Journal Entry 07.23.2014


Journal Entry 07.23.2014 – Opening Doors

Sometimes we get in the face symbols thrown at us when we’re not paying attention or wrestling with some “problem” in the middle of the night. This morning, early, very, very early… I woke up and between two cats bouncing across the bed seeking attention and me thinking about two such “problems” I couldn’t get back to sleep.

So, what do I do? I slam the door shut. Oops! The door knob falls out. There is no key. Well, I got inventive and climbed out the window, got a garden implement and an old jewel box key and managed to open the old door up. Whew! So much for human ingenuity! Still, I could have saved myself the trouble by attempting to meditate or just letting go of said “problems.”

Our human egos like to keep us preoccupied over little things that are sometimes out of our jurisdiction or ability to solve, in which case, you can let someone else “fix it” or, like I did, find a way to fix the immediate problem (get out of my room!) by coming up with a simple solution.

I asked for help and followed the nudges. It always works if we give our intuition and guides a chance to work with us.

Locking myself in a room could also be a metaphor on how I feel these days, increasingly isolated on one hand from 3D and its games and expanding inward and outward as I connect to soul family. We’ll see how all this plays out.

The State of Washington is burning. The fire near Winthrop Washington is over 243,000 acres, with over 100 houses and businesses burnt level to the ground. Firefighters are having a heck of a time fighting the blaze, which has spread with the help of strong, dry winds.

Further south, there were some blazes on Saddle Mountain near Vantage and other smaller brush fires. Everything is brittle and dry.

The storm we got last night put a gentle mist down, but not much moisture. It has rained hard in the mountains, but I also saw some lightning hit the ridges. Hopefully the rain was enough to douse any lightning-caused fires. Interesting summer!

Has anyone else had trouble sleeping? I feel like I’ve drunk too much coffee and I don’t touch the stuff. Oh, well.

And now is the start of a new day, for me, for you and the world.

Hugs and kisses,

Eliza Ayres

Photo Credit: “Beargrass on Granite Mountain”

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07.23.2014

  1. Wonderful Photo of Beargrass.
    I know a lot of folks on line who are struggling with many aliments and sleep is one of them.
    Me I never sleep well anyways.
    I feel the pause before the storm. Deep humidity and agitation of body functions.
    Special bunyuns are acting up. I just go sit on the grass, ground to Gaia.
    Blessings E/S

    • Hi Michael, yes, it appears to have been a great year for beargrass, that strange mountain lily (believe it or not!) that grows in the Cascades at about 5,000 feet. Humidity and agitation… yep! That just about covers it.

  2. hi, eliza….here in western washington, there’s been rain for two days…smells so good…i’ve been sending ‘loving moisture thoughts’ to the eastern part of the state.
    have a strong feeling to ‘move out of my cave-ness’ and into ‘life’..(scary)…dreams have been intense….yet more comfortable and pleasing than when i wake up. At this moment, the cave doesn’t appear to have an opening…..looking for the light, the door knob
    thank you for being here and sharing……………………..hugs.

    • Thanks, Su. Keep those flowers blooming!

      My sunflowers are a bit knocked around by the wind and rain combo, so will probably pull some out. They don’t get particularly sturdy where I grow them and the tomatoes need some more sunlight to ripen up.

      Yes, moving into life after being secluded is a BIG step, but it can be done. It’s up to you and what your focus is to be. Just start small and work incrementally; you’ll get there! Love, Eliza

      • oh, yes, the rain has knocked most of the flowers to the ground….so now the ground looks colorful! (By the way, tomatoes need warmth, not necessarily sunshine, to ripen…sometimes some black plastic around them warms and ripens ’em up.)
        yes, had a realtor appraise my home yesterday, but did not list (yet)….baby steps…..have no idea (yet) where i might enjoy going…..
        seen that doorknob anywhere??!!!
        I send great love and admiration and appreciation to you on your journey…..Big hugs.

  3. Thank you !! For your journal ! It feels like a distant friend not too far n not too close! Your daily life is charming n sweet. I enjoy your company ! Im happy for you to be moving on n sad for myself to know you will be traveling n maybe not be here but Ive enjoyed your sharing sincerely n most of all warm open thoughts . THANK YOU!! Yes, Ive been having trouble sleeping the earths vibration is very intense for those of us that feel those sort of things!

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Billy: Is that what was going on? I’m hyper sensitive but sometimes it is initially difficult to pinpoint causation. Still, I managed to get through the day with 5 hours of sleep, which is more than some people get these days! Thanks for your kind comments. It has been an honor to serve on this beautiful planet.

  4. Dear Eliza, just a general note of appreciation… your blogs have touched me so in the past year, particularly this last month.. thank you for your sharing and insight. I wish you all the best, ever, and look forward to the blogs from your P sister. Happy travels! Much love, Bonz

    • We’re getting some today. Big, fat juicy drops and lots of grumbly, rumbly thunder. Will see what happens as a result. The fire-watchers will be busy. We actually still have some active fire lookouts in this region due to the difficulty in getting into some places. For one of the “towers” it is a 3.5 hour drive, plus a 2 mile walk-in. Great place to hang out in a thunderstorm! All windows.

      We’ll survive, but it is very dry year.

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