Eliza: Spiraling Up the Dragon’s Path


Eliza: Spiraling Up the Dragon’s Path

It is August, the hottest time of the year for parts of the Northern hemisphere. The skies outside are white and molten; the air is dry and volatile. A mere spark would set off a grass fire quickly. Within me there is an answering fire, a passionate flow that wishes to communicate to those who are my readers.

I’ve been experiencing trouble sleeping the past few days, although I slept last night mostly because I didn’t have to get up and meet a schedule. Yes, There is a fire within that cannot be denied. The fire of Creation is alive and must flow… and so it is that I write yet another piece within days…

Spirals… so what of them?

In a comment to one young light worker, I mentioned that spirals are the Matrix that underpins Creation. Spirals are the outer or physical manifestation of Love, which binds us all together as one living unit, whether or not we are aware of it being so. Those who are aware of this connection are, consciously or unconsciously, followers of the Law of One.

For more on the Law of One, go to the Ra Books; they explain the subject very well. There are several books. And young Master Wes Annac is currently in the midst of writing about the Ra material, a series of channeled messages received in the 1980’s that describe much of the background to what we are currently experiencing on this planet.

Life is also a spiral. We experience growth by repeating lessons going around in circles until the lesson is successfully learned. When the lesson is learned thoroughly, we graduate to the next level of the spiral.

When I was a hiker, sometimes we would come across a fallen tree or even one still standing but stripped by the weather of its bark. Standing in place, there would be a grey spiral of tree reaching to the sky above, stark and revealed. Companion hikers would ask me why the tree looked like that? I couldn’t answer them. Sometimes life presents us with mysteries that are not meant to be understood by the lower mind, but that relay messages to our Higher Mind, to be translated later into a recognizable understanding. Spirals of understanding. (These trees mark the existence of a minor “chakra” of the surrounding territory or region.)

Dolores Cannon has taught that there are three waves (at least) of starseeds or light workers present on the planet.  As one I was born into a family and society recovering from the latest world war and recently plunged into a Cold War with strange new “enemies”, the Soviet Union and Red China. What was the purpose of bringing a Light Being, even an aspect of one like myself into such a world you might ask? Well, as in any situation, it was to en-lighten the world by adding my Light to the planet and those who were already here in numbers, members of my Soul Group.

And who were we? Mostly Pleiadians, Sirians and Venusians (from Venus) who came here as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, as volunteers to assist in the evolutionary process of Earth’s human population. We had also assisted or attempted to assist the populations of Marduk and Mars before both of these planets were made uninhabitable by their human populations. Those same people (reincarnated Martians and Mardukians) are now embodied upon the Earth. We were determined not to fail this time, and so we kept volunteering to come. We kept incarnating into the human population and attempting to endow this world with our Light so the people would have an opportunity to overcome and balance their karma from past cycles of incarnation.

We have been known by many names, one being “The Serpents of Wisdom,” led by our leader, a great Light Being, known as Sanat Kumara. He is known by many names in many cultures, including The Ancient of Days from the Bible and Kaittreya, a Son of Shiva (or Siva) from the Hindu culture of India, as well as Ahura Mazda, from the ancient Persian culture of Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

We came to assist and support the evolutionary process. We have walked among humanity dressed as humans. Sometimes we walked in; sometimes we incarnated. Always we brought culture and enlightenment to the people. Many times the cultures that flourished under our leadership faltered within the next generation due to the influences of those who opposed our goals of freeing this world from darkness. And sometimes we were required to take on darker roles in order to assist in breaking resistant societies from the bonds of darkness that kept them submerged in superstition and fear.

As the Essenes, we were well-educated and teachers. Known in the days of the early Roman Empire as the Egyptian Theapeutae or Egyptian School of Healing, we taught healing and the ancient mystery teachings that had been handed down through the ages. We knew and taught many languages and educated the peoples who lived nearby, those who were open to being taught by ones who did not follow the religion of the Jewish people. We were called Nazarenes and many light beings were able to embody amongst us due to the higher frequency levels we maintained within the community. We were not the simple shepherds and fishermen that the originators of the Bible would have you believe… in order to suppress the Truth yet again.

I came in as a child and as such was subjected to the typical whitewash of conditioning that every youngster in America receives… and it was a time of great repressed fear. I remember receiving a lecture at a school in Anchorage that terrified me. We were told that in case of attack from Russia, that all children would be conducted to the nearest train station and put aboard. All I could think was, “Where is my Mother?” and weep inside. What a horrible place!

I had dreams as a young person that were terrible. And that fear was within my mother and father as I grew up. Suppressed, but present. In those days, I didn’t understand that I was a natural empath. I tried to soothe the family’s anxieties and resulting anger by taking much upon myself. As a consequence, I suffered from frequent illnesses even up until I left college.

The real learning or re-learning that I had to go through during this lifetime was for the purpose of building a vibrational pathway that others might be able to sense and follow in their own time. My discoveries would become eventually become the discoveries of others. By my going through various traumas and releasing layers of darkness from within my body, would enable others to do the same. Through living the experiences, I could ultimately teach what I had experienced and those who read my words and were open to receiving the information, would understand that I knew of what I was writing.

Real teaching can never be achieved by one who has not first experienced something. And yet, there are those who naturally “know” something… which is a reflection of the gifts and graces that they have earned in previous “life-times”. Once learned, it is only a matter of being re-minded of what one knows within the High Heart and the High Mind.

As a light being, I have suffered here. This world is not a friendly place for sensitive beings. The ways of many societies was harsh and intolerant of those who are different, whether in appearance or behavior. Not much has changed in greater society, although the frequency levels have risen tremendously since I was a child. Earth has just now entered the lowest levels of the Fifth Dimension. And not all of its population will make the journey into full awakening, hence the general uproar and disturbances that are currently underway.

The higher frequency level of the planet pushes at all that is within any individual who vibrates at a lower frequency… The light being bombarded upon the planet through the intent of the highest Divine Sources, also pushes against anything of lesser frequency. When one resists the incoming light, the fear and all its manifestations come oozing out in unpleasant ways, as anger, violence against self and others. Right now, we are seeing the playing out of the darkest of the dark, all the secrets that have been repressed and suppressed, anything that cannot vibrate at the level of 5D. It will be stripped away from all who resist. And their lives will be curtailed through the resulting dis-ease, violence and self-inflicted damage that they choose to inflict upon themselves and those with whom they have soul contracts to do so… through prior agreement.

Humanity must needs look at itself from a higher perspective. You cannot reach a place of unity and love if you have fear and anger in your own heart, towards anyone and anything that does not meet with your present expectations. Your expectations don’t mean a thing to evolution. Your expectations are meaningless in the face of the chaotic forces of Creation that will destroy everything that you hold dear if you resist change.

If I knew the future and could tell you what is in store… well then it would be like telling the end of the movie. I would spoil the surprise. Let it suffice that life is full of mysteries and while you live here, partially immersed in the quagmire of 3D thinking, you’re never going to have access to them for you are NOT ready to hear the Truth.

A golden age is dawning, but there is much work to be done by those who have determined, unconsciously or consciously to remain until the work is “done”, so roll up those shirt sleeves, write those inspired pieces of journalism, poetry, plays, books… paint those beautiful, heart-lifting paintings… compose the music of the spheres to empower all who hear… plant those organic gardens, in short, do whatever is within YOUR heart to free yourself and others from the ancient negative conditioning that this world and her people and creatures have had to endure.

We are One. Someday you may come to truly understand and LIVE from the resonance of that seemingly simple phrase.

Spirals, continuous, flowing upward (electrical) and downward (magnetic) and up, yet again. Following the Dragon’s path to enlightenment, flowing with starlight we go… towards the Heavens, rejoining those Who first sent us forth. Blessed be all.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-19, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com.

Photo Credit: Eliza… from the Rose Garden in Pioneer Park.

3 thoughts on “Eliza: Spiraling Up the Dragon’s Path

  1. I sense the balance in your words, Lady Taz.
    You swing in energy from 3d to beyond like a pendulum. This keeps me balanced in reading these words. Thank you.
    Gentle go you, into this sweet night.
    Bring in the fiery one, this world is ready.

  2. Dear Sister of my Heart,
    Be well and know how much I have appreciated reading your worlds and words which have been, to me, a reflection of my own memories. How soothing this has been on those days when I have felt so very tired, and how motivational this has proven to be in helping me get up and keep going…knowing that I am not here in the desert, alone and forgotten. To know that my memories are not the ramblings of a crazy person is a true gift.

    Until we dance again in the sworls of spirals…
    Many Blessings!


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