Eliza: On Transitions and Transcendence

Portrait of a Sun Flower

Eliza: On Transitions and Transcendence

The dog days of August are upon us, literally… as the great Star of Sirius rises in the dawn to mark the beginning of a New Year.

We’ve had a long heat wave this week. We had three days where temperatures exceeded three digits and a couple more of upper ‘90’s. I haven’t been sleeping well the last couple of nights, whether due to the heat or something else; I can’t really say. I was tired enough and feeling slightly nauseous this morning so came home early from work.

Yes, I am re-blending with Higher Self, but still I have bad days. Today I crashed and burned, having a difficult interview with a volatile young inmate. It was enough to handle on a good day; when I was not feeling well, it was a complete strain. I had to terminate the interview since the inmate was getting verbally abusive, something that is apparently quite common for him. At the moment, I completely dropped into 3D thinking and acting. And left after having a short discussion with the offender’s mental health provider. Yes, this job can be a challenge.

Yet, one of my friends pointed out that the inmate was acting out in anger due to a deep underlying fear. It would take a long time to work with such a person to be able to penetrate that fear and that’s not in my job description. I thought once that I would enjoy being a counselor, but perhaps not here…

When I told myself that I had crashed and burned, I turned to my little rose quartz pendulum that I consult on occasion to verify hunches. What I asked may surprise you, which may explain why I was feeling so disorganized today. Today was the anniversary of my plane crash in France, many, many years ago. When I died as the result of a femoral artery bleed-out due to being hit by shrapnel.

Besides that realization… I have also been fielding some intense anger and grief over the failure of my one marriage in this lifetime. I may have written elsewhere that my husband, who died prematurely at age 59 of cancer, became one of my spiritual guides some years after his passing.

Folks tend to think that their spritual guides know more than they do. I’m telling you that that isn’t always the case. Sometimes they become a guide for the sake of their own learning. And in his case, it was to make up for his failure to live up to his promise to care for me while I was with him. After we got married, he stopped talking to me. I know a lot of women who suffer with husbands just like this.

Despite his intelligence, David was emotionally repressed and didn’t know how to comfortably share his feelings with me. He finally connected with another lady where he could, but she was married to another person (which probably made it safe for David). That was enough for me. I was crushed that he couldn’t feel comfortable enough around me to do the same. This all happened in my thirties. I’ve grown a lot since then.

What I was experiencing at the time of our marriage was a spiritual break-through. During those years, I first encountered spiritual healing. I underwent a psychic surgery from a gentleman from the Philippines. I was told that I had great light. And I went to my first channeling sessions. I was encountering marvelous things and it frightened the beJesus out of my husband. Over 30 years ago, I was an awakening light-worker although that term hadn’t even been hatched yet.

So, why the lingering grief and anger. Well, I still love the man. I never remarried, not because of any outgrown devotion to a dead cause, but simply because no other person that I met accepted me for what and who I AM. I simply wasn’t going to give myself over to a lover or husband and then be stomped again emotionally.

The amateur psychologists out there might say it was because I never met the right person or I was too picky… or perhaps to resistant to surrendering fully and opening to love.

Sorry, it wasn’t any of those things. I met some interesting guys through the years, some of whom went on to marry nice ladies. If I was at all vaguely interested in them, they weren’t interested in me. And if they were interested in me, I was repelled by them. Except for one male friend locally who has assisted me with home projects and gone camping and hiking with me a time or two, there are no men who are even close to me at all.

It is as if there is a ring-pass-not erected around me, which has been frustrating until I finally began to understand its purpose over a year ago.

I wasn’t meant to have a relationship while I was in the process of coming into alignment with Self. That was the message my body was sending me all this time. I willfully ignored it or misread it, but there it was the reason for my automatic reaction of repulsion when touched by a male other than in the most neutral of settings.

Before, the timing wasn’t right nor was I in the right frame of mind to receive the answer to the question that I had been asking for years, “Why am I alone?” And I was seeing and yearning for relationship in the time-worn 3D manner… wanting someone physical to cling to for support and protection.  We need to learn to love self rather than seek to depend on someone else to make up for our perceived inadequacies.

While many light-workers serve alone in their communities because we are spread thinly across the face of the planet, there was still another reason waiting for me in the wings… until that time when I was ready to understand and to appreciate the tremendous patience of Sanat Kumara and my uncle, Lord Adrigon, for their perseverance in attempting to reach me all these years.

I have known of my connection to Venus for 20 years, after the onset of my entity-induced psychosis. I just “knew” it and the years have proven that connection to me over and over. Knowledge of my connection to the Pleiades came much later, only a couple of years ago when I was confirmed as a Pleiadian starseed. Just what was the connection between those two very different cultures (not that I knew much about either one at the time!)?

The answer to that question came just this spring along with the sure knowledge that I was here to serve the planet and humanity during the ascension period before us.

The new paradigm is undergoing a brilliant and sometimes difficult birth. It takes beings with insight, dynamic personalities and such to become involved in exposing the dying paradigm and all that has nearly brought this world to the brink of destruction. And there will be still others who are living demonstrations on how to live as a light worker or being of the New Earth.

Now I realize that speaking of my relatives from 6D, etc., may make some people uneasy or even jealous, don’t be.  I am fully aware that I am a multidimensional Being, with existence in many dimensions.

Ascension is step by step. Life is day by day. If we allow our imagination to hang out too far our feet may not be able to catch up with them. The key to creating a new world is balance. Use the imagination to see the big picture and then go back and design the individual steps that will take you there by allowing your intent and focus to get you there, with grace and ease. That means allowing yourself to dream and then let the dream take shape in unexpected ways. In other words, release your need to control the outcome so the Universe can surprise you.

As a daughter of Venus, I carry a rare form of Love within, one that is detached and strong, as well as gentle and enfolding, simultaneously. I let you go so you can grow into your own beauty. And I enfold you in my Heart so you feel the connection through me to Source. That same Love would not be survivable in a normal human relationship. Not for me.

I am One who, throughout many varied lifetimes, has served in Love and will continue to do so through the Grace of the Divine Mother, who is Mother to us all.


Eliza Ayres

All Right Reserved, Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com

19 thoughts on “Eliza: On Transitions and Transcendence

  1. Eliza….I have commented too a couple of times here…I too seem to be caught up in similar emotions about relationships as you were …I have been single by choice for thirty so e years now….I live in the seventh dimensional energies….I have too become aware of previous incarnations…some would be too much to share here…when you first stated you were leaving I felt a real pang of grief for just a brief moment having just discovered someone else who could relate to so some my own experiences….I really don’t know the full extent of my present mission….I continually am growing into an ever increasing framework here within and without earth’s light grid be it a diamond grid or what….I have encountered your replacement briefly as I have tried to help her enter your light grid….I can only wish you well…I have been able to become much more accepting of everything by choice and it eases my own mind enough to continue to extend my helping hand to others here on this planet of ours…god bless and I will hold other beings up into this newer light of ours…gordon

    • What a wondrous thing to share, Gordon. See, folks! Masters and Angels of great grace walk among us and no one knows who they truly are. Your talent will be of great assistance in these coming months and years as the planet adjusts to Her new frequency levels.

      My replacement is Sundeelia VaCoupe, a Pleiadian sister of mine. She is younger and less experienced, but eager to assist. And if you work at 7D, you should easily be able to connect with my 6D energies when I fully return to the ships. Blessings, brother. ❤

  2. Dear Lady Taz.
    Your thoughts get stronger and more solid in what you are here to say.
    Seeing the mosaic of life from a stepped back perceptive is illuminating.
    One question Dear One?
    Why does the past effect you so.
    You are not your past in the moment of now. In you awaking you are far greater then past lives.
    Is that not enough to walk here on Gaia with Joy?
    Blessings on your journey always.

    • Just transitory clearings, Brother Michael. Even light beings gotta do it, here or there… I’m doing here; faster.

      Yes, my perspective is gradually widening.

  3. thank you, again, dear Eliza. you help me see ‘my self’ in a more balanced and accepting manner. i, too, married young, divorced ‘young’ and have been pretty much alone for…well, a Long Time….and wondered ‘why’……i do not know or pretend to know the ‘reasons’ for me, but i so appreciate and honor your shared wisdom–and acceptance. Hugs and blessings.

  4. I have a big smile, reading your post. I love the clarity and focus in your voice. As I’ve told you many times, I do so enjoy reading your posts. A million thank yous. Wishing you all good things. Be well. Thank you!!

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  6. Farewell Pleaiadian Venusian siStar! You shall remain always with us as One. Wherever you are. I understand many of our questions take time to be answered, since we often are not ready to receive them and/or they might hinder our “purpose” here if we knew them all beforehand… All I know for now is that whenever I wish to give up and go Home, my guides act up to let me know that my time is not yet. Remembering and healing all of these lifetimes on Earth can be quite a challenge, and somedays I just feel so tired and exhausted. And then on other days my inner Light surprises me to shine so bright still, despite of it all. I miss Venus and the Pleaiades (and Andromeda too), though I know in my heart that I carry these energies within my vessel, and that my Presence is still needed here, and does so much more than I might realize. This Love that you speak of, I know this Love with all of my Being. It is so loving, gentle, and yet, detached in such a graceful way. It sees the presence of God’s Beauty, warmth, and Perfection in everyone and everything. I have been praying everyday so that more of Humanity on Earth opens their eyes to see this magical evidence too; the divine in us all. Somehow it comforts me to know that you will be looking upon us and guiding us from the Higher planes (as you are now, though in a more “consistent” way). All of your legacy of sharing your own experience, wisdom, love, and channelings has been so helpful to so many of us, and shall be for many seedlings in the future. We often underestimate the power of our presence and labor of love as light workers; but the impression we leave on Earth and in the human heart is incommensurable, even if we don’t realize it at the time. It has a ripple effect that goes into infinity, and returns ten fold, just as the boomerang does. We might not be around to see it in this lifetime, though it continues long after we have left … Namasté precious Eliza Tazjima. Please receive all my gratitude into your heart. Isabelle

  7. Tazjima,
    Wonderful post! For me, the closer you get to Ascension, the more meaningful and important your messages become.Love your honesty about still being vulnerable to dropping back into 3D energies with such difficult people. The process never ends, does it.

    I have questions about Sundeelia’s transformation here, and wonder if you might respond, if you know the answers, and are able to comment.

    1. If she comes with her own personality and agenda, how will she merge with your personality and ways of coping, say, at work? Will people notice “you” are different? How is she to field answers to these questions? Most 3Ders would never tolerate the truth even as a joke!

    2. What prepares her for life on this planet? We who have lived here for 60+ years and many lifetimes know how difficult this energy is. Has she been here before as well? Are her decisions about her life here totally up to her, as I assume yours will be on Venus?

    3. Does she come here with the veil pulled off or closed like we did, giving her the opportunity of finding out who she really is, or will she be allowed to keep that knowledge?
    If she retains that knowledge, then what is the purpose for her, of incarnating here?

    4. I read someplace where walking in and out is rare. Why did you both choose this process for yourselves?

    Thank you. I find your future exchange fascinating.
    Best to you both,

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