physical vehicle. Through prior arrangement, “I” am being replaced by another soul energy and focus of consciousness, namely my Pleiadian sister, Sundeelia VaCoupe. Primarily, Sundie will serve as a place-holder, her soul energy keeping the body functioning. She will do as I have done, eat, wash dishes, go to work, etc. As to what other “mission” she might have in store for her, sorry, don’t know the answer to that question yet. I’m getting, “We’ll play it by ear and see what happens.” The world is in a state of flux right now and so plans change. Humans have a need to pin things down; that isn’t how things work in the higher dimensions — they flow with need. I’m re-blending with my Higher Self so I can get on with HER assignments which are numerous. Life goes on, here and there… Love, Eliza

  2. Dear Lady Taz,
    Wishing you and all families members the explosions their golden dreams, that become manifested reality!!!!
    Blessings in your knowing.

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